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Commander's Star Base

Ask an ET

from the May 2006 Star Beacon

          Q: How many Star Nations have hybrids on Earth having similar intentions to help like Commander Sanni Ceto?
Q: Are the Pleiadians and Sirians the same type of beings?
Q: What type of being is an Arcturian?
Q: Is it possible to estimate how many cosmos visitors are in this solar system to help the Earth at this time?
Q: How far away might the furthest visitor be coming from?
Q: Do they all have good intentions?

Merrilee Kinzie

Commander Sanni:
          There are several hybrids residing upon Earth at this time and most are scattered in different nations and work in diverse fields, trying to protect your environment, or teaching ways to help Earth to grow and learn the ways of peace.
          Pleiadians and Sirians are very different beings. Most from Sirius are of reptoid hybrid cross or are related to iguanoid type species that colonized Sirius long before a near binary star went nova, forcing them to flee their own solar system. Some Sirusians have crossbred with Pleiadians, producing a humanoid that resembles a human but their DNA is mostly reptoid and their personality is reptoid.
          Pleiadians are humans’ cousins and are very evolved beyond any reptoid traits in their full Pleiadian bloodlines and DNA. Their solar systems are different as well.
          Arcturians are of several types: one resembles an albino gray with black to dark indigo blue eyes, while others resemble a Pleiadian with intense reddish blue eyes and a tan skin. Most Arcturians that don’t resemble a gray are of human appearance and lack hair as in the Zeti people. Some Arcturians have evolved into light beings, having the appearance of either Pleiadian or Zeti, but able to change their structure to be like light or as a liquid medium.
          There are several types visiting your planet currently, and several have ongoing missions on Earth. There are over several hundred passing through and stopping on Earth, but most are of such high frequency that they are invisible to your eyes and most have to PASS — that is, assume the form of inhabitants — while here, to not cause conflict with their tasks to their species that sent them here. There are currently about 47 different active species on your planet.
          The farthest visitors are coming from Coma Berinises and are a type of gray mixed with Pleiadians and their form, about 65 million light-years from Earth’s solar system.
          Not all of these visitors have good intentions, for your planet Earth has many reptoid and lizard people fighting over Earth as their own place to colonize, but the majority of visitors are just passing and observing Earth, and others use Earth as a stop-over or way station while going to other, more distant galaxies and solar systems.

Q: The information about the effect of Earth’s negativity on ET crews is very interesting. For someone who is an ET spirit walked-in to an Earth body, can you recommend any parts of the United States that would have the least negativity and be the most conducive to living comfortably on Earth?

Hannah Beaconsfield

Commander Sanni:
          For a walk-in, or any other type of ET, the best places to reside in are away from large metropolitan cities, and especially urban areas, as these create pockets of negativity which can be very draining mentally as well as physically. I’d suggest west of the Mississippi, probably in Oregon, Utah or any Southwestern locale, and anywhere there are trees and water and mountains, as these areas create a high, negative-ion energy that is calming and clearing. Also, anywhere where you are close to the ocean or a large body of water.

          Q: I, Asgeir Valur Sigurdsson, loyal servant of Baron Samedi, Lord of the Graveyard and Head of the Gedés, wish to forward you a question because of an interesting material that occurred, during our discussion. During our discussion, you told me you had been with me on a ship. My question, is which ship was it? Was it the one which crashed at Roswell, explaining why it is almost totally impossible for me to think for a long time about that area without feeling I have undergone either a natural or emotional catastrophe afterwards? I hope I am not violating any orders or anything else as I send you my question and try to be as humble as I can.

Asgeir Valur Sigurdsson from Iceland

Commander Sanni:
          You were on another vessel and not the one me or my crew or brothers were on. Yours was a Pleiadian scout cruiser.

Dear Commander Sanni,
          Would you please tell us the history of what happened to the 12 species of Zeta when certain Reptilians attached and infested your planet and species? I understand that there was a major upheaval and a number of the Zeta species joined with the Reptilians and aligned with their destructive agenda and scattered among the Universe, infiltrating into many worlds and other species as well as our own.
Much confusion surrounds these events, which place the Zeta’s collaboration with our own government in an extremely bad light. Could you please help us understand? I, in particular, understand that this infestation was within your own species as well, many of your people escaped and inhabited other planets and star systems.
How can we tell the good Zetas from the bad ones, as well as the “infestation of the reptilian species” of our own planet?
Thank you.


Commander Sanni:
          Dear Sharon, first of all, it wasn’t 12 but actually four species that were infiltrated by reptoids, and those species were the Cheridanis and Iradahians and their subspecies, which were hybrids with the Derak and Terak reptoid races from Orion nebula regions. For the most part, my species never aligned ourselves with reptoids, and what you may perceive as all Zetis aligning with reptoids is inaccurate. What you aren’t aware of is that reptilians are masters at shape shifting and can appear to you as a Zeti and that’s part of their agenda.
          My people are of the light and aren’t involved with reptoids nor their evil ways, and we have cut ties with the other subspecies of Zeti that are aliens with reptoid council’s agenda in disinformation and to make people of Earth hate all grays by assuming our form and committing acts upon humans, and Zetis are blamed for it.
          My people resisted the reptoids’ implants and work for the light and not against it. Our people were forced into treaties by reptoid overlords that are in control of your planet Earth. Remember, we are not their friends as reptoids hate all insectoid races. Remember this above all else: Reptilians and reptoids are assuming our form to make people think it’s us when in reality it’s lizards in disguise to create prejudice for those trying to protect your world from your self-destructive ways as Earth is controlled by reptoid rulers.

Dear Sanni,
          The “tamper” that was mentioned may explain why the activity has been less the last few years. A friend of mine has still had quite a bit, though. She is in the medical field, and has seen them outside the window of the hospital on the second floor. We were told that this is a new crew, the first one was with us from 1997 until 2001, then we have had two changes since then. They have interacted with our light group for many years, we are grateful and appreciate their help and inspiration. My question is: Will we be able to interact in person, is that possible?

Judith S.

Commander Sanni:
          When the human mind and soul has evolved beyond its conditioning and lets go of its misconceptions that ETs aren’t flesh and blood and are flesh as your race, then there will be an open face-to-face contact as ETs aren’t all spirits like they think we are, on the same level as a ghost. Also, when humans’ DNA has been reversed back to its original form, which has recall of its stellar heritage without debunking or needing proof, because in its DNA lies the truth of its Pleiadian origins, then will there be open contact
They will be able, once they have evolved beyond their conditioning, their governments and reptoids have poured into their heads for so long that ETs aren’t physical and that UFOs are just a product of mass hysteria or hallucinations. Once humans have gotten beyond their war-like ways and stereotyped views, then will open face-to-face contact be started. As of now, most is done on a different level of reality as humans aren’t ready for that to occur because they have too much anger and fear in them that would hinder this to occur.

Namasté, Commander Sanni


         If you have a question that is space-related to ask Sanni, send it in care of The Star Beacon, P.O. Box 117, Paonia CO 81428, or e-mail it to: Be sure to put “Ask an ET” in the subject line.

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