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Commander's Star Base: Ask an ET

from the October 2009 Star Beacon

By Commander Sanni Ceto
Q: Dear Commander,
      Hello, Commander, my name is Bashir Rahmani. I was born in Afghanistan, Kabul. The reason why I wanted to talk to you was because I respect your knowledge and I honor you to the fullest. I have a few questions that I would like to ask you.
     First question is why do I get a feeling and used to get a feeling that I accept myself as an alien or respectfully say I am an energy form of a living thing, although I believe I am a human being? Iím 20 years old. Iíve had dreams and fantasies when I was young that I was being contacted by ETs. Right now I feel blest to send this e-mail to you, Commander. I can honestly feel how you feel; some human beings cannot get along and thereís always a war.
     I personally dislike some humans because I see freedom, love, peace in my world, but they donít, due to being strongly conditioned. No matter whether I am a human being or unidentified, I truly respect you and I am on your side, Commander, because I believe that there are living things in outer worlds in galaxies and in the universe.
     I do believe that one day I will see it. Not many people accept that as reality, but I do and I am glad I do because you, Commander, are my proof, and I give you the highest respect. I feel like I am something else, because I can sense my surroundings and I agree 100 percent with what you had to say on the Veritas show on Sept. 1, 2009.
     I'm glad that you shared this information with us. Not many humans see whatís coming in the future that they need to be aware of. They need to be aware of how conditioned they are, which I thank you for informing them. I absolutely enjoyed listening to you, Commander, and I always will.
My next question for you would be... is there a possibility that I, or humans, can survive during 2012? I honestly do not know who I really am.
     It would be very helpful if you can help educate me a little about how things are happening on this planet Earth. I will really appreciate your help, if you can answer my questions, and thank you once again very much. I send you much love and blessings.

                                                                       Bashir Rahmani

A: Dear Bashir,
      Thank you for your positive words. You are a Lyran from Lyra in the Pleiades. I see you as a bringer of truth to your troubled world, and I see you as a shining light, to shine for peace and a path to lead others to love instead of hate.
      Earth as an entity must learn true unconditional love that has no limits, no prejudices, etc., if it wishes to survive as a global civilization dedicated to service and continue on past 2012.
                                                Love and blessings to you
                                                from Commander Sanni

Q: Dear Commander,
      In your world do people communicate by means of telepathy? Do you know with what kind of waves telepathy works? When they are electromagnetic waves, do you know the frequency in cycles per second or Herz? What is the range without a transponder?
      Does your transponder amplifiy the signals? What is the range with a transponder?
                                                Yours sincerely, Chris

A: Dear Chris,
      Telepathy waves are at a very high vibration or frequency, at around 9000 cycles per second, and around 1900 Herz. Without a transponder the range is lowered to around 170 cycles per second and about 112 Herz. Ranges with transponders are varied, depending upon its calibrated settings, but most range from around 1900 to 11,000.

                                                                Namastť, Commander Sanni

Q:  Hello, Commander Sanni
      Hope you are happy now that you have returned to Colorado. Near where I live, in south-central Ohio, is the largest snake effigy in North America. It is called the Great Serpent Mound and is over a quarter mile long. This feels to be an ancient and very sacred place, including the bluff upon which it is erected.
      There has been much speculation; but do you know the origin and purpose of the snake? It is also located on the edge of a mysterious, very old crater about three miles in diameter. Is the snake mound associated with the ancestors of the Hopi, who tradition says traveled to the four directions, including all the way east to the ocean?
      Also, I sometimes see images of the snake having its surface not covered with grass but with thousands of flat stones that make the surface appear to have scales as does a real snake. Was it originally covered with flat stones?
      The energy of the entire bluff feels Pleiadian in nature. Were the Pleiadians somehow involved?
                                                Best regards and thank you,
                                                Bob Huth
                                                West Union, Ohio


A: Dear Mr. Huth,
      I have mixed feelings about returning to Colorado as I still miss the beauty of the Desert Southwest, as well as the wonderful animals and plants and nature, since Iím a nature person.
      The snake is symbolic of the winged gods who were ancient ETs who came from various sectors near Andromeda and interacted with ancient humans. These gods werenít winged as wings are symbolic of space flight and was associated with their spacecrafts.
      This mound was a central area where these lizard people had a space port and used it for flights there on Earth and to other planets in your solar system. It served as an underground base for different reptoid species long before the Pleiadians ever came and made contact with their human cousins of Earth as this was created when the Orions and other lizard peoples were visiting Earth and using it as a laboratory to create different species, which gave way to dinosaurs and other ancient reptiles.
      The people who lived inside and under these mounds fled Earth in their spacecrafts when Earth was undergoing dramatic changes due to nuclear wars waged between different ETs wanting Earth as a trophy.
                                                            Love, Commander Sanni

      Send your questions to Be sure to put ďAsk ETĒ in the subject line.

Thank you from Sanni...
      I would like to thank everyone who helped me return to Colorado. Itís been a difficult transition to go from living close to nature back to a city, although everything is more convenient. My blessings are with all who helped me and are my friends, despite the difficulties with a new place. Arizona will always be a special place for me, even though I left it, for its beauty will never fade away.
                                                      Love and peace, Commander Sanni

If you donít see your answer here, check the Commanderís Web site, Questions may be submitted there.

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