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Commander's Star Base

Ask an ET

from the November 2006 Star Beacon

          Q:   How soon will it be before money will be out of circulation? Where are safer areas to be when this happens? How soon will micro-chipping in place of money start?



Commander Sanni:
          Money will eventually be phased out, due to dwindling natural resources such as trees and fossil fuels which are used to create the raw products utilized in making currencies. Special cards will be slowly introduced to take the place of money until the microchipping is phased into everyday usage.
          It will take a period of a few years before the money or currency is phased out as a campaign will be started to introduce the population to a cashless economy, and this will be done by media such as TV, music and newspapers. It will be a mass indoctrination to get them used to and comfortable with this idea. After this, then the microchipping programs will be started to replace the currency as well as replace the usage of paper as trees will be scarce due to destruction of the enviroment by humans’ wasting and throw-away habits toward the Earth. Those people who refuse the chips will be allowed to get it again but will go into hiding to avoid being marked and controlled. These chips are already being made and they are called Verichip.
          The chips are gradually being introduced in certain areas such as tracking lost pets and implanting prisoners in certain locations. Even newborns are starting to be microchipped. The implementaton of this chip program will commence when centers are set up under guise of clinics to make people think they are to have a mandated shot for a new illness like a flu which will, in part, be initiated via chemtrail spraying, to produce a mild illness. Instead of a shot, they will receive a microchip the size of a rice grain. The chips will be encoded with all your personal information, and this will replace paper usage, including currency, as everything will be stored in large, super computer data systems. This should start around 2012 or 2015, if not earlier.
          Safe locations would be rural areas, away from crowded cities and away from industrial areas. Mountains and farms and wilderness areas would be safe places as there is less population density than large cities.
          Other safe areas to go would be underwater cities as well as inside mountains and large underground cities and caves, etc. Also, species from Tau Ceti and Andromeda are helping the Pleiadian forces along with the Zetis in keeping some order and peace on your planet and preventing any full-scale global attacks by any Earth nation foolish enough to violate universal space laws as they apply to other worlds.

Q: Which race of space beings are the most prevalent visitors to our planet?

Commander Sanni:

          The most prevalent visitors to your planet are Pleiadians trying to maintain order and balance and in turn they are followed by reptoids trying to destroy any order and create chaos. Reptoids are very much involved in war in your Middle East as they opened a portal in the region to counteract the positive energies the Pleiadian forces are trying to establish in these troubled spots on your planet. Next after reptoids are Zetis, who work in league with Pleiades forces as peace enforcers in exposing reptoids and their agendas for controlling Earth. We are go-betweens with Pleiades and other star nations upon Earth as a protection for Earth against reptoids.

          Q: Will space beings stop or prevent a nuclear war?


Commander Sanni:

          Pleiadian forces, along with Zeti species, can and will intervene in a nuclear attempt by any Earth nation that attempts to launch a nuclear strike against any Earth nation. But first the Earth nations will have a period to try diplomatic ways to bring about a solution to their problems before it gets to this level. When a nuclear strike is launched, physical crafts more advanced than your current aerocrafts have the weaponry to incinerate and destroy any nuclear strike, plus a silo can be deactivated before its projectiles even launch, due to melting the controls by an onboard disk’s lasers, etc. Several years ago, your Earth attempted a test and several UFOs were observed nearby and the missiles were deactivated and their destructive elements were neutralized, making them harmless as a test to what advanced races have over Earth technology.
          Your planet will be observed and a nuclear war will be prevented as fleets will not allow the reptoids in your governments to get away with this.

                                                            Namasté, Commander Sanni


         If you have a question that is space-related to ask Sanni, send it in care of The Star Beacon, P.O. Box 117, Paonia CO 81428, or e-mail it to: Be sure to put “Ask an ET” in the subject line.

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