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Commander's Star Base: Ask an ET

from the November 2008 Star Beacon

By Commander Sanni Ceto
Q: Hi!
      You once said that you did not feel emotions or understand humor. Since now that you are a hybrid, it is still true ? Or your human form can help you “feel” a little bit like the humans?
      Thank you for your time.                 Jean-Philippe

A: My form isn’t human, so understand that as I’m a hybrid, emotions are powerful and heavy and hard to understand. Besides, why would I want to be as humans are when they are aggressive, for the most part, and are reptoid in their DNA, and are for the most part unevolved and only are driven by primitive animal instincts such as egos and war and sex.

                                                            Namasté, Commander Sanni

Q: Dear Commander,
      Greetings! I find your answers to letters very informative. I am interested in the evolution of species and would like to know:
1. Whether intergalactic evolution occurred in the same way as on Earth.
2. Was there a common ancestor for beings in other galaxies as for Earth and if so at what point did they begin to diverge? What conditions caused them to diverge? There seem to have been common roots for all these species. This seems unlikely to be a coincidence.
3. In other mammalian species, e.g. the cat family and horses, interbreeding results in infertile offspring. Does this happen in inter-terrestrial matings? If not, is there any dominance of one species over another?
These questions may seem rather naďve, but I am new to this field! Thanks for your comments.            Molly from Jamaica (the home of Bob Marley)

A: Dear Molly,
      Grays are a type of insectoid related to insects that are common on Earth, though in miniature size compared to our species. Grays evolved differently than humans, who are mammals and have a different set of environmental factors that humans didn't have to face in the procession of their evolutionary journey. Grays, who are insects, have different organs and their physiology is different than a mammal’s or primate species such as humans. Hearts and brains are larger than in humans, and the digestive or GI tract is shorter than in most mammals, plus sight and hearing are more evolved than in mammals. Reptoids descended from several types of large biped lizards, which are native to Orion and Draco systems, and their internal structures are similar to lizards and other reptiles that are on Earth. And yes, most reptoids evolved differently as they are highly aggressive and dominating in their instincts and natures.
                                                        Namasté, Commander Sanni

Q: Dear Commander,
      As a new reader of this newsletter, (since June 2008), I am not sure of the policy about discussion of earth/galactic politics. However, I hope that this question can be dealt with.
      I am a supporter of the teachings of the great spiritual master Jmmanuel, known on earth as Jesus, but I do not support the claims of the gospels that he had to “die to save humans” from the karmic effect of sin. Human social behaviour is largely instinct-driven from our reptilian brain (the brain stem) and the emotional centers of the mammalian brain (limbic system, etc.).
      My question is: I have heard it said that Jesus was a hybrid Pleiadean/human,whose Mother, Mary, was taken aboard a Pleiadean ship (called The Star of Bethlehem) and impregnated by the angel Gabriel, and that his home planet is Merope. Is this correct? Is this great master alive and well? And will he return leading a great Pleiadean fleet to do battle with the reptilians who have ambitions of total conquest of this sector of the galaxy?                                                                        Patrick

A: Dear Patrick,
      This being, who is known by many names such as Yeshuah/Jesus is a hybrid of an Earth woman who herself was descended from a Venusian leader who colonized Earth when Pleiadians were doing genetic research. Jesus’ father was an admiral over fleet activities and his name was Admiral Yahweh.Yeshuah never came to Earth to build a one-world religion; he came — as other ETs before him — to teach humans to live in peace and to respect Earth, and he never died on a tree as this was a projection via advanced holograms sent from a ship hovering overhead to influence the humans to follow the guidance of their Pleiadian creators, who were scientists, as Earth is a biogenetics laboratory. Jesus’ home world is called Meropia and not Merope as that’s a human term and not Pleiadian. He will return with many ships to expose the reptoid Draconians and other reptilians who gave rise to the devil myth upon Earth.
                                                             Namasté, Commander Sanni

       EDITOR’S NOTE: If you have questions to ask ET, please direct them to Commander Sanni by e-mail at, or send them in to The Star Beacon, 3885 Jackson Run, New Matamoras, OH 45767

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