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Commander's Star Base: Ask an ET

from the December 2008 Star Beacon

By Commander Sanni Ceto
Q: Dear Commander,
I would like to know more about your species’ anatomy, if that is permitted by your council.
Thank you!                     Love, JuJu

A: Dear Juju,
      This about anatomy applies only to full-blooded Grays and not hybrids. The brains are three-lobed with two hemispheres and a smaller lobe in front of these two sections. The heart is six-chambered as in many insects, though some species have a tube-like series of connected hearts. The ears are rudimentary externally as Grays have a fairly developed sense of hearing, and eyes are huge as in the species that are nocturnal. The alimentary system is a single unit which is a tube, and Grays lack lymph nodes and their diet is a semi-liquid as in insects found on Earth.
                                          Love and Light from Commander Sanni

Q: Dear Commander,
      This is a mystery involving space travel over 2,500 years ago, but it may well have been observed by Zeti historians since many ET groups (including Yahweh) seemed to have been present on both sides of the conflict. It was the year 586 B.C. and the Babylonian forces were encamped just outside Jerusalem, waiting for daylight to begin their assault. Jeremiah (Captain of the Temple guard) and his friend and scribe Baruch were stealthily moving through the city with holy objects they were trying to hide.
      Suddenly they came upon a UFO and the prophet asked to be taken to “THE LORD” (i.e. The Commander). He asked that his young Ethiopian friend, Abimilech, be spared, since he had once saved him from drowning. The lad was told to be at Agrippa’s vineyard at dawn the next morning. Abimelech went there, and even picked a basket of figs, but then felt dizzy and sat down to rest awhile. When he awoke, the figs were still fresh and dripping, but he could not find his house, and did not recognize much of the city. He eventually found out that 66 years had elapsed. These events are recorded in the Words of Baruch (Chapters 3 to 5),but due to the time span the authorship is uncertain.
      My question is: Do you get a sense as to which ET group took the lad on a space trip to hide him from the exile, and to which star system was he taken?

A: Dear Patrick,
      This young man was taken to Lyra in the Pleiades system as the lord, who is a high commander over several fleets, was from the Pleiades planet of Meropia, which Lyra is next to.
                                                        Namasté, Commander Sanni

Q: Dear Commander,
      As a former long distance space pilot in this galaxy (and perhaps to neighboring ones as well), you are ideally placed to enlighten me in this matter.
      After the battle for Jerusalem in 586 BC, many prominent Jews were taken captive to Babylon. Three Jewish youth, Shadrach, Meschac and Abednego, were eventually sentenced to death by fire for not obeying the king's rules. They prayed for deliverance and within moments an angel appeared in the furnace and negated the effect of the heat. I have heard that Pleiadean ships can travel by “hyperdrive” and so could reach Earth in seven seconds or so. They do not do this often because of danger of sonic boom to inhabited planets.
      Was this velocity possible by Pleiadean ships built 2,500 earth-years ago, or is this almost unimaginable feat mere fantasy, assuming that the angel was a Pleiadean?
      Thanks!                                                                      Patrick

A: Dear Patrick,
      Pleiadian ships using a hyperdrive propulsion system still have to utilize a worm hole or other shortcut to travel such distances to reach Earth from their own system. Their propulsion system reduces drag in a planet’s atmosphere, so there’s no sonic boom as in Earth’s aerocrafts.
      The angel in that story was a Pleiadian crew member who beamed down from his disc ship and, by his advanced technology, put out the fire and super-cooled the place from its heat. Remember that on other worlds technology has to grow and evolve as do civilizations, with each hitting its advanced stage or peak of achievement before going into its demise.
      Most Pleiadian worlds are halfway through this stage while Earth is merely starting to develop such advanced technology.
                                                             Namasté, Commander Sanni

Q: Dear Commander,
      In the November issue you said that the crucifixion of the one we call Jesus was “a projection via advanced holograms sent by a ship hovering overhead...”, etc.
      I’ve heard before of this technology being called “holographic inserts” and that the people present and involved, even witnesses and bystanders, actually experience the event as being real. Yet I have heard that if one is aware and sensitive, the event will just not “feel right.”
      For me the bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City 10-12 years ago never felt right, although I was not there. The events of 9/11, 2001 in New York and Washington, DC didn’t feel right either as I watched them on TV. Nor ever since.
      Were these events holographic projections or were they really real?
Thank you again for the excellent service you provide us.                                                       Bob Huth, West Union, Ohio

A: Dear Mr. Huth,
      This advanced technology interacts with images plus the brain’s interpretation of these images so that to an untrained person the holograms would seem as real as the visuals. They vibrate at a lower level than the human brain vibrates and thus appear to be real events. To a being who vibrates at a higher level, with more open visual awareness, plus a more attuned awareness to this technology, the images would appear as flat and lacking substance and the solidity that a truly solid object has as a side effect of its existence.
      The Oklahoma City bombing and 9-11 were a combination of holograms superimposed upon actual events as a way to steer people’s thinking, to get used to ideas of a government being more in control and prevent people from being able to think as free souls. But instead to be as “sheeple,” unaware of how to stand free upon their own two feet, use their brains and think independently from government control. I’m thankful you enjoy my column and I hope this helps in your understanding.
                                                             Namasté, Commander Sanni

       EDITOR’S NOTE: If you have questions to ask ET, please direct them to Commander Sanni by e-mail at, or send them in to The Star Beacon, 3885 Jackson Run, New Matamoras, OH 45767

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