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Alpha Bits

from the November 2005 Star Beacon

The Reptoid Agenda

by Tumeria

          I overheard a conversation the other day at my work place. Several people were watching the news on the television in the lounge. It was very clear that they were confused, scared and angry at the world situation. They were totally unaware of the reptoid influence behind the planet’s condition. That is exactly what the reptoids want. Their goal is to keep everyone in the dark and to disempower mankind.
          I realized that the only way to combat this was through knowledge and awareness. Only in bringing the truth to light can humanity reclaim their power and free will.
          The reptoids, also known as the Illuminati, do whatever they can to keep humans in their lower chakras. If people are concerned with their survival, spiritual growth takes a back seat. When this happens, we stay asleep and can’t awaken to our Divinity.
          There are many ways that the reptoids keep us in survival mode. One way is to keep people poor while they get richer, beyond belief. Money, after all, is power on this planet. With wages low and prices high, many people have to work two jobs in order to make ends meet. If we are spending all our effort on work, we will be distracted from our spiritual evolvement. We won’t have the time or the energy to think for ourselves or question.
          For those in the corporate world, the emphasis turns to heavy competition and promotions, in order to be as successful as possible. The end result is the same — long hours and obsession with material gain. Once again, our Divine selves are neglected in favor of the ego.
          The reptoids also try to keep people sick. With a wide variety of chemicals and toxins added to food, air and water, our bodies become weakened and susceptible to a wide variety of illnesses. We are bombarded with television commercials and print advertisements for medications for all kinds of ailments. This puts illness in our consciousness, thus creating that reality.
          The reptoids control the drug market. This includes medications as well as illegal drugs, such as heroin and cocaine. By keeping people sick, medicated and addicted, we become weak, numb and easily controlled.
          Fear is the main tool that the reptoids use to control the population. Where there is fear, there can not be love. They employ a variety of mind control techniques in order to achieve their objectives. As it stands right now, the reptoids literally own the orld, controlling every major institution. Through their control of the media and television, the reptoids can assault us with negativity and feelings of hopelessness. You are told only what they want you to know, not the truth.
          Television and movies are filled with fighting, war, mistrust, competition, and attack. Cartoons and video games are also filled with violence, targeting our children and teens. The music industry promotes such music as acid and heavy metal rock and roll, as well as rap. This angry music of lower vibrational frequencies chemically affects the brain, thus promoting anger and violence.
          Religion is also a prime arena to control Earth’s citizens. We are taught that we are sinners and separate from God. We have original sin on our souls and are inherently evil. A look at history will reveal countless wars waged in the name of God. With each religion claiming to be the one and only true path, a rift of separation and hatred is created. What should bring us into love only serves to further distance us from the truth of Oneness.
          Needless to say, the reptoids also control the government as well as the military. The concept of democracy and voting is a technique used to create the illusion that we have a voice in the government. This pacifies us. The truth is that it is all a deception. The president is chosen by the reptoid powers, not elected. This should be evident by contemplating the Bush/Gore election.
          With their control of the military, the reptoids convince us that we need to defend ourselves against other countries. Rather than seeing people of other nations as our brothers and sisters, we see them as the enemy. Once again, the theme is separation. The slogan, “United We Stand,” is absolutely true. We only need to expand this concept to include the entire planet.
          We cannot fight the reptoids directly. Even if we could, that would only feed them and make them more powerful. The only way to stop them is through awareness and being mindful of what they are doing. In this way, we can avoid their traps.
          Explore your own spirituality and Divinity. Empower yourself! Come from light and love, and hold the higher vibrations. Educate yourself and those who are ready to listen. Teach by your example. As Earth continues in her ascension process, the world that the reptoids have built and rules will break down and crumble. Much of what you are seeing in the world today is part of this breakdown. Together we will usher in the new Earth.
For more information, please check out the following Web site:
          Until next time, Namasté.

          Tumeria, a native of Alpha Centauri, currently lives in New Hampshire. Her earthly mission is to empower mankind and to help awaken humanity to its divinity. Tumeria is available for Akashic Record Readings, property clearing, spiritual advising and Reiki healings. You may contact her at: or c/o The Star Beacon.
          Visit The Alpha Centauri Connection Web site at, and also Tumeria’s discussion group at com/group/AC_connection/.

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