Vol. 14, No. 4 - April 2000

The latest issue of The Star Beacon is available now, featuring I am from Sirius, by Isis, illustrated by Sanni. Also contained within its pages are Starseed Transmissions: Daily Life Among the Pleiadians by Fred Pulver; Serving the Worlds, an update on May 5, 2000 from the Nibiruan Council, a book review by Paul Bartch on Linda Moulton Howe's latest book; Pleiadian Light Beams, a transmission through Hannah Beaconsfield on New ET Implants; a new column from Merry Browne called Mystic Messages; astrological wishes from Chrystle Clae; Crystals of Light from Arda Golden Eagle Woman; UFO DISC-cussion by Ann Ulrich, plus Tales of a Wanderer by Lori Cordini (The Watana), as well as other goodies. Follow the links for a sample of the articles in the April issue.

The April issue is in the mail now!

Imagine yourself coming from a world where everything lives in complete peace. Here is how Isis describes her walk-in experience from Sirius to Planet Earth.

Starseed Transmissions: Daily Life Among the Pleiadians
Fred Pulver takes an imaginary look at Pleiadian daily life
through the eyes of Endron, first officer of the 5th Galactic Legion.

by Devin/Jelaila. An update from the 9D Nibiruan Council on
May 5, 2000.

STARLIGHT WISHES, inspiring astrological suggestions from
Chrystle Clae, psychic/astrologer.

MYSTIC MESSAGES, a new column from
Merry Browne.

The April 2000 issue also contains PLEIADIAN LIGHT BEAMS by Hannah Beaconsfield, on "New and Improved ET Implants," High Strangeness a book review featuring Linda Moulton Howe, by Paul Bartch; UFO DISC-USSION, by Ann Ulrich and Davina Ryszka, with more western Colorado sightings.Tales of a Wanderer by Lori Cordini, The Watana; CRYSTALS OF LIGHT by Arda Golden Eagle Woman ("The Gift"); TAKE ME DOWN FROM THE CROSS, a moving poem by Kiara (Barbara Perkins); plus upcoming conferences, and classified ads and other intriguing tidbits of information you won't want to miss.


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