From the April STAR BEACON

UFOs seen over Cedaredge, Colorado

by Davina Ryszka

This sighting took place Monday, March 2, 1998, very early between 2 am and 3 am. This involves two witnesses, but there could be others who may have seen this event also.

The first witness, a gentleman, was up in the night due to some back pain, and noticed that his dogs were agitated. He went out on the back porch to see what was bothering them. To his surprise, his dogs were looking into the sky. He then stated he could not believe what he was seeing in the clear dark sky.

Above Cedaredge were seven objects that appeared, to his best estimate, to be about 1,000 feet up in the air, stationary, soundless and quite large (no estimates on size at this time) and they had beautiful multi-colored lights on them, "like Christmas lights." He said that the way the lights were configured on these objects, they all looked like octagons.

All of the objects had multi-colored lights on them except one, which had all amber-colored lights. One object was located over the school, another over the golf course, another over a county road, and the rest at various locations. The lights did not blink but were steady and the objects remained motionless in the sky for some time.

Due to cold temperatures, he went back inside and told his elderly mother to come look out the window. They observed these objects until about 3 am and then went back to bed. He noticed that there were some vehicles driving down the dirt road by his place, some stopping and turning around and turning their lights out, which was unusual. The only car that comes up that road at that time of night is the paper delivery person, so he believes others were out observing these objects also. I am placing a notice in the Delta County newspaper and my phone number so that we might get more reports on recent UFO sightings in Delta County. I will be visiting this gentleman to get his sketches and more detail on this event.

I find it interesting that this UFO sighting occurred several hours before the New Mexico missile launch that occurred around 6:00-6:30 am that was seen by many people in various states. It is reminiscent of last year at this time when a Vandenburg Air Force Base missile launch was seen in the western sky by many in various states, but we had a flurry of UFO sightings of many different types of objects in many areas of western Colorado before and after this missile event (see February and May 1997 Star Beacons).

Another rare event that I recorded happened Thursday, March 5 at midday when four military helicopters (olive drab color) flew over Delta on the western side of town. Due to my location, I could not see where they went; however, about 45 minutes later, one helicopter came over near to my home and was traveling east toward Crawford, Colo. I just found that interesting as we don't see military aircraft very often.

Davina Ryszka is a UFO investigator in Delta, Colo., and may be contacted by e-mail at