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Some facts about chemtrails

from the May 2005 Star Beacon

from Chemtrail Central

by Julian Penrod

Sept. 24, 2002 evening skies over Stucker Mesa, Paonia, Colo.
Photo courtesy Ann and Ethan Miller

What are contrails?
          • Streaks of condensed water vapor created in the air by jet airplanes at high altitudes. (Merriam-Webster’s)

          • Streamer of cloud sometimes observed behind an airplane flying in clear, cold, humid air. (Encyclopaedia Britannica)

          • A visible cloud streak, usually brilliantly white in color, which trails behind a missile or other vehicle in flight under certain conditions. (DOD Dictionary of Military Terms)

          Contrails can exist in two forms: water droplet and ice crystal.

Under what conditions do contrails form?
          The primary factors in contrail formation are air temperature and moisture content. They are usually seen at the higher colder altitudes, but will even occur at ground level in Antarctica, sometimes causing a visibility problem for jets that take too long to take off. Contrails started becoming a common sight during World War II, when bombers started flying at altitudes above 30,000 feet. They can exist in two forms: water and ice. A water droplet contrail occurs when an airplane flies through cold and supersaturated moist air and the warm water vapor produced by the engine condenses into tiny droplets. Under colder temperatures the water will freeze, creating suspended ice-crystals.

          A Contrail forms upon condensation of water vapor produced by the combustion of fuel in the airplane engines. When the ambient relative humidity is high, the resulting water-droplet and/or ice-crystal plume may last for several hours. The trail may be distorted by the winds, etc. (Encyclopaedia Britannica)

What are chemtrails?
          Streaks of chemicals created in the air by spray systems on airplanes at any altitude. Chemicals are sprayed via planes for many purposes, including crop dusting and mosquito control. Also fuel is sometimes dumped to reduce weight before landing. But within the chemtrail observer community, chemtrails are the product of an active large-scale operation.

          Chemtrails are said to vary from contrails in their length of persistence.

What the hell is really going on?
          Some people are reporting what they describe to be unusual activity in the sky, including jets leaving trails at low altitudes, spray lines creating X’s, S’s and parallel lines, lines that slowly spread to create a canopy of haze, and reports of unusual smells, tastes, and even illness related to the trails.

          Also, a reddish-brown gel, dropped from low-flying aircraft, has been observed by people in the past and was even documented on Unsolved Mysteries. Samples of this substance have been allegedly analyzed by Margareta-Erminia Cassani and found to be teeming with biological organisms.

What would be the purpose of releasing these chemicals or biological agents?
          This must be decided by the reader for themselves. There are currently three main hypotheses:

          • Weather Modification:

          Humans have had the ability to physically affect the weather since learning how to seed clouds in 1946, or possibly 1880. The popular conception of weather manipulation is limited to cloud seeding, but the possibility that the extent of our abilities may have progressed in the meantime is definitely plausible. The fact that the military is very interested in weather control is no secret and many propose that the chemtrail phenomenon is a part of this. If true, what is the goal of the weather modification and what negative effects could it have on the environment? NASA is currently conducting several programs that are studying the effects of contrails on weather and the effects do not appear to be beneficial.

          • Population Control:

          The use of chemical and biological agents by a government against its own people is, unfortunately, a historical fact. Even unintentional accidents can occur. But, some people suggest that chemtrails could actually be part of a program to reduce the population, and many feel chemtrails have caused them to become ill, and perhaps they are right. If the chemtrails contain biological agents, then people already weakened by other factors may have even died as a result of the additional strain on their systems, but could such a diabolical purpose be the ultimate goal? History has taught that even the most unconscionable schemes can be made into reality by men filled with fear and hate, and with such weapons in the hands of government we must remain vigilant until answers are forthcoming.

          • Inoculation Program:

          Chemical and biological weapons have been used for centuries, but have recently entered the world stage as a primary threat. Biological agents have the ability to spread and multiply in casualties. These bioweapons are easy to produce and difficult, but possible, to defend against. The recent actions of the military to require anthrax vaccines for all service personnel show that this matter is of high importance. Some propose that the government may be quietly releasing bioagents to vaccinate citizens via the air. This could account for reported illnesses, since a vaccine sometimes makes a person sick. Municipal water supplies might not be universal enough and could be easily sampled and tested, but everyone breathes the air. And the federal government rules the air.

Why would chemtrails be created in the daytime where anyone could see?
          Since spraying is being reported day and night, it may be a necessity of the magnitude of the operation. Also, if people noticed trails that only occurred under the cover of darkness, they might be more inclined to become suspicious. But when unusual activity occurs in the sky during broad daylight, it goes unnoticed because the human mind attempts to interpret things based on past experience, thus a chemtrail would be just a contrail to most. If they even bothered to look up and notice.

Why would chemtrails be created in such noticeable patterns?
          If jet planes are used to provide aerial spray coverage of a particular area, and the planes are leaving a trail, there are going to be unusual patterns in the sky. Again, the human oblivious factor comes into play to lower the impact of the lines.

When did all this start?
          Reports of chemtrails began slowly gaining momentum in 1999, and increased rapidly in 2000. There are reports and photographic evidence to suggest that some spraying was occurring as early as 1990.

What evidence exists to support a chemtrail operation?
          No concrete proof exists and no governmental admissions have been issued for the chemtrail operation. It has been openly admitted by the Pentagon that the U.S. military has performed many biological warfare tests on unknowing servicemen in the past, additionally the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post have even reported that civilians may have died as a result of exposure to live agents sprayed by the Army and Navy during biological warfare tests.

          There are thousands of reports and hundreds of photos. You must decide for yourself what they amount to. Some people think it is just contrails, but many are saying that there is more, that something unusual is happening.
New research indicates that there may be a unique type of trail. Using atmospheric soundings and Flight Explorer, the trails over Houston, Texas, were observed, measured and analyzed.

Who are the responsible parties?
          The largest number of reports seems to be from the U.S., followed by Canada. Several other countries have some reports, often noted by Western visitors. Since reports are coming from multiple countries, it seems to transcend individual governments. But with no obvious controlling body, the answer remains to be seen.

What about the silver orbs?
          A rare but documented phenomenon, silver orbs, which are also described as white or nickel in color, have been observed in conjunction with spraying. They are reported to hover in the general area of chemtrails and then leave. These may be advanced military drones involved with testing the components of the trails. Sighting locations include California, Texas and Alabama.

          For more information from an excellent Web site on chemtrails, visit Chemtrail Central at http:// Information provided by Julian Penrod (e-mail:

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