Sample article from the April 2000 Star Beacon

Ann Ulrich


by Ann Ulrich

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Davina Ryszka, UFO investigator from Delta, Colo., obtained a few more reports of UFOs. Jane S. Cartwright, UFO investigator from Crawford, Colo., gave Davina this report: In November 1999, two sightings occurred in the Crawford area. The first was a daylight sighting of a silvery/white cylinder-shaped object seen in the skies the same day that a controlled burn (fire) was taking place near Black Canyon of the Gunnison. Davina says this sighting is similar to reports that Tim Edwards of Salida, Colo., was receiving at the same time. This object had no wings and was lower and slower than a jet. It did not travel the normal flightways, and it traveled from west to east. There was no sound.

The second object sighted was at night or very early morning as it was dark outside. Jane said that what drew her attention to the object was the fast movement of what appeared to be something on fire as it was bright and fiery-looking. It was a very large ring of bright lights, and it moved very fast because she ran outside to watch it further and it had already disappeared. She estimated the object to be 2,000 feet up and twice the size of a 747. There was absolutely no sound. This object traveled from the southwest to the northeast, again not the normal commercial flight paths.

Davina tells of a third report which occurred on Sunday, Feb. 27, 2000. The sighting occurred at midnight and was reported to her by a friend who lives just a mile west of her. The witness went out with the dog and noticed a very bright light to the east of Delta or on the edge of Delta. It was very bright and other small lights which could be seen on it and/or were reflecting off its body. It moved quite fast (faster than normal aircraft), toward the south, and then it seemed to slow some and pulsated. The witness mentioned to Davina that she has observed aircraft a lot at night and has lived near airports,etc., and her impression of the movement, low altitude (again NO SOUND) was extremely odd and did not appear to her to be a normal aircraft. The witness was excited to have seen her first UFO.

There was another UFO sighting Tuesday night, March 7, between 9 p.m.and 10 p.m., near the town of Olathe, Colo., on a back road. The witness was scared. The object had a bright white light on it with a red and green light on the sides. A similar object had been seen in this area a few months ago, but this object was actually confrontational.

The witness saw the lights approaching her car head on. Thinking it was an airplane because the lights were so low, she slammed on her brakes to avoid what seemed to be an inevitable collision. But when she stopped, it stopped right in front of her. When she moved, it moved. When she attempted to turn the car around and go back the other way, the object moved in order to stay directly in front of her.

The witness became alarmed, especially since she had a small baby in a carseat in the back. She continued to try to get away from the lights and finally, at one point, the object ended up behind her and she could see it in the rearview mirror. Then, for a time, it was not visible and she thought maybe it had gone, but then a light shone down directly from above, illuminating her car and the surrounding area. She then drove toward Olathe to get away. From then on she no longer saw any lights around or above her.


I am really close to having a date for this year's Love and Light Conference. We hope to offer an optional night as a retreat. Details are being worked out.

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