Through This Myth We Call Illusion
Unraveling the Mysteries of Life

Arda Golden Eagle Woman


Through This Myth We Call Illusion explains how life is a never-ending story, weaving in and out of lifetimes on its way to Enlightenment.

Arda Golden Eagle Woman is an old Soul. This is her 835th lifetime on Planet Earth. Her current life has acted as a catalyst, plunging her into past lifetime scenarios of pain, heartache and judgment, leaving her fragmented, robbing her of her power, knowingness and unconditional love, which not only is hers, but everyone’s birthright.

Upon revisiting those traumatic scenarios this lifetime, she was able to remove all judgment, loving them unconditionally, which has enabled her to reclaim her power of Love and Light. When one judges, it fragments, leaving one less than whole — judgment entraps and sticks you to whatever you are judging. Love frees you from the entrapment, and makes you whole. You then are Master over any situation you may encounter.

This is what her book is all about. Come walk with her on her journey through her many lifetimes of experiencing, judging, playing at being a victim, and finally coming into the knowingness that we truly are Masters creating our own victimhood. Those who have read her book testify that it has assisted them greatly in finding their own true path out of The Illusion.

Within this book are many timely Channelings of Wisdom from Archangel Michael, Lord Jesus, Mother Mary, The Council of 12, Spirit of Enlightenment, and MeAmba Golden Eagle Woman (Arda’s Higher, Whole Soul Self). The Promise that ALL WILL BE REVEALED is, at long last, coming true. Be open to your true guidance, Love Unconditionally, and become the Master that you truly are.

When asked how long it took to write this book, she laughingly replies, “all of my 835 lifetimes, along with buckets of tears.”

She wishes you an exciting and enlightening journey.

Retail $12.50 (paper)
5-1/2 x 8-1/2, 261 pages
ISBN 978-1-4134-5660-X

Also available in hardback for $15.00

Arda Golden Eagle Woman is a Master of Awakenings. She has lived in western Colorado for the past 20 years. She states that “Ecstasy is your birthright — CLAIM IT!” She now knows that Love is the Key to all Life and that you cannot judge and love at the same time — it is not possible. This knowledge has enabled her to see everything through the eyes of love, expanding her awareness and compassion.

Your inner balance is
the key to love and
love is the key to all life.


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