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My book, The Star Travelers, is about entities from Earth and from different planets. I channeled 14 different entities in it. The interviews are fascinating. You can order it directly from me by sending a check for $20.00 to: Kanai Callow, P.O. Box 257, Port Orchard, WA 98366 (tel. 360/443-6626). Upon request I will send you a signed copy. Or e-mail me at

The Star Travelers guides the reader to enlightenment, and informs the reader about life on other planets and in other dimensions, life after death, and mental illness. All the trance sessions memorialized in this consciousness-expanding book took place in Tahuya, Washington, in the presence of two witnesses.

Kanai Callow has always been interested in entities. She became a trance medium in 1980 and took classes from Luiz Gasperetto. She presently resides in Bellingham, Washington.

Read a REVIEW of The Star Travelers.

Kanai's second book, SHADOWS OF LIGHT, is available for $20 (autographed)

A sample from the beginning of the book:


To the Elements I write this song
To the Earth, water, fire, and air
Your manifestations are awesome
Your power is everywhere
We recognize your presence of being
We respect the powers that be
The Light shines even in darkness
Or so it seems to me

For nowhere is there ever a place
Where light particles are NOT.
The intermix is everywhere; it's not only in one spot
For those of you who cannot see
The Light that is within all places,
Take heart, for it is within you,
And reaches to infinite spaces.



Get Kanai's Journal, for just $20 (autographed)





Get Kanai's Adventures, her newest book, for just $20 (autographed)


Kanai's Mandalas

P.O. Box 257
Port Orchard, WA 98366
(360) 443-6626


Kanai also does crafts and is very talented...  The following items are available:

Mandala Cards ($2.00 each or $10.00 for a set of 6)

Picture Cards with frames ($3.00 each or $18.00 for a set of 6)

Crocheted Coasters ($3.00 each)

Knitted Headbands (pick your own color) $10 each

Knitted Handbags ($30.00)

Knitted Belts ($20.00)

My book, The Star Travelers ($20.00 for a signed copy)

Knitted Potholders ($5.00 each)

Green Christmas cards with snow scenes and trees, with red self-sealing envelopes, $2.00 each.

A set of six Christmas cards is $10.00.

Necklaces with small beads ($10.00 each)

Beaded hoop earrings ($10.00 a pair)

Crocheted Granny Square Double Bed Blanket ($200.00)

Crocheted Granny Square Single Bed Blanket ($100.00)

Crocheted Granny Square Baby Blanket ($50.00)

Crocheted Ripple Afghans ($200.00)

Long Colorful Scarves made with Homespun brand yarn ($40.00 each)

Short Scarves with a slit made with Homespun brand yarn ($20.00 each)

Custom made sweaters ($60)

Wash cloths ($5.00 each)

Quilt single bed sized ($100)

Quilt double bed sized ($150)

Astrological Charts for anyone born in the U.S. ($20.00)

Cassette Tape of Richard and Kanai Callow singing Richard's music, ($10.00 each)

Cassette Tape of Kanai singing Kanai's music ($10.00 each)

CD of Richard's music ($15.00 each)

CD of Kanai's music ($15.00 each)

CD of our choir music ($15.00 each)

Tape of our choir music ($10.00 each)

Hand knitted ski caps ($10.00 each Pick your own color)

Scarf with a hole on one end and zippered pocket to hold water bottle -- $20

Knitted Handbags -- $50.00 each

Crocheted caps Irish style ($20.00 each Pick your own color)

Slippers, any size, knitted with Acrylic yarn, $10.00/pair (Give me the length of your feet in inches, and the diameter of you ankles.)

Transcriptions from tape to document ($2.00 per page)

Typed galleys and manuscripts ($2.00 per page)

Introducing Kanai's new product line:
Leather crafts, with small items under $50, such as coin purses, belts, wallets, guitar straps, etc. (Pick your own designs.)

Goji juice, a healthy drink ($43 a bottle, 33 oz. or one liter in size)

There is a free video of Kanai being interviewed on TV.

Checks or money orders are welcome.  Here's hoping that all of you may prosper and live long.

Place orders with Kanai Callow P.O. Box 257 Port Orchard, WA 98366 (360) 443-6626

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