Billy Meier and the ETs
Who are they and where are they from?

By Michael Uyttebroek

In this two-part series, writer Michael Uyttebroek gives an extensive overview of the contacts of Billy Meier, Swiss farmer and contactee. The Meier case has received much controversial publicity and is perhaps the most documented and famous UFO case in history.

For two decades, the extraterrestrials that Billy Meier was in contact with were mistakenly referred to as Pleiadians. It was only upon their official withdrawal from Earth, the evening of Feb. 2-3, 1995 (on Billy's 251st contact), that the secret of their true origins and the actual name by which they go by, was finally revealed along with a detailed explanation as to why this had been deliberately withheld from us.

It was explained that the ETs do not call themselves Pleiadians but rather Plejarans -- this name being derived from their Plejares star system, which lies approximately 80 light-years beyond the Pleiades, or about 500 light-years from Earth. (Light travels at approximately 300,000 km/sec or, more precisely, 299,792.5 km/sec.) The Plejares star system is situated in another space-time continuum displaced from our time by a mere fraction of a second into the future. A dimensional opening had been created which allows these ETs to travel between the two different space-time configurations. In their dimension, matter has the same density as ours; only there, different stars, planets and subsequently civilizations exist.

By comparison, they stated that in their dimension there exists a great many more solar systems with planetary systems capable of supporting life. The ETs stated that in our Milky Way, life-bearing solar systems are very far apart from one another, much like trying to find a needle in a haystack, whereas in their dimension and galaxy countless of these life-bearing systems exist, which in turn make them more densely grouped together.

The ETs stated that the Pleiades, respectively the celestial bodies and planets of the Pleiades star cluster, on the other hand, are uninhabited, and indeed uninhabitable in every way, for they are a blue class star system, far too young (approximately 62 million years old) and too hot for the formation and establishment of any life forms.

Ever since Billy Meier started making his contact information public, many people have stepped forward claiming to have either physical and/or telepathic or so-called "channeled" contacts with the Pleiadians (i.e., Barbara Marciniak, Amorha Quan Yin, Jani King, Barbara Hand Clow and Fred Bell, just to name a few). But the fact is that the Pleiades cannot and never will support any life forms -- spiritual or material -- since their existence will only be short-lived prior to fading and dissolving again into interstellar energy, from which gases and new formations will one day evolve.

Pleiadians simply do not exist, only Plejarans! This information was kept secret throughout the entire contact period for the specific purpose of exposing every hoaxer, liar and fraud once the Plejarans had withdrawn from Earth. It must be mentioned that their withdrawal signified the closing of their three bases here and the completion of the official part of their mission, but that contacts with Billy Meier would continue for the remainder of his life, although somewhat diminished in frequency.

With a few exceptions, the extraterrestrials that Billy has been in contact with originate from a solar system named "Tayget," which has 10 planets orbiting around its central sun. One of those planets is called "Erra." In Guido Moosbrugger's book, "and yet they fly...," he brings to our attention many striking similarities between Erra and our Earth. For example:

a) The distance of Earth to the Sun and Erra to its central sun is, in both cases, approximately 150 million kilometers;

b) The orbital time around each central sun is identical at 365.25 days, making one year on Erra exactly as long as here on Earth, although it is divided up somewhat differently. There, a year has 13 months (or asars) with a compensating time every 23 years. Each day (or Musal) has 23 hours (odur) and 59.4 minutes;

c) The Earth's diameter at the equator is 12,756 km compared to Erra's at 12,649 km;

d) The atmosphere of Erra contains approximately 12 percent more oxygen than Earth.

In accordance with the natural Creational laws, the population of Erra is kept stable at about 524 million inhabitants. This is achieved through the exercise of permanent birth control, whereby ample space is ensured for both themselves and free nature.

There is the obvious absence of any roads or highways, since land vehicles are not utilized. On the other hand, numerous parks and footpaths extend from their dwellings. A pollution-free environment is of the highest priority, resulting in that factories and industrial facilities are built underground in remote, uninhabitable areas of the planet and mining activities are conducted on desolate planets or moons, etc.

Further information pertaining to the Plejarans' lifestyle, including their nutrition, clothing, housing, music, government, views on marriage, domestication of animals, etc., can be found in the original German contact notes.

There is one last point worth mentioning before we go into detail about who Billy had contact with. It deals with Billy's 11-year contact with Asket. Her race is called the Timars and, although they work closely with the Plejarans, their home planets originate in an entirely different universe. The name of her universe is called the Dal universe and is considered to be our twin universe, having been created at the exact same time as ours, which incidentally goes by the name of the Dern universe. The Dal universe gently nudges our universe and, through technical means, the Timars found a way to open up a gateway from one to the next without damaging the walls of either universe. In the Dal universe billions of stars and galaxies exist; only there, the star pictures are totally different.

Who are the ETs that Billy is in contact with?

For the most part, Billy's main contacts have been with the Plejarans, with the exception of Asket who, as already mentioned, comes from the Dal universe. To a lesser extent, Billy also had contacts with ETs affiliated with the Plejarans but who originate from the Lyra-Vega systems. The Plejarans and their allies form an inter-universal, interdimensional confederation of ETs whose number reaches 127 billion.

One of the functions of this cosmic alliance is to maintain peace and order throughout the entire inhabited space. For this, the Plejarans have great motherships which span up to 17 kilometers in diameter and are equipped with every imaginable technology. It was explained that in this universe, as well as in many other universes, there exists aggressive and inhumane races that seek to fight and exercise power. This, of course, needs to be prevented and, as a result, wars and the destruction of materials are inevitable. The elimination of life, however, is a last resort, for each creature needs to fulfill its evolution. (As a point of interest, it was stated that our galaxy alone is currently home to approximately 150 million civilizations and that of the 40 million races -- or, more precisely, 40,353,607 -- that were originally created in our universe, that figure now stands at 10 to the 60th power races as a result of interbreeding amongst these races.)

When describing the Plejarans, it must be mentioned that they are human beings of flesh and blood like you and me, only much more advanced than us in every way. In fact, they are about 8,000 years ahead of us technologically and about 30 million years ahead of us spiritually. Back in 1975, they were approximately 3,500 years ahead of us technically but, as a result of their high spiritual evolution, meaningful exchanges of information with other highly developed races have taken place, especially with the Timars from the Dal universe.

Such cooperation has been mutually beneficial and has led to many new scientific innovations. We, as well, could be awarded such great help, were we not prone to misusing our technical knowledge to gain a military advantage. Only when we strike a balance between our material and spiritual values and once again start living in accordance to the natural Creative laws will we be due these benefits.

Despite their high evolutionary standing, we would be foolishly mistaken to elevate them, or anyone else for that matter, to some godly super-human or ethereal saint status. They, too, make errors, and by so doing they ensure their further development. This is natural and correct, for this is how all human beings throughout the universe learn.

At the end of the 1970s, while a guest on Erra, Billy Meier made some interesting observations about their behavior. For one, they are a very harmonious and friendly people and, whether they know each other or not, they will always greet one another by placing their right hand over their chest area and nodding their head slightly forward. This is also done when departing.

Although Billy has had contact with well over a dozen ETs, his most significant contacts have been with the Plejarans: Sfath, Semjase, Quetzal and Ptaah, as well as with Asket (from the Dal universe). In recent years, Billy's main contact person has been Ptaah, although occasionally a woman named Florena will act as Ptaah's standby and will relay important information on his behalf.

As of February 1995, Billy Meier had an astounding 1,048 contacts, both of an official or unofficial nature. They took place telepathically or face-to-face and are broken down as follows: 629 telepathic contacts and 419 face-to-face contacts.

Billy's first contacts started on Feb. 3, 1942, when he was just a little boy of five years of age. They were with an aged old man named Sfath, who in actuality was Semjase's grandfather. Billy had 200 contacts with Sfath, most of which were telepathic. Sfath conveyed much spiritual information to him, both in a normal manner through conversations, as well as utilizing hypnosis-inducing devices. In addition, Sfath would occasionally bring Billy to the vicinity of Darjeeling, India, to study many disciplines with several different monks.

It was stated that by the age of seven, Billy had already reached the spiritual maturity of a 35-year-old adult. The goal was directed toward instructing and preparing Billy for his difficult mission to follow as an educator and spiritual teacher. These contacts went on for an 11-year period. Although Sfath's age was never divulged, Billy estimated that he was between 90 and 95. If we are to take into account the lifespan of a Plejaran to be approximately 1,000 years of age, it would likely be that in actuality Sfath had been between 900 and 950 years old.

Once these contacts with Sfath had been completed, Asket immediately stepped in to continue guiding Billy. This lasted from 1964 to 1975. She took Billy time-traveling so that he could examine, first hand, the truth behind certain historical events and see how they seldom agreed with the accounts of our historians today. This was necessary for Billy so that he could distinguish truth from fiction. Once again, it is interesting to note that due to the superior technology of Asket's race, Billy had the opportunity to time-travel several years before the Plejarans had developed this ability. He had a total of 279 contacts with Asket, during which time he traveled throughout Europe, Asia and Africa, covering no less than 3,500,000 km in 42 countries.

While studying meditation at the Ashoka Ashram, near New Delhi, India, Billy had the opportunity to take several photographs of Asket's ship, which have managed to survive to this day. After the contacts with Asket had terminated, there was an 11-year break where no contacts took place.

It must be mentioned here that three photos exist which, up until recently, were thought to be of Asket taken by Billy in the Dal universe. These, however, are forgeries which, in truth, depict American look-alikes of Asket and Nera. The person processing Billy's film negatives was coerced by a group calling themselves the Men In Black into fabricating these fakes for the purpose of undermining Billy's mission and attempting to expose him as a fraud at a much later date.

Billy had already been informed about these matters by Asket in 1984, but due to a serious head injury that nearly cost Billy his life two years prior, his memory had been partly damaged, resulting in that only now, because of the renewed efforts to defame Billy by Kal Korff (among others), it had become clear to the ETs that Billy recalled nothing and needed to be explained everything once again. This is when all the facts came to light. The look-alikes resemble Asket and Nera so much that, up until now, even Billy had been fooled. The fact remains that the manipulating of Billy's photographs is old hat and, to date, over 230 of them have been maliciously falsified.

On Jan. 28, 1985, contacts once again were renewed, this time with the beautiful young woman named Semjase. Although she appears to be in her mid-30s, she is approximately 350 years old (352 years old in 1998). Other than her earlobes, which are somewhat elongated and extend slightly forward, there are no anatomical differences between her and women here on Earth. As a result of her exceptional knowledge, she holds the rank of half-Ischrjsch, meaning half-queen of wisdom or half-goddess, as they were called in earlier epochs here on Earth, and which can be read about in Greek legends. This rank, however, does not signify a hierarchial system but refers to her level of spiritual evolution.

The commencement of Billy Meier's contacts with Semjase marked the start of his official mission. These contacts were put into written form and made available to the public for the very first time. Billy had the opportunity to take more than 1,000 posed photographs of various Plejaran beamships and their landing tracks, to take film and video footage of their fantastic flight maneuvers, record the sounds of their unshielded beamships, and was given several metal samples by the ETs for the specific purpose of scientific analysis. Incidentally, most of his photographs were taken in the mid-'70s before the advent of modern-day computer photo-manipulation techniques.

During their conversations, Semjase revealed to Billy many interesting facts pertaining to Earth history, the formation of our solar system, advice and warnings concerning the destruction of our environment and overpopulation, the spiritual teachings, our common ancestry, etc. There were so many topics and themes covered that they filled close to 2,800 pages.

In November 1984, Semjase suffered a cerebral collapse due to a complication resulting from an earlier life-threatening accident she had suffered at the Semjase Silver Star Center in Hinterschmidruti on Dec. 15, 1977. Semjase is currently in convalescence in the Dal universe where, as Ptaah stated, "...the complete regeneration of her brain and all Psi-powers, abilities and memories lost as a result of her collapse, will likely take 70 years or so." In the meantime, Billy cannot have any telepathic contacts with her, as no such linkage exists between the Dal and Dern universes.

From Oct. 31, 1984 until January 1986, Billy Meier had a total of 19 contacts with Ptaah, Quetzal, Taljda, Menara, Pleja, etc., but due to poor health, Billy was no longer able to write them down. On Nov. 17, 1989, contacts were officially re-established by Ptaah. Here now are brief descriptions of Ptaah and Quetzal:

Ptaah is approximately 770 years old. He has two daughters: Semjase and Pleja. His son, Jucata, is no longer alive. He is the commander of a Plejaran spacecraft fleet and holds the rank of Jschwjsch (JHWH), which means king of wisdom. As an Jschwjsch, this means that he possesses the highest possible degree of wisdom and knowledge that a person can acquire while still in a physical body. Currently he oversees two planets: Erra and Aliatides (in the system of Komen) and, up until January 1995, he was also responsible for Terra (our Earth). His task is to assist in the spiritual evolution of their inhabitants. This, however, is done solely in an advisory capacity and never as a despotic ruler, as was the case in much earlier times. Billy continues to have contacts with Ptaah three or four times per year. His last contact was June 16, 1998.

Quetzal is approximately 465 years old. He is married to four wives and has six children. During the 11-year contact period with Billy from 1975 to 1986, Quetzal served as the commander for all Plejaran stations in our Sol system. According to Billy, Quetzal possesses enormous abilities, especially in the field of technology, and has invented many useful devices for Billy and FIGU (i.e., modified Billy's typewriter and the Plejaran transmitter so that Billy would type the contact reports at an incredible rate of 1,200 strokes per minute, or 20 strokes per second, via his material subconsciousness -- typing at one minute what would usually take 23 minutes of hard physical labor). Quetzal also designed the antenna for the peace meditation pyramids. Recently, he has taken on the rank of Jschwjsch.

Be sure to read Part II in next month's Beacon, which talks about why the Plejarans chose Billy as their mediator and whether they are in contact with anyone else.

Michael Uyttebroek is a freelance writer and recording artist based out of Toronto, Canada. His investigation of the Billy Meier UFO case for the past 10 years has led him to Switzerland four times, where he had the opportunity to personally meet Billy Meier, as well as to extensively interview several key witnesses.

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