The Pat Garrett, Leigh McCracken Detective Series

by Karen Weinant Gallob


"Karen Gallob knows rural Crawford in western Colorado right down to her toenails,
and the result is this rollicking read about ladies and their deliciously gossipy neighborhood clubs,
competition over water, clueless newcomers and, of course, the little problem of murder."

-- Betsy Marston, editor of Writers on the Range, High Country News


"Karen Weinant Gallob is truly an extraordinary storyteller. While a good storyteller is able
to describe a scene and develop characters that one can imagine as real, Gallob cultivates characters
that are so well defined, so down to earth, so much like the people we all know in everyday life,
that it becomes a challenge to remember that this is only a fictional tale."

-- Nathan R. Sponseller, Raven Rumours Press, LLC, North Fork Merchant Herald


All the Bad Stuff Comes in Threes

        Could she really be expected to remember to tell her son that she had to work
her way around an annoying dead body to find her club gift? After all, the fact that
Alma remembered the gift at all should keep her friends from thinking she is getting old.

          Not your average Miss Marple, Alma's short-term memory fails her more often than not. Even so, she's learned
a thing or two in her 91 years. She knows that nothing is as important as one's reputation in the community.
Furthermore, it's clear that the bad stuff always comes in threes. As they probe this community of respectable but
water-reliant individuals, can mellow Sheriff Pat Garrett and his firecracker deputy McCracken discover the killer of
the low-life water thief found in Alma's shed?

                       ISBN 978-0-944851-27-2           5-1/2 x 8-1/2, 302 pages             Mystery / Humor, $14.95




Baby Skulls and Fowl Odors

        Sheriff Pat Garrett and Deputy Leigh McCracken had very little "sheriffing" to do in the quiet little
Colorado town of Croysant since the Beidermann murder case, but suddenly, they are confronted with a
child's bones stuffed into one of Alma's precious dolls.

          As if that isn't bad enough, next they find themselves dealing with fires, more skeletons, plus mobs of PETA people
protesting a chicken factory farm that no one seems able to locate.

          Worse yet, Jenny Threewinds might be up to no good. Garrett has never been able to admit to himself that he loves
her, and now she seems to have taken up with a handsome stranger. Garrett thinks this is just one more example of his bad
luck with women until he learns that Jenny is searching frantically for a mysterious lost doll.


Finalist (2015) in the Eric Hoffer Book Awards


                       ISBN 978-0-944851-38-8           5-1/2 x 8-1/2, 221 pages             Mystery / Humor, $11.95




                    The Climbing Dog Affair

        Curs, Curmudgeons, and Cops Confront Crime in Croissant

          It's the Dog Days of Summer ... and Sheriff Garrett should be able to leave the hit and run behind him.
He has no hard evidence that the truck seen by the Black Widders swerved intentionally to hit the animal, or attempted
to hit the woman. The injured sheepdog has been successfully treated by the new vet. In fact, he has deposited the new
vet and her precocious little daughter at the Peaseford Veterinary Clinic with old Doc Clary. Sure, Doc has that notoriously
cold and unfriendly wife, Annabelle, who, it is rumored, hates dogs, but that’s just gossip. She has never been known to hurt
anything. All is well, isn’t it?

No, it isn’t. Garrett tells Deputy McCracken that he is hounded by doubt. He fears that the hit and run is a harbinger of more
trouble to come. This year Croysant is the site of a hostile political campaign. He worries. Strange things happen in Croysant. After all, this is the town
where the cow dog lives, the one who climbs trees.

ISBN 978-0-944851-46-3

5-1/2 x 8-1/2, 220 pages

Mystery / Humor, $14.95



        Hidden Treasure (or) Where Is Jesus?

        Fourth novel in the Pat Garrett / Leigh McCracken Detective Series

          So. Are you really the kind of person who wants to know the gruesome place where they found the body, who found it, who put it there and why?

         You're going to have to read the book to get your questions answered. This is not the place to do spoilers and tell you whether or not that corpse was the ICE agent, or tip you off about why the other murder happened.

         You'll just have to be like Sheriff Garrett and meet some of the neighbors and cowboy up for whatever it takes to deal with this mess.

ISBN 978-0-944851-57-9

5-1/2 x 8-1/2, 263 pages

Mystery / Humor, $14.00




Spiritual Nourishment


Volume VIII

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