Night of the White Raven

by Ethan Miller


Danger, death and the unknown stalk two brave young mountain men, yet never far away is the spectral eerie presence of a mysterious White Bird.

He left his home in Pennsylvania at the age of 15, accompanied by his old Indian friend, Mr. Joe. When he reached Starved Rock that fall of 1818, he'd already killed three men.

Finding refuge in a blacksmith's stable, young Nathan saved every penny he earned to make his way West.

At 17, he set out with his partner, a runaway slave, in their quest for beaver and a life of freedom in the untamed West.


ISBN 978-0-944851-24-1   June 2006



About the Author

Ethan Miller worked at Ford Motor Co.'s stamping plant in Walton Hills near Cleveland, Ohio, for more than 31 years. Retiring in 1986, he continued to call Ravenna, Ohio, his home, but ventured to the Southwest for 10 winters, and spent several summers as a volunteer campground host at McClure Campground for the USFS in western Colorado. After 17 years in the West, he relocated to southeastern Ohio with his wife, Ann Miller, and their dog, Ranger. He made his transition in September 2008. He leaves two sons and three grandchildren, all living in Ohio.

Return of the White Raven
(the sequel) will be in print sometime in 2022.


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Spiritual Nourishment

“Your Ascension Menu”

Volume VIII
Summer 2021


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