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ETs land in woods in western Colorado

UFO Report from Davina Ryszka,
UFO Investigator

EDITOR'S NOTE: The following reports are from incidents during the last half of 1999. The last report, about a possible alien encounter with multiple witnesses that includes physical evidence, is especially startling.

Low-Flying Unidentified Craft

July 29, 1999, between Olathe and Delta, Colo., 9:40 p.m. Four witnesses in vehicle

The witnesses were in a car heading toward Delta and were near the lumber mill when to the north and slightly to the right of the highway ahead of them there appeared some very bright lights. It appeared to be coming toward them. They were traveling approximately 60 mph. This object seemed very large (the size of a 747) and unusually low. It definitely had the witnesses' attention at this point. It was too dark to determine shape, but there was a red light on the left and a green light on the right. The bright white lights strobed. The lights crossed the road in front of them and was then on their left to the west of the highway when it passed them. It was very low, they estimated at only 200 feet, but heard no sound at all. The strangest part to this sighting for the witnesses is that the lights moved very slow. They were able to watch it a long time after it passed and the driver was able to see it in his rear-view mirror for quite sometime.

When you consider the light configuration, this would fit as being a normal aircraft, but the witnesses felt that there was something not right about what they saw and find it hard to believe it was a normal aircraft. The size, lack of sound, the low altitude, and slow movement is what surprised them.

**Courtesy of Jane S. Cartwright/UFO Researcher/Investigator, Crawford, Colo.

False eclipsed moon

Aug. 15, 1999, Montrose, Colo., 9-10:00 p.m. Three-plus witnesses

This sighting involved a large light in the western sky that somewhat resembled an eclipse. At first they thought it might be the moon, but the moon was behind them in the eastern sky. It looked like a big ring of light, was orange and was partly hidden under or behind something. They were looking toward Moab.

The home where this sighting took place is approximately 3 1/2 miles to the east of Montrose, at a little higher elevation, which provides for a view out to the west that is very good. This light that lit up the sky seemed to fold over itself and then form a triangle and blacked out instantly, just above the horizon. There were no clouds in what was a clear sky.

The same witnesses reported that another sighting similar to this took place again a month later, again on a Sunday evening. A few of us from the UFO Study Group in Delta went on a skywatch a month later (on a Sunday evening) on the chance that this event might reoccur. It did not.

**Courtesy of Polly Cady, Denver, Colo.

Red and blue light show

Late August 1999, Delta, Colo., 9-10:00 p.m.

One adult witness and several children watched red and blue lights that were fairly high in the sky and would remain stationary for sometime, then move to another location and remain stationary again. The adult witness said this was not like any aircraft she had seen, and noted that the lights stayed stationary for a period of time before moving again. The sighting lasted 45 minutes to one hour when, at that point, the lights just disappeared.

'Spider web' in the sky

Mid-August 1999, Grand Junction-Montrose, Colo., 8:00-10:00 p.m.

This sighting is interesting because it involves three sets of witnesses at three separate locations. I received a call from the first witness, who lived in Montrose at the time. She was observing multiple lights in the sky to the west of Montrose. These lights were multi-colored and moved back and forth in just one area, not traveling as aircraft would in a straight path from horizon to horizon as the airliners do. She contacted another witness that lived a few blocks away and she began to observe the lights through her telescope. She described what appeared to her to be a "spider web" in the sky that was created by the movement and positioning of the lights in the sky.

I found this very interesting as this sounded very similar to another report I had received three years ago by witnesses west of Delta, where they described small, fast-moving lights creating a "net" in the sky, by their positions and equal distances in the sky. These objects/lights were also described as multi-colored. As I was preparing (gathering cameras/binoculars, etc.) to drive to Montrose, I received another call from a family that had just traveled from Grand Junction to the town of Olathe. They also had observed multi-colored lights (to the west of Highway 50, which basically goes from north to south), from about 20 miles south of Grand Junction, until driving through Delta, when they could no longer see them. But once they were outside and south of Delta, driving on to Olathe, they were able to see them again. They observed them all the way to their home in Olathe, where they watched until, one by one, they disappeared.

A friend and I drove to Olathe soon after, but by the time we got there the lights were gone. We interviewed the witnesses and then drove a road west of Olathe back to Delta, where we thought we would have a better chance of seeing anything should they reappear.

Large noisy aircraft

Late August 1999, Cedaredge, Colo. Multi-witnesses

During late morning, a large noisy aircraft flew at tree-top level over Cedaredge. It made two passes and brought all the neighbors out into the streets to observe. The witness that reported this to me said the plane was huge and had four engines on each wing and was deafeningly loud. I researched some aircraft and found that probably there might have been two engines per wing and possible outer pods or fuel tanks that may have looked like engines. This was just unusual in the fact that this plane was flying so low over a populated area, and making two passes. It possibly may have been a tanker flying to a fire somewhere, but the question is why would it buzz a town? There were no fires in the area of Cedaredge at the time. One aircraft I found having more than two engines on the wing is an older aircraft B-36, which had three engines per wing and face the opposite direction, but the witness of the plane said the body of the plane was huge, more like a big cargo plane.

UFO occupants land in woods

Starting Aug. 28, 1999. Multiple Event one hour from Montrose. Multiple Witness, Cimarron area. UFO/beings/ occupants. Physical manipulation (first of several unusual events)

Wooded mountain area: The first incident reported was by one witness that arrived at cabin around 10:00-10:30 p.m. It had been raining some, but clouds were clearing and the moon and stars could be seen. He noticed a reddish-orange half-moon shaped glow to the northwest of his position, beyond a ridge. Concerned that this could be a forest fire, he jumped into his truck and drove the road toward the area of the glow, but once he got there, there was absolutely nothing which really surprised him. He felt certain that he had driven straight to the area of the glow. He said at this point he got a really weird feeling and drove back to the cabin, where he tried to call his wife in Montrose on the cell phone. He attempted to call four or five times. The cell phone would not work. This also was odd. When he finally got his wife, he could hear her somewhat, but she could not hear him at all. This was strange to him as the cell phone always worked excellent from there (elevation 9,000 feet).

One week later: Same location after dark: In the cabin were two adults and children and four persons were in a camper parked nearby. The first sign of anything unusual was a strobe light that was seen in the sky by those in the camper. They watched the strobe come closer, where they could also see red, yellow and green lights. The lights came down through the trees and rested in an area not far from them. At this point all the lights began to stop motion. The bright strobe no longer flashed and the lights at this point no longer flashed but stayed constant and did not change. They all were peering out the window to see what was going on. Other lights were noted in the sky also at this time. The next thing seen was a series of blue lights that began moving away or emerging from the stationary lights and were going toward the cabin. As they watched this from the camper, they noted that in the glow of each blue light appeared to be a small person, approximately four feet tall. They appeared to kind of have a glow to them, all of them looked alike, and were skinny. There appeared to be a white area on their backsides. One stopped in front of the cabin and one went behind the cabin and appeared to be kneeling down, digging in the dirt. There even seemed to be a blue light glowing from within the cabin. In just a few short minutes, the blue lights were now coming toward the camper.

This was the beginning of a terror-filled night with many unexplained events. At least to the primary witness, it seemed to last the whole of the night. Two of the short beings flashed very bright white lights toward the camper, making it hard for them to see what they were doing. It seemed to them that a covering or tent had been placed over their camper somehow, because everything went darker inside the camper and all around the outside of the camper as well. It was harder to see what was going on outside. From then on, the others in the camper, including himself, would fall asleep and then awaken in fear to the unusual events happening around them, only to fall asleep again. He remembered hearing them walking in the grass around the camper and could hear elk bugling in the distance. The elk would seem to bugle more at times when the lights were the most intense. He could hear faint sounds of talking.

When he was the most petrified, he could not see nor could he think or even move or be able to do anything. At times he heard noises on the roof of the camper as well as underneath. At one point the whole camper was lifted up. His bed was in the higher part of the camper and he was amazed to see the tops of their heads go by the windows, always flashing him with light or moving so quickly that he could not get a good look at them. They had large black eyes and, when they went by the window, all he could see was the top half of their eyes. They had to be up at seven feet, the height of upper windows on the camper. He got the impression that they were trying not to frighten him as bad by trying not to be seen as much as possible, as they tried to keep hidden and would go by the windows real fast.

One time he tried to open the door real fast and was unable to catch a glimpse of them. His peripheral vision allowed him to see them better. He would fall asleep only to be awakened by something probing him. They came from up through the floor and down through the ceiling. He remembered his heart racing so tremendously fast that he attempted several times to take his own pulse. Something came up through the bottom of the floor that poked his foot. Something was placed over his throat and in his face. Something was also controlling his breathing. He remembers seeing a 6" long probe of some kind. At different times he would try to rouse the others, who were asleep, but was unsuccessful. He mentioned that one of his friends was "a light sleeper and couldn't understand how it was that he was sleeping through all of this." One time, when he looked out the window, he observed one of the small beings with a blue light float up and go through the rolled-up window of the pickup truck and enter on the passenger side.

Morning finally came and physical evidence was noted. First, there were many paths in the grass. The inside of the truck looked as though it had been dusted and cleaned, "as though it had been wiped down." The primary witness had poke marks and a rash on his left foot, like he had walked on lots of stickers. A circular mark was found on the inside of his index finger and, when he looked in the mirror, he found small holes poked into both eyes. I plan to interview this person again for even more detail.

They have since had another encounter at their own home and I will be doing another report on this event. To thwart any more activity, they have placed audio recording equipment, cameras and other equipment (to be able to use at a moment's notice), and the Bible around in their home. Since that time they have had no further occurrences.

**Courtesy of Dennis Vanderwist

***Just a note on another odd occurrence on this property in the Cimarron area: One, the property owner noted that his cattle that graze on the 120 acres there, have, during this last fall, stayed very low on the property, when normally they have been up high. Also, in the past six months there were three separate times when cattle or elk were discovered dead from unknown causes.

Davina Ryszka lives in Delta, Colorado. You can reach her by e-mail at

Telephone: 970/874-8679

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