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Love and Light Conference an awesome event

Linda Wilson, Cindy Marzonie and Daniel Nichols

Linda Zoe Wilson, Cindy Marzonie and
Daniel Nichols (Ann Ulrich photo)

Report by Ann Ulrich

I have one word to describe this year's Love and Light Conference: AWESOME. It really was an unforgettable experience. The conference took place the weekend of Aug. 25-27 in Hotchkiss, Colo., and with all the promotion and advertising, I was disappointed on Friday because it looked like we would again have a low attendance. In fact, things were so slow on Friday that I felt bummed out. I felt sorry for those vendors who didn't have the flocks coming to buy from their tables. I was concerned that I had talked so many wonderful speakers into traveling such a long distance to speak, only to have nobody there to listen.

Carol Brideson and Gail Kamienski
Carol Brideson converses
with Gail Kamienski

However, by Saturday afternoon, things started to pick up. Not by the number of people... No, in fact, my count was about 70 people in all... but the quality of what was given and received at this conference was what made it the awesome event that it turned out to be.

Friday morning, John Robert Feather gave his talk on "New Perfect Health Vibrations." He was just as loving and joyful as last year, and seemed to be having such a good time talking with everyone. What a light he is! One morning I took his picture with Linda Wallace, who has a digital camera, and I couldn't get John's head to come into focus. I thought something was wrong with the camera at first. John's head was submerged in bright white light. It was the most bizarre phenomenon. Every picture that was taken of him with Linda's camera showed him with white light drowning out his face. The camera was picking up his aura.

Because Polly Cady was late for her talk, which was scheduled early Friday afternoon, I had Linda Zoe Wilson, a massage therapist who does Huna Kane body mapping, fill in. She demonstrated an alignment and explained what her therapy was all about and how she had gotten into it. I ended up taking her workshop Saturday morning and then got an hour's body mapping done by her later, which was wonderful!

Marie Yeager and Honey Lee French

Marie Yeager and
Honey Lee French

Fred Pulver, who was going to talk on Yin/Yang, Macrobiotics and the Order of the Universe, was also late for his talk, so we rescheduled him for noon on Saturday. Polly arrived with her friend, Cal Reid, a wonderful person who sells the Black Salve, a Lakota herb remedy that cures cancer. Cal had cancer really bad a year or so again. He had only two weeks to two months to live and started taking the Black Salve, which he got from a Lakota medicine person. It cured him, so now he prepares and markets the salve for a living. It is good for a number of ailments, including cleansing of the lymph system, AIDS, etc.

Friday night was Aluna Joy Yaxk'in, one of our world-renowned speakers. Aluna gave a slide show from Peru and the Andes, where she makes pilgrimages with people. It was very interesting and she is an excellent speaker.

We finished Friday evening with a special guided meditation led by Arda Golden Eagle Woman and myself, to the music of Herb Ernst's "Dreamflight." We had candles in the darkened room and it was a beautiful, relaxing experience, the perfect way to end the first day.

Saturday morning after workshops, Michael Brill, the numerologist, gave his talk on "The Origin of God, the Universe and All Matter," and then we had more workshops before Linda Wallace presented "An Intuitive, Angelic Experience." The room was packed with people and Linda went around and told everyone how many angels they had with them that day and who was the spokesman for the group. She was extremely entertaining and funny. When she came to me, it was quite an unexpected surprise. I was quite impressed with what she picked up. Of course, all the talks were taped and copies are available at a low cost.

We had a catered barbecue Saturday at Zack's Park, which was delicious.

Ann Ulrich, John Robert Feather, Arda Golden Eagle Woman
Ann Ulrich, John Robert Feather
and Arda Golden Eagle Woman

That evening Lilian Mustelier gave her talk on "A Person of High Strangeness." Lilian came to the conference last year and we were so happy she was able to come to it again this year, bringing with her Monica Smith and her husband. Monica is a channel and was very helpful to Sanni, our extraterrestrial friend whom we moved to Paonia in June. Lilian was very interesting, as always.

After Lilian's talk, Ken Brin spoke on some of the devices he has created out of wood and gems to work with the energies in our bodies. Ken, an ex-Roman Catholic priest, is a fascinating speaker and interacted with the audience in demonstrating his devices. At the end of his talk, he got everybody lined up and cleared out all our negative energies.

Polly Cady

Polly Cady

Sunday morning we were awaiting the arrival of Standing Elk, the Lakota spiritual leader from Marty, S.D., who was supposed to have arrived on Saturday. Valerie Benson had been unable to come to the conference to speak, so in her place I asked Standing Elk. I was afraid he wouldn't come due to car trouble he was having, though he had told me in his e-mail: "I will be there." He traveled 932 miles one way and didn't have anyone to help him with the driving. He was supposed to talk at 11:00 Sunday morning, but when it was obvious he wasn't going to be there then, I had Polly give her talk. Polly Cady, a handwriting analyst and dowser, is one of the most entertaining speakers I've ever met. She is really delightful, and talked about how she got to be Polly. Everyone loved it.

Michael Brill and Allison Rae
SHARING: Michael Brill and
Allison Rae

Then, around noon, in walked Standing Elk. Sanni (Marcy as we now call her) came right up to him and began telling him about herself and how her grandmother (who was a Cherokee and the only living relative to love her) had directed her to meet him. Standing Elk was very patient with Sanni and listened and nodded his head. Later, when we asked him about her, he told us she really is who she claims to be. But there is more to the story...

Standing Elk gave his presentation on the "Universal Laws and Spiritual Laws of Creator," disclosing once again the hieroglyphic symbols from a ship that crashed at Roswell in 1947. I is interesting to note that there were symbols found on wreckage from at least three different extraterrestrial races, one of which were Reticulan (Sanni's background). And then we had the last workshops, which didn't get started until 3:30. The conference was supposed to be over at 3:30, but it went over. By then most the people had cleared out and we were starting to take things down. Our friend, Joy MacNulty of Paonia, invited Standing Elk and those of us who were left at the conference, to go to supper at the West Elk Inn for buffalo. We left the tables, locked the doors, and went. We had a very enjoyable meal and Joy asked Standing Elk many questions. It was very interesting.

Ron Quinn, Marcy Beckwith and Bonnie Quinn

Ron Quinn, Marcy Beckwith
and Bonnie Quinn

During supper, Standing Elk turned to me and said, "Later we will go to your place and have ceremony." He said he wanted Marcy to be there. He wanted to do a grounding ritual for her. So we decided to go back to the hall, take down all the tables, put away all the chairs and pack up everything, then meet on Stucker Mesa at 9:30. When we got to the hall, the tables had all been put away and all the chairs! Apparently the janitors had come and done it for us, which was a good thing because then we had enough time.

All I can say about the rest of the evening is that it was one of the most awesome experiences I've ever witnessed. First I drove Standing Elk to the motel and checked him in for Sunday night. Standing Elk, you've got to understand, is a celebrity, widely known across the country as one of the leading Native American spiritual leaders. He does the Star Knowledge conferences and his next one is in Miami on Nov. 11 (11:11). I now joke to people that "I took Standing Elk to a motel!"

Standing Elk
Standing Elk

Standing Elk set up his video camera and taped Marcy, who sat cross-legged on the floor in front of him. He got out his eagle feathers and sacred stone and they began the ceremony. Standing Elk always sings in his native tongue when he begins and ends a ceremony or a talk. It was quite wonderful to listen to him. We felt deeply honored to have this happening in our humble home.

Marcy almost immediately went into trance and began channeling with Kinyheo coming through first. Kinyheo is her grandfather, who is always with her and guides her; he is Essossanie. Marcy would channel, and then Standing Elk would sing between channelings to ground her. This went on for almost two hours. Marcy must have channeled about eight different times. She was speaking in a different language, which at times was Lakota and at times Pleiadian. I knew it was Pleiadian because she has writings (hieroglyphs) that she has read to us out loud and I recognized the syllables. I also recognized some of the Lakota language, and Standing Elk told her afterwards that it was Lakota she had spoken part of the time.

Marcy Beckwith and Ken Spencer

Marcellina Beckwith and Ken Spencer

You must bear in mind that Marcy does not remember what occurs when she goes into trance. Her messages were about the earth changes and the dire sadness of the mountains around our area for what is happening with the mining and the pollution and the overpopulation. It was very moving. I thought it would never end, and I was getting as tired as I was fascinated. Finally, she was through and exhausted, and Standing Elk closed the ceremony by passing around the peace pipe.

So our conference ended up at around 1:00 in the morning! Someone drove Marcy home and I made up the beds for the people who were staying, all of whom I had come to know quite well and feel such a deep connection to. I've got to say that everyone who came to this year's conference was full of such love and light. On the last day, as we were breaking up, we were hugging and crying and the energy was so high and beautiful, nobody really wanted to leave! There was not one negative person there. And many people came up to me and said what a wonderful thing it had been. Nobody berated me for the lack of people. One person told me he had had the best time of his life.

Linda Wallace AND John Robert Feather
Linda Wallace and
John Robert Feather

Monday I had to get up early to drive to Montrose to take back the lectern and speaker. I was still not "back to earth" and experienced some interesting phenomena to do with time. When I was walking to the house from the camper that morning at sunrise, I heard with my own ears the voice of Standing Elk singing from down in the valley, like he had the night before! It was quite amazing. I'd never had anything like that happen before. He had, of course by then, left to go back to South Dakota. When I made it into work, I was not all there, so only stayed two hours and then left for my massage appointment with Linda Wilson. The whole day we were feeling spacy and unable to break the spell.

This year's conference was certainly a wonderful experience. I may have lost money putting it on, but believe me, it was well worth it! And even though I was convinced Friday that I would not do this again, we are talking about how next year's conference will be. Maybe more of a retreat? Anyway, I've vowed I will delegate more help next year. And we may hold it earlier in the year.

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