Sample article from the June 2001 Star Beacon

Crystals of Light

By Arda Golden Eagle Woman

Arda Golden Eagle Woman


I was asked in a letter what is real and what isn't. We all have our own reality, which may not be real to someone else. Thus, with this question in mind, I asked Spirit of The Light in whatever form It chose to come in for clarification. This is what I received:

"All realities are real. However, it takes agreement to make it an actuality. In other words, you each have your own reality and they may vary as to being the actual scenario.

"When Jesus said, 'Where two or more are gathered in My name,' etc., is a wonderful example of how powerful group agreement can be. So if a group comes together in complete and total agreement, with no separation, which is usually created by ego through doubt, fear and thinking, one knows more or is better than the other, then reality becomes actuality. When this occurs, then manifestation takes place and it becomes more dense, more solid something you can see, feel, touch."

Then I asked: "Is that why we have trouble manifesting what we wish to manifest, because of separation?" The reply came quickly:

"Yes, everyone on Planet Earth is so busy trying to be and do and have for themselves that they never recognize this lack of group agreement is the very thing that keeps them from manifesting. It takes a very powerful being to rise above the mass consciousness and manifest whatever they wish. This is due to the separation instead of integration. By the way, being able to manifest what you want, whenever you wish to, is true abundance.

"Sometimes a person will bring forth certain thoughts and will see it come to fruition. This is more like a numbers game you throw the dice and sometimes you are lucky.

"However, true mastership of manifesting would be throwing the dice and coming up a winner every time. This is, shall I say, highly improbable, due to the separation and lack of agreement on your planet.

"In order to be a Master of Manifesting, there must be group agreement not unlike a mind-meld of those around you. In other words, a joining together of heart, mind and soul. You then act as one when manifesting.

"So the first step in accomplishing this is to get your own house in order, i.e. all of your individual bodies, vibrating in total agreement, all the time, in the high love vibration. Then, when others with whom you are in close contact are also vibrating on or near the same level, magical things occur. You are operating as one in thought, deed and action. You, then, literally, will be able to move mountains.

"So you see, my children, although you have come a long ways, there is still much to be accomplished.

"I leave you in the Light and Love of THE GREAT CREATOR manifestor of all life.


Arda Golden Eagle Woman lives in Cedaredge, Colorado, where she gives awakenings.

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