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Arda Golden Eagle Woman

By Arda Golden Eagle Woman

The Winds of Change

My Beloved Ones,

The winds of change are bringing forth the worst and the best, thus allowing the Polarities to integrate as judgment and fear dissolves and turns to light.

All is not as it appears at this time, for much, which has been hidden, is now being made known.

Many have foretold that the "last days" are now upon you. This, in one sense, is true. However, it also is not as has been predicted as being "the end of the world." True, there will be traumatic and catastrophic experiences for those who are still unawake to walk through and experience -- a shaking up to awaken those who are sleepwalking, so they may become aware that they do have choices and are not victims. Nobody need buy into Illusionís messages of DOOM AND ALL IS LOST.

Of course, there will be catastrophes, etc., as the old gives way to the new. The Dark of the Light is now rising up, making itself known in ways that most of you smugly felt would never happen. Use this as a wake-up call and be thankful for its message.

Judge not the scenarios and those who are instigators of the deeds, for they are, in their own way, reflecting to those who are still sitting on the fence to choose what they wish to experience. Each of you are being given those choices.

THERE ARE NO VICTIMS and you each have Free Will to either sink into judgment, fear hate and retaliation, or to rise above the Illusion, using your compassion, forgiveness and love, thus lighting the way for those who can only see the darkness.

As I told this channel some time ago, THE DARK FORCES ARE ONCE MORE GATHERING FOR THEIR LAST STAND AGAINST THE LIGHT. MAKE READY! And now that time is upon you -- are you ready?

Are you ready to don your Cloak of Light, to carry your Banner of Truth as you wield your Sword of Love and Compassion and to walk among those who are cowering in fear and judgment without taking on their negative victimhood?

This is your choice. This is the reason you are here at this time, to uphold and carry forth the Light, so all may see that The Divine Plan is in place and is unfolding as The Great I AM decreed.

YOU ARE NEVER ALONE, unless you so choose, for WE ARE ONE IN THE LIGHT and in this Light there is no darkness.

I leave you with this final message: YOU ARE THE POWER, YOU ARE THE LIGHT, YOU ARE THE LOVE -- USE IT!

Oct. 7, 2001

Arda Golden Eagle Woman offers Awakenings from her home in Cedaredge, Colorado. To arrange an Awakening, call her at 970/856-3090.

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