Sample article from the January 2001 Star Beacon

Real Dream Stories

by Gold Sun Eagle and the Butterfly Clan

A lot of us have American Indian guides helping us every day. Some of us may not be aware or open to them, because they live in the spirit world and are here to help us, as they tried when they walked the earth. I am Gold Sun Eagle and have been flying in my dreams as long as I remember, and can truly tell you I know exactly how it feels. My dreams are never scary or "bad"; they are beautiful, cosmic, in color, and always among friends and children.

My guides gave me the spring name of "Gold Sun Eagle." I am a female on thi s Earth now. I was born in early spring, when the first flower bulbs were pushing up through the soil. I am a star child as well as my four beautiful children. I will introduce them to you.

My first son was born two months premature and weighed 2 lbs. at birth. He was given the name "Little Bear" by his Cherokee godmother. She was known as the "Bodega Goat Lady." When I was in high school, I learned everything one could learn about raising dairy goats. I had many Saanen goat herds, and raised all my children on this wonderful, healthy drink. A "praying mantis" came into the hospital and told me my baby would live, and I then knew he was protected. I was 19 years old and went to a class to learn how to bring my milk back. My newborn son was put into an incubator until he was 5 lbs. Then I could take him home. I nursed him and got him off formula within three days and included goat's milk. He grew from 2 lbs. to a strong and special man of 27 years.

Next came a daughter. My husband, "Gentle Bear," and I had no electricity or running water, and while we were building a log cabin we lived in a large army tent in the Northern California mountains. Gentle Bear built a kitchen and added it to the tent. The night of my daughter's birth in early December was dark and cold in the Trinity Alps. There was no full moon that night. There was a window that Gentle Bear had put in right across from me, and an old wood cook stove and a couple of candles were our only light and heat.

During my 2 -hour labor, as if by magic, a star I was looking at got larger and larger, brighter and brighter, and moved closer and closer to the window across from me. Then, as my baby was coming into this world, a beam of light and warmth shone right through the window and onto my baby and me, on the floor, on pillows.

I was so involved with my baby coming, I didn't think much about it until my baby, "Butterfly," was born. Then the beam vanished into thin air, and the same star was out the window, but it was far away again. Gentle Bear and I cried and cried. We knew no one would ever believe us. But we knew.

Butterfly was raised on breast milk and goat's milk from our beautiful Saanen goat herd. She is now 25 years old and has had many very incredible star experiences.

A few years later came my second and last daughter, "White Dove," who has always looked like an Egyptian goddess. Angels came and told her father that her birth was coming and he ran up a five-mile mountain to find his beautiful daughter coming into this world. The old farmhouse had no electricity nor running water. A long-lost friend happened to come visit, and had known nothing of this birth. I called her "Angel Girl" as she helped with cleaning, food and support. It was another 2 -hour birth as I squatted on the floor, Indian style.

Last, but not least, came my last son, a loving child. His chosen name was "Cave Lion." He still remembers playing under the bed covers - "Cave Lion." We would play I was the mama lion and the the cub. We would whine, growl and snuggle. He was born a strong, healthy star child, with whom a porcupine came and kept me company in the log cabin on Basalt Mountain in Colorado. The porcupine stayed until the birth was over and talked to me. The midwife made it after my son was born. My children were and will always be my very best friends.

Now that I've introduced you to my star children, here are the dreams I've promised to tell. You all know the star child "Sanni," or Marcellina Beckwith. Her Cherokee grandmother gave her the Indian name "White Buffalo Medicine Calf Woman." Her beautiful star stories are as sacred as the stars themselves. When loving Ann and Star Hawk moved her here, my children and I could not wait to go talk to her and meet her.

My daughters and I went to see her and we felt very close to her. Tears flowed like rain as we felt we knew her from somewhere. She became very close to Butterfly and White Dove, and then Butterfly had a dream at night on Oct. 4, 2000 - a very real-like dream, as always - that she was on a UFO again and was walking down a hall with two Gray beings escorting her. As she turned to look in a room, there was White Buffalo Medicine Calf Woman in her Gray form. Butterfly knew it was her. The same evening, Marcy had the exact same dream and recalled seeing Butterfly turn and look at her while walking down the ship.

The next day they talked of this strange and powerful dream. One week later, I, Gold Sun Eagle, had a very real dream at night. I was in a large house, which I now think must have been a ship, and walked down a flight of stairs to a basement. There were others there. But as I turned my attention toward an area in the basement, where the cement floor was missing, around a 10 x 10 rectangle of dirt, all of a sudden something started breaking through the floor and was coming out of the earth.

Two heads appeared, then whole bodies as if they were on an elevator. I remember thinking it was so strange that not a single piece of dirt clung to them. There in front of me stood two Grays - they looked just the same. I reached out my hand and shook hands with one of them, my right hand. I realized she was White Buffalo Medicine Calf Woman. I was so happy to see her and I was not afraid.

I could not wait to tell her of my dream. The next day she told me she had had the same dream and remembered all of it, even before I told her. We both had warm, funny feelings when we talked about the dream.

I leave you now with this, dear sisters and brothers. There is a beautiful hidden story that is due to be told to everyone - an awakening happening now all around you - whether you believe it or not. We must not be afraid of the unknown, but look into the eyes of our angels and spirit guides with no fear and no shame - only trust and love that shall set all of us free again to fly -- with no boundaries.

Truth in the light,
Gold Sun Eagle and the Butterfly Clan

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I want to thank Fred Pulver. He's been my teacher and friend for many moons. Thank you, Fred, the Macro Man!

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