Sample article from the April 2001 Star Beacon

California psychic gives reading for lightworkers

by Linda Maupin

EDITOR'S NOTE: The following channeling comes through Linda Maupin of Los Gatos, California.

We see much going on in the energy bodies today!

Many of you are witnessing earth changes and are feeling low on energy or under the weather. If you had a deeper understanding of what is happening on the cellular level of your bodies and your dear Mother Earth's body, you would rejoice that you are not flat on your backs!

Do not let this become a time of desperation for you. You hear much in the news about violence, hopelessness, and despair. It is true that there are those things around, but try to make an effort to distance yourselves from the unpleasant feelings they cause.

First let us say that we understand that it is lightworkers who are reading these words. You already have a deep sensitivity and understanding. When people of your sensitivity hear about this kind of violence, and you IDENTIFY with it, it allows a kind of tearing in your emotional field. This is not necessary as it begins a process of over-emotionalism which is harmful for you.

It, in essence, causes a paralysis and feeling of hopelessness which is so unnecessary. We would like to ask you to keep your awareness of your own emotions as you read the newspaper and watch the news. Have a part of yourself that is always observing yourself.

Watch the different emotions you are feeling as you become a witness to the terror, and violence. You may begin to realize it damages you also.

If this is the case, you need a way to distance yourself from what you witness and hear and see. Know that we are all in the Play of Life, playing out our roles to the betterment of ourselves and others.

Many of the lightworkers are abhorred at what is happening here. Remember that you came here to facilitate the evolvement of mankind at this time.

Many of you are not from this place in time. Earth creatures seem like alien beings. You are to assist in their evolvement as well as was your mission.

In not identifying with the horrors you see around you, your energy is freed up to affect some kind of change. Some of you are put in strategic places to anchor the new energy. Some are put in positions to shift the consciousness of children.

Some must be in isolated places just to tolerate this place. Some of you send angels to places where they are needed. Some of you are Love Beamers ... you are extremely good at sending the vibration of love where it is needed.

Some of you are visionaries and are able to take what you do not like and begin to create the opposite vision in your mind ... thus drawing it into the fourth dimension.

Many of you are physical healers. Some of you know how to heal the emotional bodies of lightworkers.

Most of us have more than one of these jobs.

When we don't identify with the horrendous things going on around us, we free up much creative energy to use in any way we wish.

It can be helpful to concentrate on what is good, on what is working, and on how we can help others.

It is time to spend extra care on our own bodies. We need more rest, more water and lighter foods. This will help the emotional body immensely.

What we concentrate on grows, so keep your eye on the prize!

In love and Light

Linda Maupin may be reached by e-mail at

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