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Chupacabras sightings on the increase

Dear Ann,

Kindly permit me to share with you, and with those about you who are UFO researchers, regarding the return of the Chupacabras. Reports emanating from the Calamas region of Chile for the past six months have become quite disturbing. These rampant attacks are similar to those in Puerto Rico during the years of (about) 1995 to 1998. I have not received any psychic messages yet of any foretelling of future events, although logic dictates that by midsummer of this year we will be reading that ranchers and farmers of this most northern region of Chile will be evacuating their homesteads.

Such fleeing will be due to economics and for fear of their lives. As of this writing, approximately 5,000 head of livestock, dogs, cats, fowl of all manner, have been killed by the Chupacabras (Spanish for goatsucker). Said attacks are taking place in Argentina and Brazil, and so varied that they now label them as Blood Predators.

Five or six years ago, I gave talks about this phenomenon while still residing in Hartford, Conn. There is a large contingent of folks there from Puerto Rico; hence, the Hartford Courant ran articles about this unfolding story for several years. That was how I became aware of it. Nowadays I am on Internet.

So, pardon my sense of urgency. I suggest the following Web sites for your perusal, and also for anyone in your area who is into UFO research: (once you have gone down his list, kindly go into his archives); UFO.Roundup; fl/ufomiami/index.html;

Puerto Rico, back then, was not alone. Miami, Fla., southwestern Texas, southern portions of Mexico, and a couple of countries in Central America had attacks. Then, nothing! It all stopped! Now it has begun again.

And again, there are UFO sightings in the immediate areas of these creatures being seen and, on occasion, fought against by the farmers protecting their families, livestock and pet animals.

I am sorry to come up with this bizarre topic, especially if you are not conversant with it at all. It is such a powerful component in the field of South American ufology that they now have a new category for some researchers: UFO/ Chupacabras Research.

Kindly accept this: Several years before the Roswell crash, in July 1947, there were established UFO groups in Brazil. Established, organized groups that went into the field, sometimes the jungles, to investigate sightings.

So please take some time and go to Jeff Renseís site first. Pluck out those headlines relating to Chupacabras/ Chile/Calama Region. Ascertain for yourself, if you want to pass along this information. Itís quite possible there may be someone who can even possibly put together a talk on this topic in August.

Bill Winkler, Star Gate Opener
Pueblo, Colorado

Bill Winkler ("Mr. Bill") is the Director of UFO Connections in Pueblo, Colo. He retired from the Connecticut Judicial Court System as a court stenographer several years ago. He may be reached by telephone (719/547-2827) or by e-mail at

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