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Christamaria prepares for new spiritual community in Virginia’s Kether Valley

Christine Davidson

EDITOR’S NOTE: Through Star Beacon reader Robert Paul Jones of West Virginia, I came in contact with Christine Davidson of North Tazewell, Va., who sent me this letter:

“Jesus Christ Sananda and my extraterrestrial contact, Dr. Kylon Rodamren Zaner, urged me to send you a channeling I did with Sananda. Therefore, I am sending it. I am not an artist, but I have sketched the appearances of several of the extraterrestrials I have contact with. I can talk with all of them by telepathy. I have a great relationship with the Ets, and I have never felt abused. I feel I agreed to work with them before I incarnated as Christine Davidson. Dr. Zaner has told me I have several implants which he put in himself.

“Last week I went to a foot doctor. She x-rayed my feet and showed me the x-rays. After she pointed out that I have bunions, callouses and heel spurs, she pointed to what she called a foreign object, like a BB shot. I knew this to be an implant, which I couldn’t tell her about. Dr. Zaner verified it to be an implant.

“Ann, I just felt I would like to share my life story with the extraterrestrials with you.” The following is Christine’s story, in the words of Jesus Christ Sananda.

Date: Sept. 19, 1998
To: The Crystal Regency, The Lasmurian Brotherhood and Friends
From: Christine Genevieve Davidson, The Christamaria
Subject: Channeling of Jesus Christ Sananda and New Age Agenda

Good afternoon to the Crystal Regency, Lasmurian Brotherhood, and friends. I am Jesus Christ Sananda. I come to you with great Love, and in the name of God the Father. Do know God the Father's Will and Direction overshadows this channeling. Also, do allow God the Father, and me, The Christ, to be close to you at all times. Make us your constant companions and allow us to walk the Spiritual Path with you. We promise it will make your life more worthwhile and fulfilling! Plans for the coming together of the Crystal Regency and the Lasmurian Brotherhood have been in formation for many, many years. I, Jesus Christ Sananda, accept the leadership of the Crystal Regency as Divinely given to me by God the Father. It is an ordained destiny for me unto God which I have accepted. We need not really be overly concerned by the numbers in the Crystal Regency, be it 12 or 124. There may be people not officially imprinted with the Crystal Regency coding, but they may feel a calling to be part of it all, as for instance, they might be good in electronics, gardening, nutrition, etc.

The Crystal Regency thus far has activated the crystals around the planet. What a great job you have done! The Father and I appreciate your diligent work! Many rewards await you for the work you have done. You have your lists of the crystals, their names, and other information about them. This is simply a summary of some of the important information to be made known about the Crystal Regency, the Lasmurian Brotherhood, the Sacred Mountain the J-EL, the Kether Valley and Christine Davidson's life concerning these events.

The first crystal information concerning the Crystal Regency was given to Christine several years ago, in 1991, by the Aventar Council. They are a council of 12 Ascended Masters. They were to give Christine the important information concerning Regis, the masculine blue crystal in the mountain J-EL, in the Jehu Kether Valley. Regis was brought to Planet Earth thousands of years ago from the Orion constellation. His feminine counterpart is Rana, and she is in a mountain in Peru. Regis and Rana work together as stabilizers for the planet. They help keep the balance of the planet on its axis.

The crystals have a consciousness unto themselves, and they can be channeled! In other words, one can communicate with Regis, Rana and the other crystals. There are 21 Masters each working with Regis and Rana to assure the proper strategy and alignment.

Regis is a light, sky blue color, and Rana is white with a very light blue cast to the blue. We are indeed thankful to Regis and Rana for their services to Planet Earth and its humanity. Also, a thank you is in order to those ancient astronauts who brought Regis and Rana to Planet Earth so long ago from the Orion constellation. It was known by them that these two giant crystals would be of great service to the planet. Regis and Rana are about 50 feet high. They are crystal giants in size, precision and consciousness.

Christine grew up as an only child at the foot of an incredible mountain on an 81-acre, isolated farm. She was the daughter of a very devout mother of the Methodist faith, who saw to it that Christine read the Bible daily and said her prayers at night on her knees.

As Christine became a teenager and had listened to hundreds of sermons, had taken Bible as a class subject in school, and attended years of church activities, she felt something was definitely missing! There was yet something important to be learned that she had not heard in all those sermons. She felt perhaps she needed to change denominations from Methodist to something else. From the age of 17 to 27, Christine searched for "that something else." She talked to people of many faiths, but found no solace in discovering "that something." It was after reading Ruth Montgomery's book Here and Hereafter that she felt she had found the missing link to all those sermons she had heard as a child and young adult. Of course, the missing link she was looking for all those years is the understanding of the concept of reincarnation and the law of karma.

Christine's study of metaphysics transformed her life. She read one book after another and eagerly embraced the books of the famed psychic Edgar Cayce, Jane Roberts, Ruth Montgomery and Brad Steiger. Also, the internationally known psychic Diane Tessman, who channels Tibus of the Federation of Free Planets, has been a great help in Christine's studies. She also studied the metaphysical lessons of the mystery school Astara.

Christine had yearned to know the name of her Master or Masters for years. She paid for a psychic reading to give her this information, but she was told as she drew closer to God that the Master would contact her. Christine was disappointed but determined to get closer to God. It was sometime later, while lying on the bed awake, that a rush of energy entered Christine's body from head to toe, and her mind was impressed with the letters V-O-G-O-D-A. She felt a rush of air go by her face and words were impressed to her mind by telepathy. Christine went to her desk excitedly and began to write down what she heard by telepathy. It was a strange, impressive story of how Christine had known an Ascended Master by the name of Vogoda in another time and place, when she was a man by the name of Nemere. Christine channeled Vogoda far into the night. She was so happy, she wanted to rush out into the night and tell the whole world about her contact with Vogoda!

A beautiful, warm relationship developed between the Ascended Master, Vogoda, and his student, Christine Davidson. Christine developed her channeling ability as she channeled a sacred saga from Vogoda about 12 men known as the Lasmurian Brotherhood, who had lived thousands of years ago in the Orion constellation on a planet by the name of Lasmur. These men worked during their entire lifetimes as scribes, transposing the Cosmic Laws in the temple of the beautiful Emerald City of Solarea. At an important banquet, Vogoda told these 12 men they would again meet in another time and place on a planet that was just then taking shape and form – out earth, Terra.

Christine channeled the wondrous story of the Lasmurian Brotherhood in the early 1980s, and has been waiting for the other 11 members of the brotherhood to appear. People came and went out of Christine’s life and she wondered if the Lasmurian Brotherhood prediction had fallen by the wayside. Christine’s channeling branched out into other dimensions, and she also talked with The Christ, St. Germain, the Archangel Michael. Then, some time ago, The Christ began to channel to Christine about the formation of a group called the Crystal Regency. For some time, Christine did not think about the possibility of the Lasmurian Brotherhood and the Crystal Regency being a part of the same mission. Then, one day, Christ had Christine wonder if the two groups overlapped. Of course, THE ANSWER WAS, OR IS, YES! This discovery has given much joy, especially to Christine, and also the members of the two groups.

Christine feels it was not by chance that she grew up on this isolated, mountain farm that had been owned by her grandparents and also her great-grandparents. The mountain behind the farmhouse looks like just any ordinary mountain. However, it is a mountain with much activity and interesting happenings in the etheric dimensions. It is on the leylines or high energy places of the planet.

From the time of a child, Christine deeply loved this mountain as if it is a part of her soul. She often walked up the mountain to her favorite rock at twilight time to watch the sunset. It was as if Christine and the mountain had a sacred, secret bond. It was there on the mountain at her rock that Christine developed a deep love and reverence for God. Whether it was a rustle in the autumn leaves or the mourning dove calling its mate in the early darkness, it made a perfect setting for the “BEHIND THE SCENES” in a life of hidden activities.

Christine developed a deep love of outer space, which included a love of the planets and stars. Her friends and parents did not share this interest. Her research papers in school were always about the planets or UFOs. She spent time pondering the heavens and thinking about people elsewhere in the universe. Where did this interest come from if there were no contacts concerning this?

Christine thought about all the strange things which had happened. Why was she afraid of waking up in the night out in the meadow on the farm and alone? She certainly had no trouble with sleepwalking.

When she was alone at night in her upstairs bedroom, why did there seem to be figures in white come from behind to get her? She had no fear of burglars. All of this, among other things, seems to suggest mysterious happenings.

Memories seem to surface and, while in meditation, Christine saw herself in a spacecraft high above the mountain. She also dreamt of being on an examining table and being questioned by an extraterrestrial. In a reading by Diane Tessman, it was verified Christine has been taken for short trips on the spacecraft.

Christine feels she has been contacted by extraterrestrials and taken from her home into the mountain to participate in laboratory experiments since she was a child. She feels she has talked with aliens of many races. Christine believes this to be her destiny in this incarnation, and she feels no ill will towards the aliens.

Christine can now talk freely by telepathy with her alien, physician-scientists Dr. Zaner and Dr. Zabor, and other aliens in the mountain. She has been told she has many children elsewhere in the universe with her egg cells having been taken and used for conceiving individuals with other extraterrestrial races. Christine has been shown a mental scene where she is seated and many children come to her to sit and talk.

On the back side of this mountain is a valley which has no roads, electrical poles or houses. It is there, on this back side of the mountain, that the spacecraft can come and go, undetected. All of these things seem so real to Christine, but she felt she needed proof from another source. Christine chose the internationally known psychic, Diane Tessman, who channels Tibus, to ask about this mysterious mountain. Tibus is an extraterrestrial of the Federation of Free Planets. Tibus had much to say about the mountain. He confirmed that Christine had been taken as a child to the inside of the mountain by the extraterrestrials, where she participated in many activities. Memories have surfaced and Christine remembers some of the activities.

Tibus told Christine that Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood spend time in the mountain in the etheric dimension. Since being told this, Christine has contacted the Great White Brotherhood by telepathy and talked with one of their spokespersons, who is Chyrilis. This is truly a great experience.

Tibus also confirmed the spacecraft base in the mountain and stated the mountain spacecraft base is shared by the extraterrestrials of the Ashtar Command and the Federation of Free Planets. Tibus told Christine to trust her psychic intuition concerning the mountain as the things she feels so are indeed correct.

With the development of telepathy with her Ascended Master, Vogoda, in the early 1980s, life took on new meaning after years of pondering these many mysteries. One might ask Christine how she arrived from channeling Vogoda, her Ascended Master, to channeling me – The Christ. It was a matter of attunement and evolvement. She kept channeling, and one day I contacted her. We have been talking with one another since that time. It was all as I intended it to take place. Christine and I, The Christ, has written this brief history of her life, the mountain, and what I intend to add now.

I, The Christ, do now state that the Kether Valley will have a spiritual community named the New Jerusala. Many wonderful events and experiences await! Members of the Lasmurian Brotherhood and the Crystal Regency will live there.

I, The Christ, wish to make a few comments about the Jehu Kether Valley as I have named it. This beautiful valley is in Tazewell County, Virginia. The valley and mountain are on the ley lines of the planet, and the energy is exceedingly high. God the Father and I have chosen the Kether Valley to be the spiritual community of the New Jerusala!

In the three-dimensional valley, itself – the Jehu Kether Valley – there is the Jeriel Vortex – a place of great energy. Above the valley floor in the etheric realms is the beautiful city of Jelyla, and below the valley floor in the etheric realms is the magnificent city of Jescara. There are those of the Lasmurian Brotherhood and the Crystal Regency, who astrally project there nightly, while they sleep and are involved in many activities. These are wonderful experiences.

A most sacred and holy mission will develop in New Jerusala, called “The Ministry of the Children.” They will be children born of the Blue Ray. These children will be geniuses and prophets. The world awaits their direction. Several women beyond menopause will conceive some of these children. It will be reminiscent of the aged Sarah of the Bible who bore Abraham a son well beyond her child-bearing years. These children will astound the world with their knowledge, wisdom and maturity. Even the parents will be surprised! These children are the leaders of the next millennium. People will come from afar to see and hear them. Some of the souls in the etheric realms hope to incarnate into this vibrant community. Some of the souls are Ghandi, Mother Theresa, Yogananda, Mozart, Henry David Thoreau, Michelangelo, and Madam Curie. Decisions on these possible entities for entering the bodies of the Blue Ray children are being decided by the Hierarchy now.

Besides the Jehu Kether Valley and the New Jerusala being so blessed and HOLY, there is the vast importance of the SACRED MOUNTAIN – THE J-EL. The J and the EL are a HOLY combination of letters. THE J-EL MOUNTAIN has served the extraterrestrials of THE ASHTAR COMMAND and THE FEDERATION OF FREE PLANETS for many years. Much work has been accomplished. Extraterrestrials from many far away places gather here to exchange their plans, thoughts and ideas. It is deemed very important to both space confederations.


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