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Childhood UFO memory

Dear Ann,

I just got off the phone with Marcy and this time Iím writing to you for some information about the E.T. dolls Marcy makes herself. Can you send me picture prints of what is available in ET dolls, and how much they cost? My guides are telling me I need a life-like E.T. doll. I did go to the mall to look for one, but one shop only had one that was very small. What I need is an Essossanie. Iím most attracted to them. I once got a reading from Royal Priest Research that told me the Essossanie seem to be all around me. The man who gave me the reading said he had seen Essossanie before in other readings that he gave, but they didnít show as much Essossanie as I had during a reading. It could be because when I was very young and was beamed to the ship, I remember my father carrying me onto the bridge of the ship. I started to cry and hide my face against his neck, because I was afraid of the strange-looking beings working at the panels.

My father realized why I was afraid and calmed me by telling me they are very nice beings and took me over to them to show me they wouldnít hurt me. My father then spoke to them and they all left their panels and, one at a time, came over to speak to me. They would ask a question and I would answer them. When we left them, I was happy again. Maybe that is why Iím not afraid of them now!

Then a messenger came running towards us, announcing an emergency. My father hurriedly put me down out of his arms and shouted to one of the beings to take me back to Earth as he ran out of the room behind the being who brought him the emergency message. I still remember the feeling I had as I stood there feeling so alone. I guess I just wanted my daddy, like any little girl would.

I have a small E.T. that I bought after the movie E.T. came out. Times were very rough at that time. Every time things would get worse, I would talk to my little E.T. doll. I could feel the love coming from that little doll. I know it sounds strange, but it seemed to come alive in my hands. The problems would leave by morning as if my little E.T. doll was at work taking care of my problems as I slept. I still have him on my dresser. I guess a bigger job is coming up and I need a bigger E.T. to tell my troubles to. I donít know what the reason is that I need one. My guides will show me after I have it here in the house. Iíll let you know after I find out the reason.

Love to all,
Irene Dickson
Columbus, Ohio

Another letter from Irene

Dear Ann,

As my visions, dreams and voices come, I try to write little notes to myself and put them aside. Then, when I have time to write to you, I put them together as a reminder about what happened in my dreams and visions and voices. Itís so hard to explain the voices. In one way they are one thing, and at the same time they are another. I can tell if it is male or female - kind and gentle - harsh - old or young. Most of the time they just give me a hint with one or two words and let me search for the meaning. They play games with me and it sure is puzzling. Some voices I hear, but some of them are thought-like. That is why it is so hard to explain. Maybe that is why I have never read about it in a book. I donít think it can be explained. Itís like a word appears out of the blue, in my mind. I can be doing something and Iím concentrating only on what Iím doing, and words come into my mind as if they are my own thoughts. I always stop what Iím concentrating on until the words stop, and yet I know who (male or female and what mood the giver is in).

I think Iím being taught by them. That is the only reason I can think of. I guess they are teaching me to listen, a sort of exercise for the brain, to open the spiritual channels of the brain as they are giving me more strands of DNA. My blood pressure keeps going up and down. My doctor wants to give me medicine for high blood pressure, but it makes me feel worse. I get side effects that she (the doctor) has never heard of. I get muscle spasms. I feel so heavy, I can hardly walk up steps. I feel like Iím weighted down with lead in my legs. Marian, my daughter, is having the same trouble. My grandson is also having this problem and he is only 17 years old. He also has the muscle spasms. My son has had him to many types of doctors. None of them knows what to do for him. He is the only patient they have with this problem. Others do have the muscle spasms, but not as bad. He gets them in his back and stomach, the same as me and Marian. If I take the medicine from my doctor, it brings on a bad attack. I think my doctor thinks Iím a mental case. She told me I will take the medicine even if she has to hide it in with another type of medication that she gives me. Yet she canít give me an answer to what is wrong with me!

People are having problems with allergies (including my doctor). She is having problems with congestion. She used to take Dimeatap, but they took the main ingredient out of it because they said it was causing strokes. Now she has trouble with a lot of congestion. Just think about it - she is a doctor and she doesnít know what medicine to take, even for herself. I donít know if I feel sorrier for her or for me. Itís no sense going to another doctor because I went to seven of them before I found her. When will all this end?

Ann, Iím sorry this is such a long letter and I still have so much more to tell you. Iíve had another very mysterious thing happen here on Motherís Day. I was praying a couple of nights ago about the problems here on Earth. I asked, "How long will this go on? What are we supposed to do about the hate, et cetera?" As I was talking, words appeared and interrupted what I was saying. The message was: "HAVE FAITH IN ME!" It came in a gentle whisper. I was so surprised that he answered me so quickly. I guess I just have been boring him with my long prayer. I do remember one night, about three weeks ago, I was praying and worrying about government and a gentle voice came through and said, "DONíT WORRY SO MUCH." One thing for sure, they know that Iím concerned about what they are doing or are going to do about this mess.

It is sort of strange when I stop to think about everything thatís going on. Here we are on our own level, watching all the other levels play out their destiny. People killing other people and also themselves, robbing, raping and abusing one another, and we on our level are just watching and waiting and praying. All the levels are so close, and yet he manages to keep us apart and safe from the negative side.

Now letís go on to what happened on Motherís Day: On Motherís Day, a loud voice woke me up out of a sound sleep. The voice was singing a song. The song was "Jealousy." Whoever he was, he had a beautiful opera voice. Being the way that I am, I just enjoyed listening till he finished the song. He sang the words in Spanish. But what really put the icing on the cake (so to speak) was that Marian woke up and came into my room and asked, "Mom! Who was that singing so loud? Who was here?"

I told her that it was a spirit. She just said, "Oh! He sure sang pretty!" Marian doesnít get upset at things like that, because she seems to understand the spirits very well. As she left my room, she said, "He didnít sing the words in English. I wonder why." So, if he stops at your house on the next holiday and loud singing wakes you up, donít get scared and just listen. I think it is like a gift. Just say thank you! Love to all,
Irene Dickson
Columbus, Ohio

P.S. You must be thinking that I live in a real crazy house. Well! Maybe I do. Anyway, itís different. But oh! How I enjoy and love the strangeness of it all. The last time he came and sang to me was about 12 years ago. He sounded younger than the man who sang on Motherís Day. He also had a very beautiful voice and sang "Because." A couple of days before, a message came through and said, "A celebration," and a couple of days later they tuned me in for just one song ("Because"). I guess things canít get stranger than that!

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