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by Anne Miller

Anne Miller


The following report comes from Don Johnson, a visitor to Earth Starís Web site. He tells about a memorable incident that occurred more than 30 years ago, in August 1968:

"I saw a UFO late in the í 60s, when I was at my dadís house near the little town of Homedale, Idaho. The house sat high on a hill overlooking the Snake River. It was early evening in the summertime. We were sitting in the shade on the front lawn, trying to catch a breeze and cool off a little.

"Someone yelled for us to look up in the sky. Coming across the valley, straight toward the house, was - to put it plainly - a flying saucer. But this flying disc was in serious trouble. There was fire and smoke coming from the center at the bottom of the disc. The smoke coming out was the blackest smoke I had ever seen. The disc was going back and forth across the sky. It would go way up to the west and then go way up to the east, and all the time it came closer and closer to the house.

"None of us knew what to do but stand there with our mouths open. The disc came to within a quarter of a mile from the house. Then the disc stopped in mid air, the black smoke and fire stopped coming out, and it went straight up and out of sight in a matter of seconds. I mean, in two or three seconds it was gone.

"The smoke hung in the air for several minutes. There were about 10 of us there that day, including my small son. To this day, if you ask him if he remembers the UFO at Grampaís house, he will say yes as if it were yesterday.

"I donít know if seeing the flying saucer was a blessing or a curse. It nearly drives me crazy thinking about it sometimes. This was as close to a Roswell experience as a person could ever get, without having the craft hit the ground.

"The disc we saw wasnít small; it was at least 100 feet across, maybe larger. From the distance we were, it looked big. The color was a dark gray with no visible markings on the outside.

"I called the radio station the next day to see if anyone had reported seeing a UFO the day before, and none had, so we let it go at that. Back then, if you saw something like we did, people would say you were crazy. Now they are a lot more accepted.

"Iím retired from the fire department and, of all the things that I saw as a firefighter, that UFO tops them all. It will always be there in my mind, and maybe someday we will know where they come from."

Thank you, Don, for sharing that report.


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