February 2024 ~ Volume 38, No. 1



Welcoming in the Lunar New Year of the Dragon

by Christina Gerber

Many Asian cultures celebrate the Lunar New Year on February 10. It is already feeling potent as I speak with friends. So what is this Year of the Dragon about, and how can this knowledge serve us? Who better to hear from than straight from the Dragon's mouth? "We can support war-torn areas!"

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Christina has asked the Nation of Dragons to share knowledge that will serve us.


Using the Golden Ray

by June Deborah Meek

It is January 13, 2024. I haven't focused on the Earth since November 16, 2023. The reason why is because my sinuses, ears and bronchials were bothering me the beginning of Thanksgiving week. I was drinking dandelion root tea with honey for two days, and by Thanksgiving, I felt better.

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Psychic vs. Medium, what's the difference?

by Erin Pavlina

Many people use the terms "psychic" and "medium" interchangeably. While they are certainly related, and in the same industry, there are actually some major differences. If you understand the differences, you can use that information to get the best reading from your intuitive professional.



Moving from 3D to 5D

by Christina Gerber

Perhaps my team of Guides can assist us in moving from the Third Dimension of Light and Beingness. What does moving from 3D to 5D even mean?

This begins my series of interviews of my guides of Archangels, Goddesses, different Teams of Light and Ascended Masters.


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edited by Ann Ulrich Miller

UFO whistleblowers testify before congress * * * UFO witness and former Navy pilot praises UFO bill for transparency, launches whistleblower program .* * * UFO whistleblower praises historical congressional hearing on 'non-human' craft: 'Inflection Point' * * * UFO whistleblower testifies his life was threatened over secret alien tech retrieval.

ALSO ... Tucker Carlson interviews butchers on topic of cattle mutilation * * * and * * * Views on UFOs are changing.

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The Meaning of It All

by Ann Ulrich Miller


This winter is half over now that we have entered February. Doug and I used to celebrate Ground Hog's Day, which is February 2, because it is the halfway point between Winter and Spring in the Northern Hemisphere. Ground Hog's Day is a traditional holiday that goes way back, centuries in fact, probably to the ancient Celts.

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Yeshua and the Family of Light 2,000 Years Ago

by Terra Rae of Team Earth

Team Earth has brought forth many clients who were with the light family 2,000 years ago. This life left many imprints that were designed to slow down the individuals and prevent each one from moving forward in future lives. I like asking about each one when we start working. Most of the time it is important to do a regression, so the clients can see and re-experience what happened to them.


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Thoughts from Al

War Games We Missed

by Al Fry

We Earth dwellers are fortunate enough to have always had some guardian ET groups that have prevented our complete destruction. As asteroid belt in our system shows where Maldek once turned -- and failed to get this assistance. It all has centered on the various competing groups that are part of the rebel spirits who got banned from heaven ... according to the Good Book.


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Commander's Star Base

by Commander Sanni Ceto


EDITOR'S NOTE: In this issue, I've asked Sanni to give us some information on a few of the extraterrestrial species of humanoids, some of which are described in her second book, Zeti Child, Lost Upon a One Star World.

Q: In Zeti Child you've given brief descriptions of many races. Of those 30+ races listed in your book, you've listed Amphibians, Humanoids, Reptoids, Insectoids, and other beings. ....

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That's All that's happening here

by Steve Beckow

Love is not the end of the road for us. Truth is. Love brings us to the truth, but we must then realize it. What is the truth? Why was life created?

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Message from Matthew

by Suzanne Ward

June 3, 2024 -- With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. You are inundated with information, and rarely do we tell you which to embrace and which to disregard. Instead, we have emphasized using discernment and trusting intuition about all information, and we have offered guidance to distinguish factual from false.

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