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by Anne Miller

Anne Miller

Secret UFO flap in Canada

An anonymous individual claiming to be an Ontario provincial police officer said in an e-mail recently that there is an unusual UFO flap taking place in Ontario that is being kept secret by police.

June 28, 2001: Five witnesses observed an orange glowing object 300 feet above a wooded area. The light varied and disappeared. June 30, 2001: Many witnesses, including two officers, saw five disks glowing orange, at tree level, flying along Highway 9. The objects were large, "the size of six vehicles."

July 1, 2001: A couple riding bikes in a wooded area observed a group of tall humanoid-shaped beings covered with brown hair. They appeared to be holding unusual devices. They fled into the woods upon observation.

July 4, 2001: Three farmers observed three metallic disks flying toward them at low altitude. The disks, which appeared to be about 20 feet in diameter, hovered at close range for five minutes.

July 10, 2001: A black triangular object the size of a football field was observed low over a marsh. The object was black with white lights at each corner.

July 11, 2001: A triangular object flew across Palmerston, Ontario. The same description as in the July 10 sighting. It moved slowly above the local high school.

July 20, 2001: Four teenagers saw a glow in a forest and investigated. They observed beings with short, curly dark hair and strange ears, but otherwise human-appearing, who seemed to be taking soil samples. They wore white robes. The teens reported their observation to the police, who found a circular hole in the ground four inches in diameter and five feet deep.

July 22, 2001: A farmer observed 10 or more metallic disks in a field, resting on the ground. They were the size of dinner plates, and highly reflective, like mirrors. When he approached, they flew away.

Thanks to Isis for this report, which she obtained from the Web site, She remarks that the level of UFO activity worldwide remains high. Mostly recently, Turkish pilots have chased a UFO, but without results. They reported their experience to ground control officers, and the Turkish government is planning to present documentation to interested parties, among them NASA.

Salida, Colo., resident films footage of new triangular UFO

Tim Edwards of Salida, Colo., reports the following:

"On the night before the New York events (9:20 p.m., during the Bronco game), I was driving home from my restaurant and noticed two large white lights to the west that appeared to be coming in to land at the local airport just west of my house. I watched them and they appeared to be moving very slowly. I turned off the highway about a mile up and jumped out with my binoculars (the beacon lights were running at the airport and it passed just south of them). I got a visual on it for about 15 seconds and could see total structure and then lost it behind trees and houses as it was so low in the sky as it headed over town traveling east.

"The craft appeared to be no more than a quarter mile away, less then 1,000 feet in altitude, no noise whatsoever, estimated speed 100 mph, and about 100 feet across. I was looking at the bottom of a triangle and the leading edge had a series of panels or windows with multi-colored lights traveling all the way across that wasnít visible with the naked eye. It was like light filtered through lucite, much like the soft warm colors of my "Main Craft" filming in 1995. The three large lights at each point of the triangle are typical of many other footages. It was an incredible sight that I havenít experienced since the fall of Ď95. My feeling with the technology was that it wasnít military, but alien. After losing it, I drove to the airport road and headed west, occasionally seeing it as it made a wide circle just east of town and headed west again.

"I filmed about two minutes of good footage of it just to the north and traveling west about two miles, I have the 300-foot historic smelter smokestack in the footage as it passed behind it. It is only about halfway up it in the video. I also have house lights and a telephone pole, etc., as points of reference as it was so low in the sky. Unfortunately, I didnít capture the structure, but very clearly (you can see) the three lights that now appears that the point of the triangle is the leading edge. There is something sticking up from it and you can barely see an outline. It tips up one time with no erratic movements. I filmed in night vision with the camera zoomed in most of the time at 20 power. After losing it again behind the airport mesa hill to the west, I drove home about a mile north and spotted and filmed it at long distance (7-8) miles just south of Poncha Pass as it headed for the San Luis Valley to the south. So it made a 90-degree turn past the hill and headed south. Chris OíBrien saw the footage last night and was impressed with it. Itís going to be on the local radio tomorrow, so I hope somebody else saw it as it was over the town and area at least 15 minutes. Iíll try to get somebody with a Web page to scan the video and direct you to it. There have been a lot of strange lights in the sky this week. The footage is very much like the 1996 summer footage taken by Largebeat Gertz of triangular lights hovering high up over Salida."

(Thanks to Davina Ryszka for sending me this report.)

Valerieís 9-11 UFO

I received a call recently from Valerie Benson, who lives just outside Washington, D.C. She wanted to tell me about the UFO she saw around 5:30 a.m. on the morning of Sept. 11. It was a multi-colored object ("not a star") that was in the northeast sky over D.C.

Valerie had received a psychic warning from Daniel Nichols at the Love and Light Conference that her life could be in danger if she returned to Washington, D.C. She says she is okay, and since she is still homeless, she asks for prayers and love and light that her situation may improve. You can write to Valerie at P.O. Box 135, Burke, VA 22009.

A personal note

Thank you to everyone who sent us congratulations and acknowledged our wedding on Sept. 1. Our ceremony was lovely and we were overjoyed to share it with our special friends, since blood relatives were unable to attend.

Maid of honor Ildi Bartlett baked an outrageous chocolate cake topped with fresh raspberries that was made completely out of healthy ingredients (no sugar). She sang during the ceremony and it was beautiful. Unfortunately, the tape recorder did not pick up anything.

Ethan and I enjoyed our trip to New Mexico to visit Jack Winterer and Adrienne Herman, longtime friends from Why, Ariz. From there we crossed Arizona, stopping at the Petrified Forest National Park, toward Laughlin, Nev. We then spent a relaxing three days with my mother, Marion Schumacher, in Pahrump, Nev., who knew about our wedding but was not expecting us.

Special thanks to our house sitter, Marcy Beckwith, who draws the mountain cartoons, for taking such good care of the house and our pets in our absence.

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