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Sample Article from the February 2000 Star Beacon

UFOs and Abductions as a Social Topic

by Droga Beuregard

Unfortunately for us all, UFOs and abductions are not usually acceptable social topics. Many people seem to be afraid of the issue and try to avoid it. To give an example, I went to a chatroom on the Internet a few weeks ago and brought up the latter of the two. I got practically no response from the six or seven other people in the chatroom.

In certain circles, these topics are acceptable and bring a large amount of interest. However, these circles are small and often ridiculed. Yet there are many things that require discussion for the sake of the people involved. Observers of strange craft need to know they are not insane or hallucinating. People need to know they are not alone in their views of such topics as to the origins of crop circles and who's behind the cattle mutilations. Abductees need to talk about what's happening to them, so it doesn't just well up inside of them. I personally can identify with this last group as I often have to discuss my experiences with a few close friends who will listen.

The whole point is, how do we change this situation and make topics such as UFOs acceptable to bring up in social settings? How do you tell someone you've just met that you're an abductee or have seen a UFO and not have them think you're crazy for saying so? About the only thing I can think of is to ask someone what their opinion is on the topic, and hope that the conversation leads somewhere.

I know many people who have opened up to the possibility of UFOs and been fascinated by the information they received. They read a book on it and were amazed by the amount of information available on the subject. It's one topic that could be discussed for hours on end and still leave many facets of it untouched. It brings with it a variety of opinions and, in many cases, strange and often fascinating ideas and experiences. Why, then, is it not brought up at social convenings, such as parties, or in fact any type of gathering (other than UFO conferences)?

The only place that it is the subject of choice is at those UFO conferences, or on a few certain Web sites on the Internet. So I advise you to visit one of those Web sites (you can find many by searching for "UFOs"), or better yet, attend one of the conferences. You will find it a unique experience and one that warrants many a discussion. Maybe not all of the topics will interest you, but I'll bet there's at least one that will.

Droga is a 17-year-old contactee who lives in Canada.

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