Sample article from the June 2001 Star Beacon


Star Beacon for the blind

Dear Ann,

I just found your Web site and am thrilled with what I am hearing there. I say "hearing" because I access your site without sight... (grin). I am totally blind and am using Window-eyes screen reader and the Doubletalk voice synthesizer, which reads everything aloud for me. I've only been on your site for a few minutes and am happy to report that it is reading absolutely perfect.

I heard about your Light and Love Conference the other day in one of the messages that you sent me, and wished that it were near, so I could attend! I've been receiving messages from lightworkers for months now and always enjoy their enlightening and informative newsletters. Are you affiliated with them?

Daily I am realizing how connected we all are to one another. I discover how to create love and days after finishing my book find you, hear of a Catholic three-day series about love, and receive messages about it. I am on track, it seems, and that feels so good to me. All of my life it seems I've been living on the other side of the path and am now finally where I should be.

Life is sure different from what we've been led to believe! The dogma of churches only holds us back rather than advancing us. At last I am finding my way off of these blind go-and-do-nothing paths. With your help I am growing. Thank you so much!

Keep your enlightening newsletters coming!

Blessings and love,
Joe Tolve
Stamford, Connecticut

Joe Tolve has written three books. Abled Disabled is available at the Web site Not yet released are Interlacing Existences and The Love Machine. His e-mail is

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