Water lives!

EGM oil painting

Oil painting by Ethan Miller

by Ann Ulrich

In August, The Star Beacon ran an article on Drunvalo Melchizedek's talk on "Mother Earth, the New Consciousness and Sacred Water," which was followed up in September by more information on super-ionized water and how to obtain it from Canada. Many readers showed great interest and enthusiasm for this amazing and powerful phenomenon. It got the attention of those of us who are health conscious and who care about cleaning up Earth's pollution.

Since then, I became acquainted with "living water" from a source less than 20 miles from me. While the Love and Light Conference was going on, Ron and Bonnie Quinn of Hotchkiss, Colo., were organizing the Body Electronics Seminar with Dr. Doug Morrison. They discovered through the seminar the "living water," which they began using in their household. I learned of the water from Ron, who with his two teen-age boys joined us one weekend to cut firewood in the mountains. Both his boys carried gallon plastic jugs of the living water from which they drank. Then Ron started telling me stories about their experiences with the water.

For instance, they were all drinking the water and enjoying its taste. Bonnie said she used it on a dying house plant and within days the plant was back to vibrant health. She had a quart of goat's milk in the refrigerator that was old and needed to be thrown out. She stuck some of the living water next to the goat's milk and the next day she tasted the milk and it was perfectly all right. Another instance was one night when the kids had neglected their duties and forgotten to take out the garbage. It began to smell, so Bonnie placed jugs of the living water beside the garbage overnight. In the morning the smell was gone.

I brought home four gallons of the living water from their tap. I was told that I could make my own living water by placing a jug of tap water in between two jugs of the living water overnight. By morning the water in the jugs from Ron and Bonnie's house would "entrain" the water inside my jugs and turn them into "living" water as well. But it was important to align the water jugs north and south as much as possible, not being more than 15 degrees off.

The water we use for household consumption comes from a mountain spring above Paonia. I always thought that water was the best tasting drinking water around. But our "entrained" living water has a better taste yet. I find that I crave it and can't seem to go anywhere without having my water container with me.

But what makes this water so special? Why is it living? How could the Quinns hook up a stainless steel device to their water tap and suddenly produce the living water? How could their water entrain mine to be the same? For answers, I went to Dr. Doug Morrison's Web site at www.bodyelectronics.net. Under the section, "basic nutrient program," I found some information on the living water, which I will paraphrase here:

First, he talks about the quantity of water intake and how important it is for us to drink plenty of water daily. He says that most, if not all, other beverages actually make dehydration worse, especially coffee, teas, sodas and juices.

Dr. Morrison suggests we acquaint ourselves with the works of Viktor Schauberger and Johann Grander. The energetic qualities of water may be of even greater importance to our health. "Simply put, it is not enough to have water that is chemically pure," he writes. "While the various impurities may be removed from the water, typically the 'memory' or 'vibration' of these pollutants remains. And this 'memory' that is stored in the water does indeed have quite a detrimental effect upon our health." He suggests reading the book Living Water by Olof Alexandersson, which covers the work of Schauberger, and On the Track of Water's Secret by Hans Kronberger, who covers the work of Johann Grander.

Johann Grander produced devices capable of taking away the negative memory of energy patterns from water. At the same time he could put back beneficial energy patterns in the water. He could transform ordinary tap water into water of very high quality. "Many devices purport to alter water in such a way as to make it more healthy and otherwise beneficial," writes Dr. Morrison. "The Grander Living Water units have been subjected to much scientific scrutiny, and while scientists are often at a loss to explain 'how' or 'why' these devices work, they are nonetheless forced to acknowledge that they produce measurable and consistent alterations in many properties of the water that passes through them."

He states the example that Grander Living Water units significantly reduce "surface tension" of water, which makes water healthier and more biologically available, making it "wetter" and a more effective solvent. This water is better for cleaning dishes, laundry, etc., and increases the dissolved oxygen in water. A demonstration of interest tells of a bath being filled with ordinary tap water, with the levels of physical impurities noted. Then, a person bathes in this water. Afterwards, the levels of these impurities are measured again and found to have decreased. This indicates that the body had actually absorbed a substantial quantity of toxins from bathing in the tap water. The same experiment was done again, only this time using living water that was run through a Grander Living Water unit. When remeasured after the bath, the levels of impurities in the water had increased. This indicates that rather than toxins passing from the water into us, the reverse happened and toxins were actually removed from the body.

For more information on obtaining a Grander Living Water unit, contact Dan Stewart in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, 306/789-2928.

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