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What's Going On With

by Rick Riedel

For the first time in over 10,600 years, both the Earth and the Sun are now in the Photon Belt.
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Extraterrestrial Contact:
Who are the ETs?

by Dr. Mark Woodhouse

A university professor of philosophy discusses the various alien life forms that have come in contact with humans, including Pleiadians, Sirians, Arcturians, Grays, Draconians, and the Spiritual Hierarchy. He also shares his ideas about future contact and Federation facts.

Alien drawing

Art by Torner

Three Commentaries on Aliens and Secrecy

Three different opinions on UFOs and the ones who study them. Scot Bowlin puts down "X-Filers" and "Star Trekkers" in the first commentary. John W. Ratliff defends the X-Filers with some valid points in the second commentary. Finally, Kari speaks on behalf of the contactees.


by Ann Ulrich

Editor gets ready to visit "Weird Why" -- The sad passing of Zeus, the UFO Dog -- Update on Earth Star's Love & Light Conference

A Journey to Dreamtime

by Irina H. Corten, Ph.D.

Irina takes a visionary journey to Australia, where she recognizes herself in a past life as an Aborigine.

Introduction to Jani King and The P'taah Tapes

Book Review by Paul Bartch

Channeler Jani King, born in New Zealand, is the author of The P'taah Tapes, Transmissions from the Pleiades, Transformation of the Species.

Jerry's Puzzle - A Parable of Planet Earth

by Ronald Neal Quinn
through his Higher Self

Each of us has a piece of the puzzle, as Jerry's grandmother explains, but few are reluctant to give theirs up to look at the total picture.

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Letters From Readers
Cosmic Thoughts
by Julian Joyce
Starlight Affirmations by Chrystle Clae
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