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Power animals help us cope with life's challenges

The Shaman's Path by Irina H. Corten, Ph.D.

In Power Animals Part I, Irina shares her experience of going on a visionary journey to meet another one of her power animals, Wolf. She advocates that working with power animals is one of the most rewarding aspects of shamanism.

Large earthquake warning for Osaka, Japan

Goldenstar in Japan tells of the prediction given to him in a reading about a devastating earthquake to occur in Osaka this winter, possibly in the first quarter of January. In a plea to Star Beacon readers, he urges them to write to the Japanese prime minister.

I Am the Child

by Jessica

The disabled child offers a whole lot more than what she is ever given credit for, as told in this heart-warming essay written by three-year-old Jessica's grandmother.

Whitley Strieber lectures at book signing in Chicago

by Pat Welsh

Whitley Strieber's discussion of the government coverup on UFOs, the recent Mexican video of a UFO that "ends the controversy," and surgically removed implants from abductees.

Credit the aliens for modern-day technology

Book Review by James Parsons

"Finally, a book about the reality of the UFO crash at Roswell from a high-ranking military man in the know," writes Parsons, who reviews Col. Philip J. Corso's and William J. Birnes' book, THE DAY AFTER ROSWELL. Read this article on-line!

The Contact Stories of Irene Dickson

by Irene Dickson

Irene has another story about George in Chapter 26. George was the black man from her childhood who was psychic and had strange abilities, in this instance coming to her rescue (out-of-body) to protect her from a gang of mischievous boys.

Alien Teachings: The Message and The Meaning

by Laszlo Steiner, Ph.D.

UNIVERSAL LAWS, Part I, begins with a summarized background of the universal laws throughout Earth's history. According to ufologist Steiner, "As we know it today, highly evolved societies of the Universe have no legislation at all."


by Ann Ulrich

The new "mind-blowing" UFO video from Mexico is the subject of DISC-ussion. Both a segment of the video and stills may be seen at the Web site

Tales of a Wanderer

by Lori Cordini, The Watana

In answer to a reader's questions, Lori discusses the subjects of possession, multiple personalities and evil intent with regard to the walk-in phenomenon.

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