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A crop circle, discovered in a farmer's wheat field near Salt Lake City last August, puzzles authorities and prompts an investigation by Star Beacon subscriber Kaye Studstrup. After taking photos of the crop circle, Kaye discovered a UFO that showed up on the film. But when she took the photo in to have copies made, the negative "mysteriously" vanished!

K.T., a walk-in from Alpha Centauri, brings forth important information for Autumn/Winter 1997, including the upcoming landing of a Federation ship in the Desert Southwest THIS MONTH or in early November!

by Isis

Isis describes an experience she shared with her husband in 1987 that confirms her belief in life beyond life.

by Irina H. Corten, Ph.D.

Irina relates how she became involved in shamanism and describes her personal experience with a soul retrieval and meeting one of her power animals.

by O.H. McKinley, M.D. (Navajo)

Considered a miracle by the Navajo people, two visitors appeared on May 5, 1996, to Miss Begay, the daughter of Irene Yazzie, bringing a message of love and healing.

Sari (Lucille McNames) shares her transmission from the Brothers last Christmas Eve.

by Ann Ulrich

The editor's camping experience in September tells how the "cat came back" -- a small miracle in which she credits light workers. Also, Fred Smith's obituary and parting poetry, a plea to join the FRIENDSHIP CLUB, and an urgent request to stop the launching of the Cassini probe.

by Irene Dickson

In Chapter 24 Irene recalls the dream about "The Angel Baby." Then in Chapter 25, "Where's the Ketchup?" she recalls another experience from her childhood when she had missing time and her mother knew she had been taken to see her father on a mother ship.

PLUS... Letters from Readers, Cosmic Thoughts by Julian Joyce, Crystals of Light by Arda Golden Eagle Woman, Gem of the Month (pyrite), poetry, upcoming conferences, and classified ads!

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