Sample article from the February 2000 Star Beacon

The Power of Love

by Ronald N. Quinn

A hundred different individuals may describe LOVE in a hundred different ways. This is as it should be. Love IS the infinite expression of the universe and is the power through which the ONE CREATOR manifests itself in an infinite variety of ways. Love is the avenue through which ONE experiences itself as sacred MANY and the MANY remembers itself as sacred ONE. Love may be experienced as an idea and as movement or action which is positive and acts out of harmony, attunement, and consideration of the whole and of each of its parts. Love is also the basis of pure energy. That which moves whole universes into being and moves them from one dimension into another. The raw power of love is beyond description.

To experience the raw power of love as feeling and to open our heart to this transcendental energy; to allow the primal feeling of the power of love to sweep through our soul into our physical, emotional and mental levels can provide some of the most powerful and lasting transformational experiences possible for us in our here and now. The transformational power of love is the basis of all creative experience.

If we have been living in a consciousness of separation, alienation, cynicism, suspicion and fear, the movement of the power of love through our emotional body into our mental body will change our inner atmosphere completely. This is the return to true sanity. Lay a goldfish on the cold, hard, dry floor and then tenderly place it back into its water tank (don't really do this!). To return our emotional and mental bodies to the atmosphere of the feeling of love is just as remarkable an experience for us, as humans, as the return to its natural liquid environment is for the goldfish.

Some of the attributes of the power of love are:

1. The return to mental and emotional stability and sanity.

2. The ability to love and honor ourselves whether others support us or not.

3. The power to love (really love with the inner glow of the warmth of spirit) others regardless of whether they love us or not.

4. The shift from fear-based perceptions, boundaries, actions, etc., to love-based creativity, clear perceptions and actions arising out of our deep inner well of cosmic wisdom, humor and joy. (We all have it. Too many of us have been like the goldfish out of its water tank for so long that we have almost forgotten what "home" feels like. It is time for us all to return to the power of love).

5. The releasing of victimhood, limitations, and human-based rules defining our role as black and white and survival-based. The return to clear spiritual perception as reflected by the many colors of the rainbow.

6. The full reclamation of our true role as co-creators with God.

7. The return to our full universal experience as goddess/god in flesh, both ONE and MANY, beyond human definition and limitation.

8. The full consciousness of our grand purpose to co-create earth and heaven WITH ALL THAT IS. In harmony.

9. To become LOVERS, again. Yes! To fall in love with ourselves, with one another, and with every particle of our world and reality.

10. To remember that love is FOREVER!

11. To become an example of unconditional love and forgiveness toward all all ways always.

12. And all this without self-guilt: without trying to reach some artificial level of perfection or sainthood. Completely satisfied, in fact delighted, to be an ordinary human being; knowing that we are ALL truly extraordinary. The simple power of love perceives the very things which we once thought to be most ordinary or mundane to be truly extraordinary. Celebration time!

My love to you all during this Valentine's Day season. May the power of love bring you and me home to itself here and now.

Ronald Quinn resides on Rogers Mesa, outside Hotchkiss, Colorado.

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