Sample article from the April 2001 Star Beacon

A glimpse at the X-Files

by Sanni Ceto

Sanni Ceto

Sanni at the Love and Light
Conference last August, with friends

This happened on the evening of Feb. 24, 2001. I felt a bad pain over my right ear, in the area of my implant. Then a faint hum started that later turned into machine- or computer-generated sounds with a pattern. It felt like a wave of sleep was being pulled over me. I could not fight this drowsiness. Then there came a weird "dream":

I am sitting outside an old farmhouse. It is twilight and there is a stand of trees nearby. I see this light -- a dot that gets larger as it comes closer. It comes to about 16 to 15 feet away from me. It is the size of an egg and is blueish-white. It slowly goes to the ground and it then expanded into a large, glowing ball. It is dimming, and I see about three to four brilliant, illuminated people. They are tall -- about 6-7 feet tall -- and dressed in long, robe-like uniforms. One of them motions me to enter inside this large ball. He is also talking to me by telepathy.

No sooner than I enter this, I am transported to what looks to be a combination library-bus terminal. There are people in chairs. They seem to be asleep. I am told to go to the library. I go to where there are lots of boxes lined up to the walls. There are several military people gathered around a large box. One of them, a white-haired, elderly man in a blue uniform, calls me to come over. I also hear a telepathic command to go over. It says it's important to go and look. I go over cautiously, not knowing what to expect, but that voice of telepathy (from the beings from that blueish ball) says it's all right and I am protected by the Light.

I go over and look. It is a box filled with files -- UFO files -- and the white-haired man says, "Look and absorb all you can, because it is important to me and ‘their' mission." I am handed a large folder. I am shocked to find out it's on my UFO events. I look through it and I find a photo of me -- black and white, 8 ˝ x 11 -- of when I was about 3 or 4 years of age, sitting in the grass with a large silver metallic ball. I read the thing below the photo about how this ball moves on its own and makes sounds. I find myself being pulled into this photo. The telepathic voice is saying, "No -- not yet -- you're not ready for this yet."

The next thing I know, I am back in the old wooden chair by the farmhouse, watching the blueish ball as it slowly moves off in the distance, and it is now night time. The people in the terminal are dressed in shorts and shirt sleeves as it is summer -- yet it is winter here. The blueish ball makes no sound as it moves or expands in size. There is a light from within in that obscures the view of the interior. The people seem to emit a radiant glow from them and they seem charged with energy.

I feel this was not a dream, but a screen or cover for a nocturnal event, and that I was teleported across a seasonal boundary -- from one part of the world, where it's winter, to one where it is summer. I do remember playing with a silver ball that rolled on its own. I remember an adult confiscating it. This was one of many toys given to me over the years by my species -- used to study my interactions with an Earth environment. All these things ended up in taped cardboard boxes in the basement, to be collected by the "social workers" in blue uniforms driving a dark blue van or large car. I remember a ball with long spikes that was like mother-of-pearl or an iridescent, milky-like color. My foster parent, Mr. X, as I call him, ran over it with a mower and it turned into a long, slender ribbon with the spikes pressed flat against one side. This ribbon was like metal and it also was put in a box and given to those "social workers." I feel these toys are catalogued and in a special storage facility being analyzed and studied by the people at that facility back in the Eastern U.S.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Sanni (Marcellina), who art appears throughout many issues of The Star Beacon, in collaboration with me, is working on a book about her life and the many interesting events she has had with her space contacts and the probing scientists during her unusual, and often disturbing, childhood. Stranded on Earth: The Life of a Roswell Crash Survivor, will be published by Earth Star in the future.

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