Sample article from the April 2000 Star Beacon



by Kiara
(Barbara Perkins)

In the darkness of the night
In the Light of each new day,
In the silence of my heart I hear Jesus say:
"Take Me down from the cross."

Jesus, I hear You. I honor You. I thank You.
Your thoughts reverberate in my heart.
Your words, Your voice, Pure Golden Liquid Light,
The Crimson Wine of Life,
The Golden Breath of Death calls out:
"Lift the crown of thorns from my head,
Remove the nails from My hands and My feet.
Please, take Me down from the cross.

As Jesus, I walked upon the Earth as Man and God.
I brought the message of Love and the power of Truth.

Now, I AM Sananda, the Cosmic/World Teacher.
I AM the Christ crying out to all mankind...
Let go of your man-made systems that bind Me to centuries of limitation created by guilt and fear.
Acknowledge your power and the structures of illusion will crumble into nothingness!

When you say, 'I AM GOD' and believe it,
You are freeing Me.
When you free Me, you free yourself.

As the Earth evolves into Christ Consciousness,
recognize that Love and Truth are ONE.

Take Me down from the Cross."

EDITOR'S NOTE: The poem was written by an ex-mother superior.
It has helped many. The poem was sent to me by Polly Cady.

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