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Thokol advises we get affairs in order

Thokol of Saturn, channeled by Nina Ansley, responds to a minister's concerns about the End Times, and the critical period between August 1999 and December 1999. From the September 1998 STAR BEACON

Cosmic Critters: Our Special Animal Friends

In the Star Beacon's 10th Anniversary Issue we ran stories of unusual pets and animals that have held a special place in someone's heart. From the April 1997 STAR BEACON

Life on Alpha Centauri

K.T., the man from Alpha Centauri, talks about his home planet. From the April 1997 Star Beacon

In honoring who we truly are, we please God

In this very moving true story, Ron Quinn tells how angels came in a space ship to foretell his father's death, from the April 1995 Star Beacon

Change your handwriting, change your life!

Graphologist Polly Cady talks about how handwriting reveals your personality and how, as a tool, it can transform your life. From the October 1994 Star Beacon.


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