The Star Crystal May Heal Our Planet

by Ann Ulrich

If you could do something now -- today -- to help heal our beloved Mother Earth, would you go for it? Cleaning up Mother Earth is our highest priority. We know that if something is not done soon, the planet will cleanse itself. She has, in fact, already begun to do this, as evidenced by the vulcanism, earthquakes and severe weather patterns that are occurring on a daily basis.

The result of our inaction could be the end of civilization as we know it. Sudden changes in land masses, high winds and volcanoes will greatly affect the polluted surface of our planet and bring about the negative prophecies that we all have read about. No one has to tell light workers that time is running short.

Do we have any options? Let's take a look at one that is simple and available to all of us. A number of individuals are using something known as "form energy" in areas of the globe that are highly polluted, and they are seeing success. The pollution is not necessarily physical, such as smog; it can be negative, undesirable thought vibrations.

Form energy is nothing new. It has been known and used for thousands of years. The Star Crystal is an example of this form energy that is used to heal an area of the earth. Star Crystals draw in positive life enough for a radius of at least two miles. They cleanse, balance and send this energy back into the environment. Through use of this ancient knowledge, we can assist in being caretakers of Mother Earth and heal our planet.

For some years now, Jim Light and his associates have been giving away -- at no cost to the recipient -- Star Crystals to heal the earth. They give these devices to those who choose to join in earth healing.

The Star Crystals are constructed of copper in a specific geometric form. Based on the Genesha crystal, or atom construct, the Star Crystal is nothing more than four copper rings wired together to form a sphere or atom-shaped construct. The device through out positive, uplifting energy for miles if it is placed several feet high. The Star Crystal uses photon light energy, according to Jim Light, who sees the promotion of these healing spheres as his "mission." You can get the directions for constructing your own at this site from Jim Light. Jim's only request in giving these away is that you share with others who wish to construct their own Star Crystals to heal the earth.

When sorbic acid crystals are put in protective plastic tubes around the framework, the vibrations are raised even higher and most lower-level, negative entities will leave a treated area, according to a write-up by Tom van Doren. Al Fry sells these sorbic acid crystals for $5.00. You can write Al at Incredible Inquiries, 153 Village Circle, Garden Valley, ID 83622. Van Doren claims that another equally effective device is a simple coil of copper wire wound in a clockwise direction with a funnel configuration at both ends and a selenite crystal placed at the inner narrow section at the middle.

The Star Crystal devices imitate the cleansing tornado configuration that nature uses to cleanse polluted areas and can be made any size to conform to the required job. Smaller models that are placed in a home can cleanse a living area, and if placed outdoors can upgrade a whole field, or more.

Polarizers tend to upgrade foods and smaller areas by getting the energies involved turning in a clockwise direction. Energies coming off of an aluminum mobile home, for example, will be counterclockwise and poison the environment. A strong polarizer run over the aluminum will reverse this and create a more healthy living environment. Dozens of polarizers are now on the market and most can be raised in power and broadcast ability by placing them in a clockwise-wound nylon rope coil of exactly seven times (seven being a "holy" number that empowers the coil energy to many times its usual effect).

Jim light believes his Star Crystals are a positive contribution to the earth environment and he is doing all he can to promote the use of the Star Crystals. All you have to do is hang one in an appropriate place -- wherever you want it -- and allow it to do its work.

I was excited when we received our Star Crystal kit in the mail. Fascinated, we immediately put the copper rings together, according to the easy written instructions that were included. The Star Crystal hangs from our living room ceiling. It is a thing of beauty and a great conversation piece, but most importantly it is helping to heal the planet. Right away I could feel its positive, healing vibrations. My life is usually a stressful, busy one, and I've noticed that since the Star Crystal has been in our home I've been more peaceful, more calm and balanced, even though my lifestyle hasn't changed. I know the Star Crystal is a powerful gift and is certainly helping me do a part in cleansing Mother Earth.

For more information on the Star Crystal, you can write to Jim Light, P.O. Box 73, Ashland, VA 23005.

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