Finding Reality Beyond Fear

by Marilyn J. Redmond, B.A., C.H.T., I.B.R.T.

Join Marilyn on a spiritual journey from the depths of darkness into eternal light. This is a journey you can take, too. The mystery to life is revealed for everyone to enjoy. There is no boogieman, fear, or sin. The truth is exposed in terms easy to understand. Old secrets are revealed for a healthy lifestyle, unconditional love, and heaven on earth.

ISBN 978-0-944851-53-1
February 2018      192 pages
Self Help/Inspirational      $10.97





Road To Success

by Marilyn J. Redmond, B.A., C.H.T., I.B.R.T.

... a Journey to Destiny

"As in all her work, Marilyn gives the reader everything of value she has in her heart. She shares her pain and her joy, her mistakes and discoveries over a lifetime of searching. This book contains her words and wisdom for everything the reader needs for success and happiness. Please try to attend one of Marilyn’s workshops, or if you’re lucky, become one of Marilyn’s personal clients, even if you live in Australia as I do. You can contact her over Skype. Whatever her fee, with Marilyn as your spiritual coach, you will have “won the lottery of life” and saved yourself at least 10 years of struggle and emotional pain in your journey towards true spiritual growth. But start with this book.
                                                                      ~ Lachlan Mitchell, Senior Parole Officer (retired), Australia

ISBN 978-0-944851-48-7
January 2017      88 pages
Self Help/Metaphysical      $7.95




Spiritual Nourishment

“Your Ascension Menu”

Volume VIII
Spring 20


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