Stepping Forth
An American Girl Coming of Age in the 60s

Ann Ulrich Miller


What was it like to be a teen-age girl growing up in Monona, Wisconsin during the 60s?

Amid political turbulence, social reforms and the Vietnam war, adolescence was challenging enough for a middle-class Wisconsin girl named Ann Schumacher. Her love for animals sparked her ambition to become a veterinarian, yet she struggled with grades. Through her diary, she expressed her thoughts and dreams, hopes and frustrations about life's injustices, striving always for love.

In her memoir, Ann Ulrich Miller divulges her most intimate writings as she emerges into womanhood. Included are unforgettable tales of growing up in a family of six kids, close childhood friendships, fleeting and “serious” loves, influential dreams, an addiction to Nature and living things, with outspoken personal snippets on the political events of that time.

April 2015
Retail $15.00 (paper)
6 x 9, 402 pages
ISBN 978-0-944851-39-5

Memoir • Personal Essay

Ann Ulrich Miller was born and reared in Wisconsin, and received her Bachelor’s degree in English from Michigan State University. "Growing up in the late '60s was an especially exciting time to be young and alive," she says. "We saw and experienced so much. Our generation had so much to be thankful for, and often we did not realize how lucky we were. After all, we did have the grooviest rock 'n roll ever created."

In 1978, she moved with her husband and first child to Colorado, where she raised two more sons. Now she is a grandmother, living and writing in western Colorado. More of her life is told in her spiritual memoir, Throughout All Time.



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