Song of the Third Millennium


Book 1

Through Celestial


        THERE IS NO BEGINNING. THERE IS NO END. The essence of this linear time known to you as the "Third Millennium" is know to us as the exponential factor; the "time of the co-joining of the macrocosmic and the microcosmic energies." For those earth-star Walkers whose beliefs are enmeshed in love, peace and endless joy, we share with you Soul information; love and peace cannot co-exist in a world gone mad. There does indeed exist a multitudinous energy form which radiates chaos and DIS-EASE; its primary function is to cause each Soul to challenge itSELF, to come face to face with the individual strengths and lack of strengths that are the primary current life experience which each of you has chosen on your walk.

SONG OF THE THIRD MILLENNIUM is an exploration into the Pleiadian perspectives of the Creation of the Earth Star Planet by Blue Star the Pleiadian, through his walk-in daughter, Celestial. He is a teacher of humanities on the Pleiades and a leader of the Pleiadian Guardians. Blue Star explains in detail the myriad reasons for the birthing of the human race and the necessity of each individual to evolve at their own speed while overcoming the myths and delusions fostered upon the human race by the dark forces and their leaders, the Illuminati.

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