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THE GROUND HOG MYSTERY (Annette Vetter Adventure #6)

By Ann Carol Ulrich

ISBN 978-0-944851-45-6
203 pages, perfect bound

$9.95 retail

"We've got to alert the police," said Tim.
        "Not so fast." A deep, husky voice called out to them from the shadows.

B.J. and another, larger man stepped out and confronted Annette and Tim. The larger man had a
black beard and wore a stocking hat. In his hand was a large switchblade which he flashed
toward them.
     "She's the one got me into trouble," b.J. said in an agitated voice.
     "Well, she's gonna be no trouble from now on," snarled the large man as he closed the distance between them.

     The Valentine's Dance (Girls asks Boy) is coming up and Annette knows that Pete is expecting her to ask him,
yet she wants to ask Penny's brother Tim instead. Everyone is tired of winter and hoping the ground hog won't see his shadow!
     Meanwhile, look out! Livestock rustlers are in the area. Also, Ruby's nightmares are growing worse, causing the Vetter family
some concern. Stranger yet, her dreams seem to have this weird connection to a "Missing in Action" American pilot in Vietnam.


IN THE SHADOW OF THE TOWER (Annette Vetter Adventure #5)

By Ann Carol Ulrich

ISBN 978-0-944851-42-5
232 pages, perfect bound

$9.95 retail

"I wonder what Terry's hiding," said Penny. "I mean ... this is really a mystery, Annette.
He shows up in Ravensville, like a homeless person ... but he has a dad in Madison ... and he's carrying around the
picture of this little girl. It gives me the creeps."
     "Oh, Penny!" Annette scolded her friend. "I'm sure it's nothing like that. Terry seemed really nice."
     "Well, you only say him a couple of times. How do you know what he's like? He might be a thief or ... or a kidnapper."
     "Your imagination is running wild again," Annette taunted.
     But the situation had her worried. She prayed that Terry Knutson wasn't planning to rob the Randts. What if he had conned them
into working for them, only to steal from them? But that didn't make sense.



By Shirle Klein-Carsh and Ann Carol Ulrich

ISBN 978-0-944851-37-1
223 pages, perfect bound

$15.00 retail

For two years Shirle Klein was in contact with her alien friend.
Before Frank left, he gave her physical proof -- something few contactees can claim.
This is the intriguing true story of Shirle Klein-Carsh, Canadian surrealist artist and ufologist,
whose internationally recognized paintings have been shown throughout the world. Unlike many others who claim
contact with extraterrestrials, Shirle deeply cares about humanity, and her love for the Creator is so great that
the aliens entrusted her with an important assignment to be fulfilled in the coming of the New Age.



By James Parsons

ISBN 978-0-944851-36-4
183 pages, perfect bound
UFOs (includes Index)

$15.00 retail

True stories of alien contact and military aviation from the pages of The Star Beacon,
MUFON Journal and other publications ... plus guest stories from leading UFO researchers.



By Ann Ulrich Miller

ISBN 978-0-944851-35-7
192 pages, perfect bound

$11.95 retail


Last summer in Aspen... Rhea fell in love with Parker Sherwin while on scholarship at the Aspen Music Festival.
But her dreams were shattered one week before their wedding, when a forest fire claimed Parker's life.

Unable to leave the one place she'd found happiness, Rhea remains in Aspen and struggles through the winter as a "local."
Enrolled for her second summer at the Aspen Music School, Rhea meets Trey Michaels, an outfitter, but she insists on remaining faithful to Parker,
whose spirit jogs at her side during her daily runs along the Rio Grande Trail. She doesn't dare tell anyone that she shares conversations with her unseen lover.



By Ann Ulrich Miller

ISBN 978-0-944851-34-0
44 pages, perfect bound, with 45 color photos

$12.00 retail

Sometimes the clown ... sometimes the comforter ... Anyone who has ever had a true companion dog
understands the special bond between an animal and the lives he has enriched.

Ranger is an Australian shepherd/blue heeler of unusual intelligence and devotion who comes into the lives of two people seeking a
second chance in life. Here is the true story of a very special canine and the lives he touched that would never again be the same.


RAINBOW MAJESTY (Where Love and Light Converge)

By Ann Ulrich Miller

ISBN 978-0-944851-32-6
280 pages, perfect bound

$15.00 retail

Struck down by her fiance's death in Iraq, and now the loss of her mother,
a young woman searches for answers to her father's murder ... and the meaning of life.

Hoping to seek answers to her father's death 22 years prior, Juniper Sutton leaves Kansas for the Rocky Mountains.
Converted from a hunting resort, the Rainbow Majestic Lodge now caters to light workers and Juniper agrees to manage the lodge's new gift shop
for her Aunt Rosalee. Two men employed by her aunt capture her heart while she is thrust into a new way of thinking and encounters
extraordinary people and ideas. But Gena Sutton Howard, Juniper's first cousin, sets herself up from the beginning to challenge Juniper
every step of the way. However, Gena's psychic ability uncovers something she'd rather not know about the young woman from Kansas,
and the lodge's dark secrets begin to spill out -- even to the point of murder.

FINALIST in the Eric Hoffer Book Awards (2015)

STEPPING FORTH (An American Girl Coming of Age in the '60s)

By Ann Ulrich Miller

ISBN 978-0-944851-39-5
402 pages, perfect bound

$15.00 retail

What was it like to be a teen-age girl growing up in the '60s in Monona, Wisconsin?

Amid political turbulence, social reforms and the Vietnam war, adolescence was challenging enough for a middle-class Wisconsin girl named Ann Schumacher. Her love for animals sparked her ambition to become a veterinarian, yet she struggled with grades. Through her diary, she expressed her thoughts and dreams hopes and frustrations about life's injustices, striving always for love.

In her memoir, Ann Ulrich Miller divulges her most intimate writings as she emerges into womanhood. Included are unforgettable tales of growing up in a family of six kids, close childhood friendships, fleeting and "serious" loves, influential dreams, an addiction to Nature and living things, with outspoken personal snippets on the political events of that time.


By Ann Ulrich Miller

ISBN 978-0-944851-29-6
320 pages, perfect bound

$17.00 retail

Married to her high school sweetheart, with three young sons...
she had long given up the search for her soul mate. But when Ethan Miller
stepped into Ann Ulrich's life, everything changed.

He hadn't come to Colorado looking for a girlfriend... He had planned to pull out with his travel trailer the next day, but a freak Labor Day
snowstorm blanketed McClure Pass Campground, causing him to delay his trip east a day or two longer... he didn't realize that
a black-and-white photo in newsprint would prompt him to travel 2,000 miles to meet her. She had no idea the part it would play
in the cosmic plan that would alter the course of her life.


By Karen Weinant Gallob

ISBN 0-944851-27-4
302 pages, perfect bound
A Pat Garrett / Leigh McCracken Mystery

$14.95 retail

Could she really be expected to remember to tell her son
that she had to work her way around an annoying dead body to find her club gift? After all,
the fact that Alma remembered the gift at all should keep her friends from thinking she is getting old...

As they probe this community of respectable but water-reliant individuals, can mellow Sheriff Pat Garrett and his firecracker deputy McCracken
discover the killer of the low-life water thief found in Alma's shed?

"Karen Gallob knows rural Crawford in western Colorado right down to her toenails, and the result is this rollicking read about ladies and their delciiously gossipy neighborhood clubs, competition over water, clueless newcomers and, of course, the little problem of murder." — Betsy Marston, editor of Writers on the Range, High Country News



By Karen Weinant Gallob

ISBN 978-0-944851-38-8
221 pages, perfect bound
A Pat Garrett / Leigh McCracken Mystery

$11.95 retail

Sheriff Pat Garrett and Deputy Leigh McCracken had very little "sheriffing" to do in the quiet little Colorado town of Croysant since the Biedermann murder case, but ...

Suddenly they are confronted with a child's bones stuffed into one of Alma's precious dolls. As if that isn't bad enough, next they find themselves dealing with fires, more skeletons, plus mobs of PETA people protesting a chicken factory farm that no one seems able to locate.



By Karen Weinant Gallob

ISBN 978-0-944851-46-3
237 pages, perfect bound
A Pat Garrett / Leigh McCracken Mystery

$11.95 retail

Curs, Curmudgeons and Cops Confront Crime in Croissant

It's the dog days of summer, and Sheriff Garrett should be able to leave the hit and run behind him.

He has no hard evidence that the truck seen by the Black Widders swerved intentionally to hit the animal, or attempted to hit the woman.
The injured sheepdog has been successfully treated by the new vet. In fact, he has deposited the new vet and her precocious little
daughter at the Peaseford Veterinary Clinic with old Doc Clary. Sure, Doc has that notoriously cold and unfriendly wife, Annabelle,
who, it is rumored, hates dogs, but that's just gossip. She has never been known to hurt anything. All is well, isn't it?

No, it isn't. Garrett tells Deputy McCracken that he is hounded by doubt. He fears that the hit and run is a harbinger of more trouble to come.
This year Croissant is the site of a hostile political campaign. He worries. Strange things happen in Croissant. After all, thihs is the
town where the cow dog lives, the one who climbs trees.

THE MYSTERY AT HICKORY HILL (Annette Vetter Adventure #1)

By Ann Carol Ulrich

ISBN 0-944851-25-8
196 pages, perfect bound
The first in the Annette Vetter Adventure Series
Illustrated by the author, Emma O'Brian and Hartmut Jager

$9.95 retail

A gunshot reverberated in the air at the same time a bullet sprayed dirt up from the ground just in front
of Annette. Glancing up, she saw Paulo Volivar sitting on his horse at the edge of the cliff...

While visiting a ranch in the Cochetopa Hills of Colorado, Annette and her best friend, Penny, get more than they bargained for
when their new friend, Mandy, leads them on horseback into forbidden territory. A missing professor, a suspicious yellow envelope,
and a mysterious old mountain man are the ingredients for mystery, adventure and a spark of romance, in this Sixties era
introduction to the Annette Vetter mystery series.

THE SECRET OF THE GREEN PAINT (Annette Vetter Adventure #2)

By Ann Carol Ulrich

ISBN 0-944851-28-2
190 pages, perfect bound
Second in the Annette Vetter Adventure Series
Illustrated by the author and Hartmut Jager
$9.95 retail

The only light came from a street lamp that poured in through the bedroom window. As Annette's eyes adjusted,
she saw John Hilgert asleep in his bed, his knees drawn up under the blankets, and the pillow cushioned over his head.
Suddenly, something struck Annette as being very odd. If John Hilbert was sleeping, why wasn't there any sound... any breathing?

New faces at Ravensville High include the boy on the farm down the road, who has Annette in a quiver, and the new girl in her art class.
Chris Hilgert's family problems soon lead Annette into involvement with murder and Sue Hilgert's psycho boyfriend. Will Chris and Sue's father
turn out to be the famous landscape artist, Jean Ilgér? And what is so special about that mysterious paint Chris talks about using for her art project?


THE POUTING PUMPKIN MYSTERY (Annette Vetter Adventure #3)

By Ann Carol Ulrich

ISBN 0-944851-30-4
160 pages, perfect bound
The third in the Annette Vetter Adventure Series
Illustrated by the author and Hartmut Jager

$9.95 retail

"What are you doing here?" demanded Dave, a frightful glare in his eyes. Annette had heard his voice,
and froze inside the camper. She realized the door was open, and she wondered if he had noticed it yet.
She immediately extinguished the safari lamp, then crept toward the doorway...

It's Homecoming... Annette's hopes center around Pete Randt, who seems on the verge of asking her to the dance, but is just too darn shy.
A drug ring has descended on rural Ravensville, with kids dropping left and right. The girls are worried because Penny's brother Tim has been
acting kind of strange lately. Meanwhile, Pete's older cousin Luke arrives for an extended visit... and he's got his eye on Annette.
Ham radio plays a part in solving this third mystery in the Sixties era Annette Vetter series.



THE LEGEND OF THE LANTERN (Annette Vetter Adventure #4)

By Ann Carol Ulrich

ISBN 978-0-944851-33-3
190 pages, perfect bound
The fourth in the Annette Vetter Adventure Series

$9.95 retail

"Annette, are you crazy? Wait! At least let me come with you."
"No, Pen. You stay here. I'm just going to check out the barn. I'll be right back," insisted Annette.

"What's out there?"
"I saw the Man with the Lantern."

When Annette and Penny agreed to babysit the Randt children when their mother was in the hospital with the new baby,
they didn't count on a freak November snowstorm which kept them at the farm for their entire Thanksgiving weekend.
As if poachers during hunting season aren't annoying enough, a ghost in the attic has everyone on edge...
and spending an extra night in Pete Randt's house is Annette's chance to prove the identity of the Man with the Lantern,
whether he's human... or a ghost! Don't miss this fourth mystery in the Sixties era Annette Vetter series.




By Ann Carol Ulrich

ISBN 978-0-944851-41-58
143 pages, perfect bound
by the Author of the Annette Vetter Series

$8.95 retail

14-year-old Chris Nesbit is miserable when her family moves away from Milwaukee to a small town in Iowa.
Her little brother, Philip, doesn't seem bothered a bit as he announces to the family that Iowa is "tornado country" ... and he can't wait to see one.

The first night in their new house, Chris is awakened by a sound and sees the silhouette of a tall man walking out of her bedroom. Too frightened to scream, she waits till morning to tell her parents, but they don't believe her.

Then Chris meets Wendy Young and her brother Skip, who live across the street. She agrees to join Wendy's club, the P.E.D. (Private Eye Detectives), and together they explore the mystery surrounding the eccentric next-door neighbor, Mr. North. Not convinced that the strange-looking neighbor deserves to be Wendy's "Suspect X," Chris at least will go along with the game.

That is, until Pamela and Herbert Caldwell enter the picture. These two overly friendly adults from the West Coast are interested in the Nesbits' house for genealogy purposes, yet the girls sense there is something more on their agenda. PLUS ... the Nesbits' root cellar in the basement is unexplored ... and holds a decades-old secret.



By Ethan Miller

ISBN 0-944851-24-X
322 pages, perfect bound
The Adventures of a Mountain Man

$10.95 retail

Danger, death and the unknown stalk two brave young mountain men,
yet never far away is the spectral eerie presence of a mysterious White Bird.

He left his home in Pennsylvania at the age of 15, accompanied by his old Indian friend, Mr. Joe. When he reached Starved Rock the fall of 1818,
he'd already killed three men. Finding refuge in a blacksmith's stable, young Nathan saved every penny he earned to make his way west.
At 17, he set out with his partner, a runaway slave, in their quest for beaver and a life of freedom in the untamed West.



The Story of a Roswell Crash Survivor

by Commander Sanni Emyetti Ceto

ISBN 0-944851-22-3
128 pages, quality paperback, black-and-white illustrations and 1 (UFO) photo

$11.97 retail

"They didn't know what to do for me, or what to give me to relieve the pain...
I survived approximately one month in your Earth time..."

As the reincarnated survivor of the space ship that crashed near Roswell, New Mexico in July 1947,
Sanni's life has been filled with challenges and abuse. But she is here now to declare that E.T.s are among us.
This is her story as could only be told by the one who was there.




Lost Upon a One-Star World

by Commander Sanni Emyetti Ceto

The book that follows STRANDED ON EARTH

In this book Commander Ceto elaborates on her Roswell memories and tells
of space life, other worlds, with detailed drawings of spacecraft
and the beings who maneuver them.

ISBN 0-944851-26-6      $12.00



By Ann Carol Ulrich

ISBN 978-0-944851-02-9
178 pages, paperback, 1988
Cover art by Kelly Donovan

$6.75 retail

OMNI magazine calls INTIMATE ABDUCTION "a story with the human experience in mind."
In a bizarre abduction, Johanna Dobbs -- sheltered from the harshities of life by an overprotective brother --
suddenly finds her life in a turmoil. Her struggle with her own sanity strengthens her for what is to come ...
a journey aboard a mother ship to a planet where advanced beings plan to breed with humans
to acquire their artistic abilities.

Amidst the stir of rebellion, Johanna has fallen in love with her abductor, Serassan, and must choose
between Earth or a man whose appearance is not what it seems.
...The third installment of THE SPACE TRILOGY




By Ann Carol Ulrich

ISBN 978-0-944851-06-7
204 pages, paperback, 1994
Cover art by Ethan Miller

$11.95 retail

The sequel to INTIMATE ABDUCTION is described by Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle, world-renowned UFO abduction
psychologist, as "a blend of adventure and romance, intrigue and conspiracy, compassion and courage ... ETs and Humankind
learning to tolerate their diversity ... while seeking unity in common goals

Johanna's brother, Manley Dobbs, believes she is dead, although he still remembers a frightening dream about her being whisked away in a spaceship ...
Now Manley runs a UFO Contact Center in DeKalb, Illinois, where he shelters contactees and abductees, including Dorothy Myers, fresh from a terrifying
experience on Interstate 80, and where the alluring and mysterious Kapri walks in off the street and captures his heart.

After beginning their new life on Karos, Johanna and Serassan must return to Earth on a highly secretive mission to save mankind.
Johanna, longing to see her brother one last time, risks her life and that of her unborn child, to return to Earth in cognito.
But will they be able to stop the major catastrophe that has already begun? Contains a vital message for Humankind!



By Ann Carol Ulrich

ISBN 0-944851-23-1
304 pages, perfect bound
Cover illustration by Emma O'Brian

$14.95 retail

Deceptive forces are once again at play, ripping families apart in a sinister plot to control Planet Earth.

A generation later, Blake Dobbs meets The Light Being in what he considers to be a "lucid dream," only he soon realizes "L.B."
is for real when Earth enters the Photon Belt and the family gets stranded in the dark in the middle of Nebraska.
On Karos, Crystal Dobbs, the daughter of Johanna and Serassan, is feeling rebellious urges and wants to join
the Estronian space fleet rather than help make the new Galactic Performing Arts Center a success.

...The third installment of THE SPACE TRILOGY

Now you can purchase all three books at a discount! CLICK HERE!


By Star Beacon Readers

ISBN 0-944851-20-7
104 pages, spiral bound, edited by Ann Ulrich Miller
Edited by Ann Ulrich Miller
Cover illustrations by Marcellina Beckwith

$9.97 retail

Recipes for delectable entrés, side dishes, breads and desserts...
including extraterrestrial dishes. Plus... Home Remedies and Magic.


By T Stokes

ISBN 978-0-944851-40-1
230 pages, Perfect Bound


$20.00 retail

The UK's holistic palmist T Stokes has compiled fifty of his case histories, among which are readings of celebrities, including Princess Diana, Margaret Thatcher, Robin Williams, Dalai Lama, Peter O'Toole, Ravi Shankar, Michael Jackson and many more.

Illustrated with detailed descriptions and interpretations of palm readings.   "Highly recommended!" -- The Star Beacon




by Jana Nolan

ISBN 978-0-944851-43-2
188 pages, quality paperback

$11.95 retail

Someone once said, "Sometimes reality is fiction."

Malon Moore, a small-town girl heading for New York City, has seen that the reality of many things is fiction to others. The Colorado mountain under which she grew up is very unique, according to many stories from the townspeople who have lived in the area their entire lives.

"In the still of the night, I sit and listen to many sounds that echo off Sleeping Indian Mountain ..."

Fact ... or fiction? The people of Applegrove, Colorado, believe only what they choose to believe ... and hear.



by Jana Nolan

ISBN 978-0-944851-44-9
166 pages, quality paperback

$11.95 retail

Four Chilling Stories ...

THE OLD HOUSE AT THE TOP OF THE HILL -- In Wisconsin's North Woods, an innocent family is sorry
they move into a home left to them by a deranged uncle.

THE WOMAN THAT WOULDN'T LET GO -- A husband stealer is not what Carla was expecting when Molly, her new neighbor,
knocked on her door.

SPRING BREAK -- A detour on the highway leads Mike and Lori into morbid danger.

THE CABIN AT THE END OF THE ROAD -- Peggy's frightening encounters on the road pale in comparison to what's waiting for her
two friends at her cabin in Wyoming.



by Jana Nolan

ISBN 978-0-944851-51-7
202 pages, quality paperback

$11.95 retail

Five Intriguing Stories ...

THE UKNOWN ROAD GOING NOWHERE -- Brenda Sparks leaves a life of despair behind her as she
embarks on a new journey and discovers love and mystery in the town of Hope.

SHADOWS IN THE NIGHT ... Down on his luck and homeless, John Dubois finally lands a job so that he can get his family
back, but some conniving co-workers want him gone.

THE ANTIQUE CLOCK -- When Scott Anderson's wife, Cheyenne, brings home an antique clock, strange events begin to
complicate their lives until they solve its mystery.

IS HE OR ISN'T HE? -- Karen Albertson is unsure of the weird new guy she has to train at work, then begins to worry when
violent explosions disrupt her town.

CHECK IN, BUT CAN'T CHECK OUT -- Pat and Diane, two best friends, embark on a cross-country vacation after
graduating from college, but the unexpected awaits them.


A Love Story

by D. J. McMurry

ISBN 0-944851-21-5
205 pages, quality paperback

$12.95 retail

The story of a white man who chose to live in the black man's world during post-Civil War days.

Lost love returns,
but haunting questions linger
over a brother's tragic death...

November Moon cover
A Modern Day Gothic...


by Ann Carol Ulrich

ISBN 0-944851-17-7
208 pages, quality paperback, cover art by the author

 $11.95 retail


A lucid dream and a synchronous assignment lead the young, recently widowed Winnie Grant
to Pelton Manor, home of her lost love, Rob Pelton.

Reunited by a chance encounter, the two rekindle the flames of their adolescent past. But the haunted manor hides a chilling secret of death and betrayal.

You can read the first two chapters of this novel in the Reading Room

Read book review in Intrinsic Romance Magazine

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Ancient secrets
of herbs revealed...


by Verna Namy

with full-color illustrations by Mary Martin

Verna Namy

ISBN 0-944851-18-5
32 pages, hardcover with full-color illustrations       $18.95
$8.95 retail


In an enchanted garden by the sea, Jennifer encounters fairies from near and far.
She has been chosen to learn the knowledge of herbs, so she can help others in our world.


passage cover


An Experience in the Grief Process (Currently Out of Stock)

by Verna Namy

ISBN 0-944851-16-9
Paperback, 56 pages, cover illustration by Mary Martin
$9.95 retail

The death of a loved one will be the most hurtful experience you will ever go through.

Grief has no time limit, but in America it seems there is no time just to grieve. We are expected to return to our
normal lives as if nothing happened. This book, written by a woman who has been through it, discusses grief and its different phases,
what to expect, and how to deal with each step in the long road to healing.



by Verna Namy

Illustrated by Mary Martin

ISBN 0-944851-15-0
Quality Paperback, 48 pp. with black & white illustrations
$7.95 retail

A delightful tale for children of all ages, BaBa Ali and His Magical Pajamas shares some Iranian culture
and the pictures will keep youngsters spellbound!


Author Verna Namy lived in the Middle East with her husband for eight years before moving back to the
United States in 1979. This story was written in memory of her husband, who died several years ago.
She has written another illustrated children's book, Friends Forever, published by Kabel Publishers,
and is a retired middle school librarian in Paonia, Colorado.



The Autobiography of Julian Joyce

by Julian J. Joyce

Published by The John Press
Paperback, 144 pp. with black & white photos and illustrations
$29.95 retail


Born in a small town in Kansas in August 1911, Julian Joyce grew up in Kansas, Missouri, Washington state, and in Denver, Colorado.
After an unfortunate experience in Washington, D.C., he came out of Bethesda Naval Hospital a changed man, with super sight, and a new
outlook on life. This book is his account, in his own words, of his life and the people who influenced him.




by Betty Basler Barboza

MAXIE will win your heart and tickle your funny bone. Anyone who has ever owned a parakeet
will be AMAZED at this EXTRAORDINARY BIRD, who obviously considered himself a member of
the Basler family, and probably never realized he was a bird! And for those who never had a parakeet,
you just might find yourself itching to go out and buy one!

ISBN 0-944851-12-6    1998

Available NOW! for $9.95 + $3.00 shipping/handling

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EARTH STAR, PO Box 267, Eckert CO 81418


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