The Legend of the Lantern

Annette Vetter Adventure #4

© 2011 (all rights reserved)

When Annette and Penny agree to babysit the Randt children while their mother is in the hospital with the new baby, a freak November snowstorm keeps them at the farm for the entire Thanksgiving weekend.

And as if poachers during hunting season aren't annoying enough, a ghost in the attic room has everyone on edge...

Spending an extra night in Pete Randt's house is Annette's chance to prove the identity of the mysterious Man with the Lantern, whether he's human... or a ghost.


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About The Legend of the Lantern
Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I love the tradition of getting together with family and friends and expressing gratitude for everything in our lives.

My teen-age years hold precious memories as a time when I came to appreciate nature, and the bonding of special friends.

Annette, of course, is the girl I always wanted to be -- bold, rational, and grounded -- but mostly a girl who had the privilege of growing up in the country.

In The Legend of the Lantern Annette is a little peeved at Penny for taking a sudden interest in the paranormal. So when a ghost shows up in the attic room at the Randts' farmhouse, where the girls have to sleep, they begin to believe it's because of "that darn book!"

Pete's mom has to stay in the hospital due to complications and Grandma Dawson can't make the drive down from Rhinelander because of the snow, so Annette and Penny end up staying at the Randts' the entire Thanksgiving weekend. Of course neither of them minds... Annette is delighted to be in Pete's house, and Penny... well, Penny has a crush on Reid Anderson, the hired farm hand.

Of course it's a lot of work caring for Pete's seven brothers and sisters, and Annette still has her chores at home to do. So thank goodness for dear Tim (Penny's older brother) who drives her back and forth, even during blizzard conditions! Hunting season... poachers in the woods... a secret admirer who sends roses to Annette's mother... all are ingredients for mystery... including the Man with the Lantern.

-- Ann Carol Ulrich   (Ann Ulrich Miller)

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