Five Intriguing Stories!.

Released from Earth Star Publications March 2017

ISBN 978-0-844851-51-7
202 pages, paperback, $11.95

"The Unknown Road Going Nowhere" tells how Brenda Sparks leaves a life of despair behind her as she embarks on a new journey and discovers love and mystery in the town of Hope.
"Shadows in the Night" --  Down on his luck and homeless, John Dubois finally lands a job so that he can get his family back, but some conniving co-workers want him gone.

"The Antique Clock" -- When Scott Andersonís wife, Cheyenne, brings home an antique clock, strange events begin to complicate their lives until they solve its mystery.

 "Is He or Isn't He?" -- Karen Albertson is unsure of the weird new guy she has to train at work, then begins to worry when violent explosions disrupt her town.

"Check In, But Can't Check Out" -- Pat and Diane, two best friends, embark on a cross-country vacation after graduating from college, but the unexpected awaits them.

This is more of Jana Nolan at her best, with more exciting stories to thrill you and chill you.

JANA NOLAN is the author of The Old Henderson Mine, Mind Power, Sounds of Fear, Secrets of Sleeping Indian Mountain and Pure Vengeance. She was born in Montrose, Colorado, and is known for her unique story lines, readability and charismatic characters. Her books appeal to all readers. She enjoys long walks and horseback riding.

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