Cosmic Cooking, Healing
Potions and Other Magic

by Star Beacon Readers

ISBN 978-0944851-20-3
104 pages, spiral bound,
edited by Ann Ulrich Miller
Cover illustrations by Marcellina Beckwith

Recipes for delectable entres, side dishes, breads and desserts ... including extraterrestrial dishes. Plus... Home Remedies and Magic

     Have you ever eaten Kli-ti-a, or Yunyiet, or Klavite from Zeta Reticuli?
     How about a cocktail from the Pleiades?
     Well, don't worry ... there are plenty of Terrestrial recipes in this unique collection by readers of The Star Beacon.
     COSMIC COOKING, HEALING POTIONS AND OTHER MAGIC By Star Beacon Readers is packed with recipes ... even food from Outer Space... and why not? Of course, there are plenty of traditional, down-to-earth recipes as well.
     Know how to remove a tick without a lot of fuss? What to do when you wake up with a sore throat? Want to settle a stomach or stop a headache?
     How about some MAGIC? Do you know a spell for finding a lost object? How to get pesky people to leave you alone? How about a charm for prosperity?
     You'll find hundreds of goodies in this unique book. Order a copy for yourself and ... while you're at it ... order additional copies for those on your holiday gift-giving list who are sure to be intrigued by the extraordinary.



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