Rainbow Majesty

Ann Ulrich Miller


Where Love and Light Converge...

Struck down by her fiancé’s death in Iraq, and now the loss of her long-suffering mother, a young woman searches for the meaning of life.

Hoping to discover answers to her father’s death 22 years prior, Juniper Sutton leaves Kansas for the Rocky Mountains. Converted from a hunting resort, the Rainbow Majestic Lodge now caters to light workers and Juniper agrees to manage the lodge’s new gift shop for her Aunt Rosalee.

Two men employed by her aunt capture Juniper’s heart while she is thrust into a new way of thinking and encounters extraordinary people and ideas. But Gena Sutton Howard, Juniper’s first cousin, sets herself up from the beginning to challenge Juniper every step of the way. However, Gena’s psychic ability uncovers something she’d rather not know about the young woman from Kansas, and the lodge’s dark secrets begin to spill out -- even to the point of murder.

FINALIST in the Eric Hoffer Book Awards 2015

Some testimonials:

“In Rainbow Majesty, Ann Ulrich Miller has masterfully woven richly drawn characters, suspense, love and self-discovery into a captivating story. Readers for whom this is an introduction to spirituality can understand its presence in their own lives through the characters’ experiences, and already enlightened readers will applaud the clarity of universal truths throughout this greatly enjoyable book.”  -- Suzanne Ward, author of Matthew, Tell Me about Heaven and other Matthew Books

“Ann Ulrich Miller weaves a fascinating tale of love and hate, light and darkness into a rich fabric of human life in all its roller-coaster aspects. She takes us on an alternately gentle and rough ride across the golden rolling prairies of Kansas into the green majestic grandeur of her beloved Colorado Rockies. I read the whole book in just two nights -- that’s how riveted I was by this powerful story. It’s a tale to be treasured and savored for many years.”  -- John Cali, author and channel of Conversations with Spirit

“A captivating, page-turning story of intrigue and romance. The combination of mystery, love and the holistic world of metaphysics makes this a delightful and exciting book.”  -- Judith Horky, author of EarthShift and Soul Shift: 2012 and Beyond

June 2010
Retail $15.00
5-1/2 x 8-1/2, 280 pages
ISBN 978-0-944851-32-6
New Age Fiction • Romantic Suspense

Ann Ulrich Miller’s favorite genre is romantic suspense. She writes novels for both adults and young people, with most of her writing reflecting her search for a higher purpose in life. Rainbow Majesty is a tribute to the years she spent with her soul mate in the Colorado mountains near Paonia, and the Rainbow Majestic Lodge was inspired by Electric Mountain Lodge, located 18 miles north of that town.

Some testimonials:

"Sonata Summer is a fast-paced read. I loved the music aspect. Once you begin, you have to finish." -- Judith Horky, author of EarthShift and Soul Shift: 2012 and Beyond

"This novel shows a ton of talent that I don't have even an ounce of -- Ann is a story teller. She builds on her own knowledge and experiences to develop characters and weave them into an imaginative plot. As I read, I recognized her in the importance of music in her life, her familiarity with and love of the country around Aspen, enjoyment of hiking, the connection with the Forest Service, and even Lynx (her cat Jessica?). Running also was obviously part of her life. I thoroughly enjoyed the book to the final page." -- Suzanne Ward, author of Amusing to Profound, My Conversations with Animals and the Matthew Books



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