The October 1997 issue of The Star Beacon ran the story behind these two photos taken near Salt Lake City last August by a Star Beacon subscriber.

Kaye Studstrup, who resides in Salt Lake City, lives 60 miles from the latest crop circle that was discovered this past summer. Her friends went to investigate and then told her she should go check it out. She waited until July 24, when she knew that everyone in Utah would be celebrating the annual Holiday (Mormon Trek) parade. It was perfect timing with no one around, not even the farmer who was charging to see the circle.

"A lot of grain had been really trampled," says Kaye, "but it was just amazing to see, and I told my husband that I was going to sit down in the center of one of the circles."

Kaye says it was very quiet, and then she heard this sound. "It was like someone letting the air out of the tire of a car. It was very high-pitched and very fast sounding... While we were there, I had the strangest feeling that someone was watching us, and I do not mean the farmers. There was no one around but my husband and myself."

She became a little spooked, so told her husband she thought they should leave. They took a lot of pictures and at the time did not see anything in the sky. But when Kaye had her pictures developed, something unexpected showed up on the film. "Of course it was a nice UFO! The picture was taken out of my car window," she explains, "and we could not go on this farmer's land. It was all roped off. So I just took the picture from the car."

She took the one negative of the photo with the UFO in it to Inkleys' to have it blown up, and the company lost the negative. Very upset, Kaye couldn't believe they had lost her negative. Yet she took a chance and sent The Star Beacon her only picture of the UFO around the crop circle. The scanner was able to blow up the section of the UFO.

"Your readers wanted to see something besides clouds!" says Kaye. "I'm very upset that they kept my negative... but I can't do anything about it. (It) makes me mad as hell, though."

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