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Messages of Light from Victoria Liljenquist

Victoria's blog:

Free On-line Tarot Card Readings  psychicreadingsworld.com

The Intenders of the Highest Good  www.intenders.com

Matthew Books from Suzanne Ward -- These books are messages from Matthew, God, and many representatives of vast powerful civilizations who are helping us to bring spiritual renewal and world transformation on Earth. Matthew, Tell Me About Heaven -- Revelations for a New Era -- Illuminations for a New Era -- Voices of the Universe -- plus Amusing to Profound -- My Conversations with Animals I and II. And the latest: Earth's Golden Age, Life beyond 2012.
Order at www.matthewbooks.com

Lama Chodpa Incense -- Pure, natural Tibetan monastic incense from the Himalayas.
Use for meditation, relaxation, essence of flowers (used for puja) and clean environment. www.FNM.in

Laws of the Universe -- www.universallawstoday.com.
Discusses the Universal Laws of Attraction and Deliberate Creation and how to use them for success and happiness. Lots of free courses, articles, and links to other interesting sites. E-mail: info@universallawstoday.com

Dr. Norma Milanovich's Web site... www.athenalctr.com.
Specializing in individualized personal empowerment, prophesy from the Ascended Masters, Light Ascension, Feng Shui, ground-breaking and innovative wellness solutions, and worldwide sacred journeys and conferences, proven to expand and raise one's consciousness, which ultimately assists in bringing peace to the world.

Other Worlds -http://lilacsky.proboards39.com/index.cgi

Astral projection and dream forum. Learn your dream language. Dream journals, psychic readings, out-of-body guides, lucid dream guides. Live hosted chats. Join us!!

Connecting You to the Masters

Visit www.333connect.com

Oranum Horoscopes
offers free horoscopes, as well as professional tarot readings from experts, psychics, and more!

Indian Astrology - OmAstrology.com offers online horoscopes, astrology predictions, Indian astrologers, horoscope matching, Hindu astrology, Vedic astrology, horoscope compatibility, life reading and medical astrology.

Spiritual Light Journey
Services, books, ezine groups/seminars, and informational ezine relating to spirituality, self-help, new thought, and metaphysics.

The Path of Kriya Yoga

Meditation upon the Holy Sound


Information on the Grays, plus many other interesting topics: Astral projection, Meditation, Qigong, Dreams, Palindromes, Anagrams, Reincarnation, Gung fu, Chakras, etc.

Land of Enchantment Mentor Connection

Mentors, coaches and volunteers welcome! Links to individuals and organizations that seek and offer mentoring, coaching and volunteer opportunities. They also feature metaphysical-spiritual links, employment, miscellaneous, finance investment, information technology and more.

Binaural Harmonics
Pyramid Harmonic, Remote Viewing Harmonic, 666 Harmonic, etc.

Gifted Psychic
-- Telemedium is your Number One Telephone Psychic and Fortune Telling Service in USA

The School of Womyn's Mysteries
Soul Support -- Akashic Record Readings and Spiritual Evolution Coach (415-717-9378)

Om Astrology.com
OmAstrology.com offers online horoscopes, astrology predictions, Indian astrologers, horoscope matching, Hindu astrology, Vedic astrology, horoscope compatibility, life reading and medical astrology.


Astrology Horoscope
provides online Accurate Indian Vedic Astrological Prediction with Kundli Reading, Matching, Free Remedial Astrology, Free Hindu Astrology with Zodiac Rashi Sign by Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly Forecast.

Body, Mind, Spirit (www.bodymindspiritdirectory.org)

Free Horoscopes (www.zodioscope.com)
Free horoscopes based on real astrological calculations. Here you can find free Daily Horoscope, Personal Horoscope, Love and Relationship Compatibility Horoscope, the Lunar Calendar and a lot more free astrological information and calculations.


Lunar Cafe is dedicated to provide a new perspective to the astrological world with up to-date horoscopes, tarot readings, numerology and astrology.

PsychicElements.com -- Psychic Elements offer authentic psychic reading. Psychics are carefully evaluated and selected to help you with the best information to enhance your life.

Horoscope reading: http://www.kozmikhoroscopes.com/



The Andromeda Council http://andromedacouncil.com

Visit the Alpha Centaurian Connection.

UFOria Research

Extraterrestrial contact the and the Future of Humanity.

Scott Mandelker, Ph.D

Spiritual teacher and author of books Universal Vision and From Elsewhere: Being ET in America



Namaste Healing Center of WI., Inc.,
a 501C3 Spiritual Education Organization
Rev. Kari Chapman ~ Conscious Channel for Archangel Michael

Awakening Rainbows

Christine Bearse's Web site -- Beautiful!!

The Isis Connection

A spiritually uplifting, knowledgeable Web site, full of "Soul Food" from numerous Lightworkers, as well as new and exciting messages from Archangel Michael and Mother Earth. Healings taking place at Healing Hands of Light. Be sure and read the testimonials. Come and visit! You won't be disappointed."


Site in Czech and English on the Ashtar Command and Ascension. Includes 4,000 pages and 600 pictures.

Blue Star, the Pleiadian -- Blue Star Speaks

Matthew Books
(Suzanne Ward and the Matthew Messages)


Native and Tribal Prophecies and Predictions

The official site for prophecies and predictions of the world.
Be sure to also visit www.wovoca.com

Read about REAL Native Americans' prophecies

EARTH MOTHER CRYING! The Journal of Prophecy of Native Peoples Worldwide



Sound Therapy with Pamela Angelique Hughes
Harpsong International--Sound, Voice, Vibration and Healing Music
In person and long distance healings
For a personal phone session contact Pam at 720-245-7317

How to relieve stress with essential aromatherapy oils
Visit Open Colleges

What exactly is naturopathy?
Excellent skin care products plus a whole lot more!
Visit Open Colleges

Natural Skin Care
Excellent skin care products plus a whole lot more!
Visit www.naturallikeus.com


Claudia Psychic / Healer

Claudia offers accurate Psychic Readings, Emotional Healing, Spiritual Counseling and many forms of Alternative Healing for healing on all levels.




Energetic Arts

Reiki, EMF Balancing, Tachyon Energy and more!

Health Supplements and More (Australian)

Strength Training
Let healthandfitnessadvice.com help you with strength training tips and advice.



Natural Water Treatment
Nordic Living Water Systems is utilizing
the power of Mother Nature with a little bit of quantum physics...
Visit Nordic Living Water Systems

Dedicated to creating ecologically balanced, floating ocean communities and terra-formed, permacultured islands, grown from the mineral-rich waters of the tropical oceans. We wish to share our creations and technologies to help expand the unity, prosperity and quality of life, of all the people of Earth.

The Birds of Jackson Run in SE Ohio
Songbirds and more!




The Literary Works of Ann Ulrich Miller,
specializing in Romantic Suspense.

Judith Horky
Pagosa Springs author of EarthShift and Soul Shift 2012

Explore the concept of Twin Souls as described in the novel "The Gemini Bond."

Daily Inspiration is an inspirational blog for women. Find Inspirational Poems for Women and Inspirational Quotes for Women

The Star Crystal, a saga to last a lifetime.
 Author DC Daines www.thestarcrystal.com

Colorado Farm Life, Linda Brown's blog
coloradofarmlife.wordpress.com (photos, updated often)

Feelings of the Heart Literary Journal, Editor/Publisher and Writer Alice M. Harnisch. Feeling of the heart literary journal seeks submissions of poetry, short fiction/nonfiction and other writings/musings. Revamping for 2013 and seeking writers/poets from all walks of life. Send SASE or email submissions for reply. Please have full name, address and email address on all works submitted. We cannot continue without your support, please consider subscribing.
Subscriptions are as follows:
$20.00 for one year (4 issues)
$40.00 for two years (8)
$6.00 for sample
Copy of page poem/writing is printed and mailed to you $1.00

Alice M. Harnisch
C/O Feelings of the Heart
3637 SE 6th St N6
Topeka, Kansas 66607

El Adobe Ranch Jr. eBook, by Barbara Raggio (an exciting autobiography from an extraordinary woman)

Where authors and readers come together!

Ryan Ulrich, Artist
View paintings and photographs of deviant artist, Ryan Ulrich

Professional Photo Restoration by Hartmut Jager
Australian graphic artist Hartmut Jager



Wisp -- a new favorite!
Words of comfort and good cheer in these challenging times
 Published six times a year
Topics include health, humor, animals, spirituality... news of a positive, nurturing nature, just $15.00 for a subscription.


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