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No more corruption, please!

Dear Ann,

        Thanks for the latest Beacon. Here are a couple of things to consider: It would appear that the systems of our world will continue to slide into further chaos, since the majority are still in La La land and refuse to change much. I understand that any persons voting for Hillary will get "F" marks from the higher level overseers. Trump appears to be a trumpet … warning and offering alternatives -- a light worker "sleeper" on mission.
        I just read a study that indicated students using script have much better memory retention than using PCs and keys. So most of the new changes are not in use for our benefit.
        There has never been a more important presidential race in recorded history.
        It is separating spirits who continue to support the old corrupt systems of the past from those open to change. The Trumpeteer is rough around the edges, but truthful and open to changes. The opposition is showing their crookedness, lies and continued support for more of the same corruption and games.
        The Sorting is being made much easier ... since the whole world is watching this drama ... and those with the holy spirit guidance (feeling) can see the games are soon coming to an end.
        As a wake-up call, nature has been asked to keep ramping up chaotic natural events for the many fence-sitters. Unfortunately, "new agers" are still being led into the usual love and light ... and all souls will eventually make it "tamper" ... put out by the most skilled deceiver ever let loose in a free-choice system.
        Thankfully, your Star Beacon is about the only new age outlet in print that is open to this exposure.

                                                                        Al Fry
                                                                        Garden Valley, Idaho

EDITOR’S NOTE: As a politically minded Independent, I usually dodge anything "political" in my publications (Star Beacon and Wisp), yet there is no doubt that we are at a huge crossroads in history.
        I have gone from left to right... back to center... and I would ask readers of The Star Beacon to remain open to current events and recognize what a phenomenal (not to mention vital) decision this is that lies ahead of us. The opportunity to stop this apocalyptic train-wreck we have been on for the last decade is crucial and we need to pay attention.
        But if you are one of those who prefers "La La Land," and refuses to acknowledge the danger (as well as the chance to overcome it) that we are all in under the current controllers, pay particular heed.
        As light workers we have the will and the power to do something about it. I beseech you to wake up and use discernment instead of accepting the word of the indoctrinated mainstream media that is controlled by diabolical powers that pretend to be in favor of your best interests.
        Believe me, they are not.
        If you can open up and see through the clouds of deception, their agenda becomes clear. No candidate is perfect (though it seemed as though a lot of people gave Obama that God-like status eight years ago).
        Thank you, Al, for having the guts to speak out. It has been most interesting to see that "we the people" have been fed up and have made our declarations to change the course our country is going in this last year. The world may look like it’s headed for Armageddon, but striving to live in higher consciousness will make a difference.
We are moving into higher consciousness!
        Be aware (it does no good to ignore things), stay detached from the negativity, and continue to shine your Light. Ask for guidance, stay centered, knowing that we were privileged to incarnate in this most exciting and rewarding time on Planet Earth.


Adona's latest experience

Dearest Ann/Kari*,

        I am writing to you through my new iPad that my brother and his wife gave to me recently. I want to share with you an amazing life event that happened the early morning hours of June 22. My total knee replacement operation was done early in the day on Tuesday, June 21. Surgery was successful.
        I was in pain about 12 am, June 22. The pain pill that the nurse gave to me was not enough, so my daughter Elaine, who stayed with me, told me that the nurse was going to give me the good pain med through my IV drip. It took me about 30 minutes before the pain began to subside. I looked at the clock and it was 1:00 in the morning. I could not keep my eyes open and fell asleep.
        But, I was surprised to find myself in the brightest of white light that was all around me. I looked around to find that there was no one in this bright light with me. Then, a gentleman appeared within this white light that surrounded me. He wore formal attire made up of a black dress coat, black vest, black slacks, prestiged white dress shirt and a red tie along with black dress shoes. His hair was wavy black. He had a black beard and brown eyes.
        We talked and he made a joke to get me to laugh. Then, he disappeared. I was still in this blinding white light, peaceful and calm. The next thing that I realized was the nurse was trying to wake me up by shaking my right wrist. I found myself back in my bed, trying to shake off the deep sleep. She checked my blood pressure right away. It was 113/64. I think that it scared the nurse and my daughter, who is a nurse as well. I shared this experience with a few of my friends from my walk-in group, Tolec, and my daughter.
        My daughter did not know what to think of this experience except to lecture me about blood pressure medication by checking my blood pressure every day. My awake and aware friends seem to think that I had a near-death experience (NDE).
        Interesting to note that I have been told by my guides that I will not experience the physical death of the body since I was a little girl. My guides have said many times that I will be changed in the twinkling of an eye. In other words, I simply shift into my crystalline-based body. I was surprised how easy it was to slip into my new body without any pain whatsoever. It is like turning on and off a light switch. It is that simple. Wow! This experience changed my whole view of the word "death" of the human form. There is nothing to fear of returning to our natural state of being.
        Since the surgery, I also experienced further manifestations from my Pleiadean Dakote healers as well as Azar from her Andromeda ship and her med team. This is not the first time that my physical body experienced healing from other dimensions. My interdimensional healers manifested their high energy patterns by concentrating their effort to bring the sensation of vibrations to my surgical total knee replacement off and on since my June 21 surgery. It felt like sitting on a massage chair where you can crank up the knob setting to a coarse vibration and your body can feel the concentration of vibrations therein.
        I am just sharing this particular manifestation with the readers in letting them know that our assigned guides are truly looking after us in moments of joy as well as in moments of difficulty. Once humanity can open their hearts to sense and feel vibrations like I and others can, then humanity will begin to understand that they are never alone during their own life experience on Earth.
        Be one in the light of the Creator. And, so it is. Love and light to all. Peace.
                                                                        Love and light,

Deep Space Nine

Dear Ann,

        Every time The Star Beacon mentions Star Trek, I want to let your readers know about an interesting tidbit of information, in case they are not already aware. Phyllis V. Schlemmer wrote a really great book titled, The Only Planet of Choice, Essential Briefings from Deep Space, in which she describes her channeling sessions with "The Council of Nine."
        Guess who was there during the channeling sessions? Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek! She says so on the first page of Chapter 2. This is undoubtedly where Star Trek: Deep Space Nine came from plus all of the other "brilliant" futuristic ideas that Roddenberry had which may not have been so futuristic as he and Phyllis and other luminaries were in communication with spiritually and technologically advanced entities.
        So there you go, join in on some channeling sessions and then write great "fiction"!
        Thanks for such a wonderful publication and thanks to all of the amazing and enlightening contributors.
                                                                        John H.

The Quetzal Bird

Dear Ann,

        I have had a good lot of all the Ascension Symptoms and today an added one, not on the list. I had a nosebleed this morning and have had them every few months.
        I am sorry, but I do not agree with Erin Pavlina on her "The Dead Zone" article (TSB, June 2016). We are not disembodied spirits when we pass away. We get brand new bodies. And we do eat and sleep, etc. We must be very careful when we channel, and make sure we have protection around us and the Christ's White Light. Mainly because the evil one can come in and give us the wrong message, and this is very sad. I know the young lady is doing the best she can in getting her messages out, but she needs to be more discerning.
        There is a Celestial Kingdom which is the highest, and also there is a place called Paradise Island several million miles in space. Also, there are two lesser heavens, etc.; I will explain on this later.

        Also, please ask Commander Sanni Ceto for me about a bird called Quetzal Coatl. It’s a beautiful Quetzal bird. I know they still exist in a certain section of Honduras, Guatemala and southern Mexico. It's the most gorgeous bird in the world. Some call it the Bird of Paradise. It has resplendent, long green tail feathers, certain ones of which measure three and one-half feet in length. They have colorful plumage, and the bill is sharp and yellow, the feet also yellow. It has a feather tuft on its head, like a rooster's comb. It is the size of a magpie in Spain.
        I could go on and on, but for some reason I am drawn to this bird. Quetzal bird is a symbol of the Resurrected Savior. When I was watching the Travel Channel, I saw this bird and to this day I do wish I could get a picture of it. But it is not easy for me to do this. Anyway, I know I am making too much of this, but I so need to know why I am so drawn to it.
                                                                        Sara H.
                                                                        Cottonwood, Arizona

EDITOR’S NOTE: I asked Sanni Ceto to comment on Sara's question about the Quetzal Bird. Here is what Sanni wrote:
        "The bird she speaks of is not only a symbol of the resurrection, but the rebirth of a dying Earth. The Bird of Paradise symbolizes the past before Earth was polluted and corrupted by humans' greed and technologies. It also symbolizes the Pleiadian worlds that are paradises in that their primordial and pristine forests are unpolluted by humans, unlike how Earth is treated -- like a trash can.
        "Also, when you die, your spirit remembers its past and body. You have a mind. You just change your outer coat as transition from death leads to a new awakening of a spirit and its journey, and yes, the Divine protection is important as negative entities can get through during a channeling session and corrupt the message holder with misleading, tarnished information."

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