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Sample Article from the December 2001 Star Beacon

by Maria Gurule

      A million people can make a difference. Ten million people can change the world! At the gathering of The Harvest Moon on Oct. 2, we created a Spiritual Grid Connection of Golden Light. We set the foundation to bring together millions of spiritual workers throughout the world, so that we may change the Course of History for the Earth. Prayer and unification with Universal Forces is in alignment with prophecy and the power we have collectively; to create the world we choose to live in.

In my communion with the Divine Hierarchy, I have been asked "to put forth a global call to all people. We are asked to hold a continuous 24-hour vigil on Dec. 21, 2001. We are to connect the Grid of Golden Light throughout the world. Through ritual, ceremony, prayer and calling on the power of Mother Goddess and Father God, we can flood the planet with light and goodness."

We are on the threshold of a new dawn. Letís open our hearts to the light, so that we may establish a New World Vision upon Earth. The astrological influence at the Winter Solstice will have astounding resonance on a cosmic level that supports this holy cause.

We are not to meet in any one location in mass, due to biological warfare and, secondly, we need the light everywhere on the Earth. We cannot flee to sacred places for this event. We must hold the light where it is needed. Right where we live. Meetings of small groups and forming strong bonds of community is what has been emphasized. Conclude these ceremonies with a feast and merriment in Celebration of the Light!

As we witness the news frenzy on events since the Attack on America Campaign, it is evident that we are headed for the inception and indoctrination into the New World Order!

For years I have trained with the Sacred Goddesses and Gods that oversee the Earth. It is their message that I bring to the world. The New World Vision is the plan that the Sacred Ones hold for humanity. It is an effort to save the human race. Their message is one of hope and future vision. They are opposed to the New World Order that wishes to enslave you and take the remainder of your rights and sovereignty. The choice to move forward now is of paramount importance! To do nothing means that we will forfeit our rights. The lies perpetrated on society create fear, doubt and heartache that will intensify if we allow ourselves to be led astray.

I call to all people on behalf of the Sacred Ones that guide my path and destiny. Let us embrace principle and integrity so that we may join together to bring forth a New World Vision, as promised by the Sacred One that was nailed to the cross 2,000 years ago.

Search your hearts and discover the ultimate truth. It is easy to call ourselves Spiritual Warriors. It is difficult to make a decision that may destabilize your comfort level. The future of the Earth and her inhabitants is in our hands. The Sacred Ones assure me of their support.

"Why would anyone seek to enslave people to an oppressive system or massacre them on public television to instill illusion? Added violence and distrust do not create a nurturing world," say the Sacred Ones. Let us raise a World flag with dignity and integrity for all peoples. Let us work toward a peaceful world, that we may embrace our sovereignty and inalienable rights as we walk in balance and harmony with natural and universal law.

I come as representative and messenger, aware and undaunted by the glitter of the world. I follow the direction of a great and infinite power who has a message for the inhabitants of the Earth. As of late, they have insisted that I honor their words explicitly: "You are the last messenger sent to Earth, no one else will come after you. We have entrusted you with the New World Vision, because you qualify. We trained you for this purpose. It is our hope to save the human race."

I represent the Divine Hierarchy, the Sacred Ones that oversee the Earth and theGalactic Federation that support my effort. My soon-to-be-released book, New World Vision, gives more detail on the Cosmo Vision for Mother Earth and her inhabitants, a given by the Divine Hierarchy. As Mother Earth journeys to receive her Cosmic Wings, she will rise out of the arms of chaos.

Maria Gurule resides in Colorado Springs, Colorado. For more information on Maria, go to her Web site at or e-mail her at

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